This time of voting seems to be very intense and will soon be over at 10pm tonight.  

Facebook especially has been filled with many angry and hateful comments about why or why not to vote for certain political parties.  

I actually found the whole process undemocratic on social media which is a complete juxtaposition to what this country’s political values should be.  

This evening my husband and I along with Timothy went to our local polling station.  

My parents always took my sister and I along with them to vote so in the same spirit I take Timothy, plus I can’t leave him home along!  

The right to vote is a privilege and a responsibility, one which I take seriously as a citizen of this country.  

We thankfully are free to vote for whoever we feel will best serve, represent and lead the country without fear and with confidence, thats democracy.  

Happy Voting Day!


Tinky’s on Tour

Today was a busy day for Tinkerbell our fabulous miniature dachshund who normally enjoys spending her days basking in the sun. 

The beautiful British weather after a period of warm sunny days has dramatically turned with heavy rain and cold temperatures, making it an ideal day for indoor activities. 

Tinkerbell firstly made her way to the polling station to place her vote for the elections being held.  Sadly no selfie whilst voting the prison sentence or fine didn’t appeal to her. 


Then off to the supermarket to pick up a couple of items.  My husband and Tinkerbell even sampled the cooked meat they wanted to buy. 


Then onto a friends house to give her a birthday gift and then a little cuddle with the birthday girl. 
Happy Birthday lovely lady!!! 


Just before we returned home we bought Tinkerbell collected her favourite food, natures menu from the poet shop.  


After a long day Tinkerbell spends some time snuggling in her PJs until bedtime. 


Happy Thursday Friends!