Hurry up lady

This morning Timothy and I enjoyed our Baby Sensory Class.  It was weather day today and we had so much fun.  Timothy especially enjoyed being under the wind sheet.  

Timothy had great fun exploring which makes him particularly tired.  

So after the class was over and Timothy was once again snug in the pram we headed back home.  Timothy fell asleep on route and I know that his morning naps will usually last anywhere from 30 till an hour so I pick up the pace on a gradient path which is ever increasing.  

Now I’m moving at a speed negotiating our way around people walking.  Now when you have a sleeping baby and you really need this nap time, time when people are walking slowly and hogging the pavement it isn’t helpful.  

I often feel like voicing my opinions ‘lady move out the way’ or ‘come on pick up the pace’. See every minute saved is a minute more I have at home to do the jobs I need to do or eat my lunch sat down.  

I managed to get around 35 minutes at home after 15 minute’s or there abouts sleeping on route as I try to encourage myself to walk quickly up the hill. 

So 35 minutes later we are back to fun and games.  

Followed by feeding time at the zoo.  Tinkerbell is a smart cookies and sits under the high chair I decided to put Tinkerbells bed so she could sit comfortably.  This feeding frenzy turned into a paper fest as Timothy grabbed a tissue out of my pocket as I walked past.  

After a very long day Tinkerbell is exhausted.  

I also feel like curling up however I’m on the evening, night and early morning shift.  

Oh and if my pager was a cry and moving baby on the monitor than I’m wanted.  On duty again.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!  


A lot of fur

While my husband was busy working today my Dad, Timothy, Tinkerbell and I visited Liverpool.  I have visited Liverpool most defiantly once before but it was a whole new experience.  

As we approached Liverpool in the car I was a little surprised how run down the approach was.  It was actually very sad that so much neglect had been shown to the streets, shops and houses.  
Unfortunately but I’m aware that most city’s have such neglected areas but to be surrounded by such a great expanse of the city appriach that seemed as if a little love and tender care was what it was desperately in need of. 

Once we had parked up in the multi-storey  we walked into the city centre along the neglected roads and past the train station and many other now city worthy buildings.  

My Dad took us all to a lovely shopping complex called Liverpool One which really was lovely and had clearly been designed by a rather talented team of town planners and architects a contrast to the city centre boundary.  

We went into the Thorntons café which was an incredibly delicious lunch.  Tinkerbell hid under the pram and Timothy sat coughing and sniffling away as we tucked into pannis, cakes and hot chocolate!  

After lunch which involved the worlds or at least Liverpool’s largest hot chocolate we enjoyed a short walk around and yes into the Cath Kidston shop.  

On our walk back to the car this rather peculiar man started talking to me thank goodness my Dad responded as I stood clinging onto the pram trying to smile as friendly as I could but probably failing.  

Timothy by the end of the visit wasn’t very happy and the car journey home involved a couple of stops because of a very distressed little chap.  

Liverpool was full of people wearing fur hopefully faux unfortunately my fur trim Gap coat was at home instead I wore my Joules rain coat with floral design most defiantly gave the impression I was a visitor.  

It’s most defiantly somewhere I like to visit again if its cold weather when I do I’m bringing out my fur trim coat.  

Happy Tuesday Friends!  

Scooting Tink

It will very soon be a year since our lovely little Miniature Dachshund Tinkerbell lost the use if her back legs.  

Miniature Dachshunds because of their long backs often end up with back issues and very sadly Tinkerbell was one of the unlucky ones.  

Yes it’s unfortunate that the surgery didn’t cure her being paralyzed in her back legs but we are so thankful that we have a happy hound who loves her family and has a comfortable and content life.  

Tinkerbell I don’t think realises most of the time that she has a disability.  Charging to the door or barking at Max my Mum and Dad’s Doberman with no fear.  

It is sad sometimes that Tinkerbell isn’t able to walk but we don’t spend our time wishing for something which is unlikely we embrace her and actual be inspired by the resilient nature Tinkerbell clear has.  

Tinkerbell still enjoys playing, cuddling and eating.  Tinkerbell comes out in her carrier many places or under the pram for fresh air.  

Tinkerbell tiny as she is, is an inspiration to me that whatever life throws at us rather than lying down and feeling sorry for yourself like Tinkerbell just getting on with life and no allowing any disability or set back become an excuse not to live life to the full.  

Happy Monday Friends!  

Family Fun

Today we had a little birthday gathering for my brother in law.  My brother in law and sister so wonderful how much they love Timothy and Timothy seems to adore time spent with this fantastic pair. 

My family love a good buffet and today we enjoyed a real feast.  

After a rather large plate of delicious food followed by chocolate birthday cake we went for a picturesque walk with Max the Doberman and Tinkerbell sat under the pram.  

Later in the afternoon I had given Timothy something to eat in his high chair whilst all the family gathered in the living room listening to a Dutch composer.  My sister suggested that I could fit Tinkerbell under Timothy’s high chair, so I decided to try and the answer is yes she will fit.  

Timothy clearly oblivious to the little furry family member sat under his seat.  

We ended the celebration’s with a game called Dobble which was such fun.  

Most defiantly a time of family fun, a perfect way to spend the last Friday in 2016.  

Happy Friday Friends!

The Tink-Date

Just over five months ago our beautiful Miniature Dachshund Tinkerbell had spinal surgery because she had lost the use of her back legs for the second time in the space of a year but this time she was in terrible pain continually being sick unable to eat, we actually thought that she wouldn’t make it.  However after the spinal surgery the horrendous pain she was in disappeared immediately after the surgery.  For a number of weeks her toileting situation was like a tap running the entire day and with accident after accident.  With a new baby and a recovering dog night times were hard if I wasn’t up with one I was up with the other.  Day times were just as difficult with both Timothy and Tinkerbell requiring my attention.

Well five months later Tinkerbell is able to hold her toileting, I still have to help her go but she isn’t having accidents all the time.  Unfortunately she still hasn’t regained the use of her back legs but she is in no pain.

Tinkerbell enjoys life she will sit under the pram when we take walks, bunny hops around the house, plays with her toys and continues to do her in the house security barking at the post man and passers by.

My husband told me that someone had recently asked him about Tinkerbell and suggested that we have her put to sleep my husband asked the person if they believed in euthanasia for the elderly, clearly the person suggesting such a ridiculous idea got the point.

We really do hope and daily pray that Tinkerbell would regain the use of her hind legs.  However if this is not to be the case Tinkerbell is still a happy lady who isn’t suffering  in any pain and is very much part of family life.  Just because she uses two legs instead of four doesn’t make her any less our hound and certainly doesn’t change the way love her.

Happy Thursday Friends!

Happy birthday in the rain

Today my wonderful husband celebrated his first birthday as a Daddy and a very fine job is he doing as a parent. 

To celebrate we decided we would go for a walk and lunch with Tinkerbell and Timothy however the heavens opened causing surface water and lots of it and our plans suddenly changed. 

My husband decided that we would take a trip to the Trafford centre which was the first of a couple locations we visited on our first ever date.  My husband decided that he was also visit the library to return and take out soon more books for work. 

I decided that it made sense to visit the library first and it took an extremely long time because of the volume of traffic and road diversion that after the library our plans changed and we visited Wimslow Road the Asian part of Manchester which was were we ended our first date! 

Apart from a crazy man who appeared to be the local idiot who threw something at our car when we parked up and then stood near where we sat to eat at one of the road side cafes.

My husband’s birthday was a lovely time for the Karma family to be together.  Tinkerbell sat under the pram and Timothy enjoyed being the centre of the celebrations along with his caterpillar Carlos. 


After lunch and after the stalker had left walking over the road and began bothering two men stood outside a restaurant and after a second crazy man arriving and leaving we went to a sweet shop a couple of doors down for dessert.


This is such a cute picture I didn’t realise until after my husband took it that it appears as if Timothy is drinking from the straw. 

So a beautiful day was had by all. 

A very happy birthday to my wonderful husband, I’m so thankful that he is in my life and that we have the most a amazing job of being parents to a very lovely baby boy and owners of the most fabulous hound around.

Happy Monday Friends! 

On schedule

Today I wrote myself a plan consisting of daily tasks for taking care of Timothy and Tinkerbell.  I will be incorporating singing time after good first nap of the day and story time will take place after lunchtime in the afternoon.  Timothy will also enjoy a family prayer from his children’s prayer book after my husband and I have eaten our evening meal and I have also scheduled in for playtime for Timothy and I along with his own time to play. 


I understand that my schedule may on occasion not  to plan but my hope is that Timothy and I will enjoy a balanced routine. 

A scheduled day is also extremely vital with Tinkerbell being unable to walk after spinal surgery and being very dependant. 


Happy Tuesday Friends!  

There is one more round left in me!

My husband will often say from the pulpit at the front of Church ‘get up brush yourself off and say that there is one more round left in me’.  Tinkerbell has been extremely unwell two weeks ago her back legs stopped working.  Unfortunately this time she became very unwell so unwell we considered having her put to sleep because she was in excruciating pain and we didn’t think she would get better unable to keep fluids down and panting in pain. 

With much prayer from friends, family and wonderful Church people she had an MRI on Tuesday, surgery on Wednesday and was back home Thursday evening. 

With a wonderful team at her vets including her vet Colin a specialist in this area and with Gods kindness and favour we have a happy little dog who is in no pain and happy to be back with the family. 

We have witnessed slight movement in the tail which is rather exciting! 

With so much joy that Tinkerbell is back home it is however extremely exhausting caring for Tinkerbell and Timothy both requiring my attention and both requiring assistance with toileting.

I know God is with me helping me like he is with both Tinkerbell and Timothy. 


I’m so thankful that God answered many prayers for the life of our precious Tinkerbell. 

Happy Sunday Friends!

Under supervision

Timothy and I enjoyed our rhyming time at the library this morning I was disappointed that our favourite song Little Peter Rabbit wasn’t sung.  I wasn’t fond of the wet walk back but around 12 minutes in the rain wasn’t really anything to complain about.  Timothy lay in his pram snug as a bug in a rug with his rain cover over protecting him from the elements. 

After lunch with my lovely husband and playtime for Timothy my husband went for a meeting.  With Timothy asleep I decided to tidy some paperwork and then feed there once sleeping baby who then decide to fall asleep this time in my arms and that is where he stay for over an hour and a half. 


After our evening meal I decided to request the help of my husband and rearrange our living room.  Under the supervision of Timothy I had my husband move the furniture into its new positions.   


I’m very pleased with the new layout.  The suggestion my husband had given a couple days which have me a push to ago ahead and rearrange was to allow the radiator to be exposed and not hidden behind the furniture. 


Tinkerbell seemed very content with her hidden location of her bed and toys. 


With Timothy tucked up asleep I’m sat watching the baby monitor along with Tinkerbell. .

Happy Friday Friends! 

40 Days – Day 39

After a lovely day shared with my Mum and Dad a lovely walk, lunch and hot chocolate it was just brilliant.  Timothy enjoyed very much spending time with his grandparents giving them lots of smiles. 


After Timothy’s bedtime story I changed him and feed him after feeding him and putting him in his Moses basket I found this. 


Day 39.  Firstly I’m thankful for the wonderful day I shared with my family and secondly thankful that my husband has a fun side!  He laid his pyjamas out over the top of Tinkerbell which gave the impression she was wearing them!  After I had put Timothy in his basket I realised this and thought it was excellent. 

Happy Saturday Friends!