365 advent calendar

One if the many reasons why Christmas excites me is the chocolate Calender’s.  I love my home made calendar and last year I also had a Lindt one, very enjoyable indeed.  

I decided because of my love of chocolate and sweets I’d make some daily bags.  Yes that’s right I’ll be celebrating 365 days every year with a sweet treat.  

Before I explain how I went about this I need to add that the next batch of treats I put together won’t be as many and most defiantly contain less sweets.  

I bought some food bags, these were a little bigger than I ideal wanted but with limited time to start looking around the shops I bought these zip lock sandwich bags.  

I wrote on the bags 1 to 31 which will be a month’s worth and because nothing is sticky which will be contained in the bags I’ll be able to reuse the bags a couple of times.  

I decided my sweets and chocolate.  

I then baged each amount separately into the numbered bags and stored them in a box beginning at number 20 for tomorrow’s date.  

I decided that a couple days before I run out I’ll refill my little bags.  I might even try and get some tiny bags but for now or technical the next 31 days I’m pretty much sorted.  

This is possibly an idea for the future for Timothy, long in the future.  

Over easter it will be fun to have Easter inspired chocolate.  Oh and one thing I’m defiantly not doing this Lent is giving up chocolate or sweets after all this creative organisation of the treats.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


Posh Ally 

Today we took a drive to a nearby little village this was after taking out one car seat and putting in the car seats of all car seats the Graco Milestone, oh yes with this car seat Timothy is riding safe and in style.  

Timothy sat comfortably facing his munchkins car mirror as we set of for the initial plan of a waterfall walk.  My Joules wellies ready in the boot for their outing.  We arrived to a sign which said it was I think £15 or round about that amount for a family and I decided that we shouldn’t both as it was already 1pm so on we drove to the little village close by instead.  

After we parked the car the first shop we visited was a chocolate shop oh it was wonderful you entered at ground level with an array of hand made chocolates then floor below was teas and the floor below that down stone steps was a little elf workshop.  

Clearly the elf isn’t real and therefore no they don’t make the chocolate however it was a rather unusual sight to behold.  It was a tight squeeze but we all made it to the elf workshop wearing our protective hard hats due to the extremely low stone ceiling.   

After buying a variety a beautiful chocolates and a tin of tea we continued on our merry way.  

Well with the purchase of chocolate what came next was a to the sweet shop and then lunch at the bakery and tea room.  

After lunch we stepped back out into the main village lane and my husband decided that he rather like to sample some of the chocolates we crossed the road and stood under the shop canopy and I took of my back pack and out come the chocolates.  My husband decided that we would more a few paces to a little ally that provided  more shelter.  

Stood at the opening of the ally way my husband suggested that people might think were taking drugs.  Clearly we weren’t.  

Let me set the chocolate drugs scene.  We are in a stunning little village, probably 0% crime rate, the ally way isn’t a city ally way its a posh ally I’m taking the chocolates out of a Cath Kidston back pack for goodness sake my husband is baby wearing Timothy in the Baby Bjorn carry.  No one would of thought we were dealing drug.  

One of the chocolates tasted like Christmas I break into my rendition of Once in Royal my husband joins in we walk out of the ally way and are met by a a shopper, we were in full flow of this famous carol.  The shopper looked at use smiling we suddenly turned the volume down walked past and then laughed.  

This evening I enjoyed a cup of the chocolate rooibos and vanilla tea it was nice, it wasn’t incredible but I think I might try another cup.  

Happy Tuesday Friends!  


Today my my husband, Tinkerbell and I went for a day trip out and for lunch at Chez Moi followed by a lovely walk as part of my birthday weekend. 

At Chez Moi I ordered the fish pizza which was absolutely enormous thankfully I had a two helpers one to eat some of the pizza slices and the other to help with the pizza crusts!  My husband had a pasta dish which looked and tasted delicious. 


During our walk we had lovely ice cream, not that it was particularly the weather for it however I couldn’t pass up home made Terry’s Chocolate Orange ice cream. 

This evening Tinkerbell was on security duty for the halloweeners until she was demoted to the lower level of our house to help my husband worth his work. 


I was therefore left to man the door with a piece of my birthday Victoria Sponge Cake and a cup of licorice tea. 


For my trick or treater’s I have a basket of goody bags waiting by the front door filled with sweets. 


With this being the first year of halloween in our new house I’m unsure how many children we will have my worry is that I don’t want to run out of goody bags, my hope is that all the bags would go and then the halloweeners stop as I don’t want to turn anyone away.  

Happy Saturday Friends! 

Any 3

The other day from the local Co-operative shop I bought a packet of Sour Snakes.  I do enjoy a nice sour sweet boy not too sour that it destroys the lining of your mouth. 

Today my husband bought me some more Sour Snakes Sweets along with a packet of Jelly Beans and a packet of Fizzy Cola Bottles. 


Three packets of sweets for £1. 

I decided that because I would enjoy to eat a few sweets from each packet that I would do exactly that. 

Taking an empty glass jar from IKEA I emptied each packet of sweets into the jar to create my own tasty pic and mix. 


The sweets look even tastier mixed together than in their separate packets I just don’t imagine that they will last me very long at all. 

Happy Monday Friends! 

Anis’s Detour

After the Church service this morning we took a little detour to drop a friend off.  On the way back home we drove past a beautiful shop Anis’s which sold a beautiful array of sweets and snacks. 


We choose a couple sweets that we hadn’t tried before and bought a few tasty savoury snacks for lunch. 

After lunch with the kind help of my husband changed the bedding and put our beautiful Christmas bedding on which I had bought a year or two ago from Next Home. 


This year instead of having a larger tree in our bedroom I have opted for a tiny tree which really is more tasteful and sits nicely in the room.  I have lit it with fairy lights and haven’t added any extra decorations to it. 

My wonderful husband had been preparing my lunches lately however this evening I decided that I would prepare my lunch this evening for tomorrow. 


My lunch is bento style with a small salad, fruit and some of the tasty savoury snacks that we bought earlier today. 

I decided to enjoy the festiveness of our bedroom by lighting some Christmas candles and snuggle with Tinkerbell.


Definitely one very happy Sunday! ⛪

It’s a sweet thing

My husband is really very sweet and for the record so is Tinkerbell.  Today my car visited the garage and therefore my lovely husband acted as Karma’s taxi service.  He made lunch, dinner and even went to the supermarket. 

Today my knight in shining armour visited a sweet shop and bought me Christmas Sweets and Earl grey and coconut sweets. 


I first of all tried the Christmas Sweets all beautiful colours which looked so appetising. 


The Christmas Sweets had a very Christmasy taste of seasonal herbs and spices.

After I’d finished the hard Christmas Sweet which did take a good amount of time I then tried only a small piece of the Earl grey and coconut sweet. 


Incredible would be one word I would use to describe the enjoyment factor of this sweet.  The sweet began hard but became softer and chewy.  The creaminess of the coconut could be clearly tasted and with just a hint of the tea.  The only problem with the sweet was that it did stick to my teeth some what however nothing that a brush, floss and mouthwash can’t solve with that aside a truly delicious and unique sweet. 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

It’s around the corner

Christmas is only around the corner just 69 days to go and it’s all getting very exciting indeed! 

My presents are waiting nicely in the room I named ‘The Martha Stewart Room’ after Martha Stewart who I think is utterly fabulous.  They are awaiting being wrapped which I intend to plan doing during last November because the reason being one they ate wrapped they will become difficult to store and I also have to forward some of the presents out at the beginning of the Christmas season as it’s possible that the recipients otherwise would get their gifts until after Christmas day. 

This year the date I have in my dairy to put up the main tree will be Friday 14th November which would be 41 days before the 25th December.  I also need to decide if I put my outside lights up on this date or after as this will be the first year we have outside light which will very festive and hopefully become a new Christmas tradition. 

At the beginning of the week I was kindly given a lovely Christmas cake stand which looks really sweet and we’ll be perfect for Christmas gatherings to display my Christmas baking on.  


When I arrived home this evening my husband had left me a special box of Indian sweets… Let’s celebrate only 69 days until Christmas! 


Happy Friday friends! 

Christian and Muslim

Before I married or indeed met my husband I had always been exposed to different cultures and religions and naturally taught to have respect for differences that people may have. 

My immediate and extended family before marriage consisted of a small mixture of different cultures, English, Austrian, Polish, American and even American Indian!  I had friends from various cultures, races and religions and through marriage I have a whole new family which help as to the richness allowing me to be part of a rich diverse group of people I call family. 

I’ve always had a great appreciation for diversity and wise words from an Orthodox Church Father I took classes from once said that it is better to find similarities than differences. 

When I lived in a different city before I married I had a very good friend I would refer to her as my mum as she was such a wonderful lady who welcomed me into her home and into her family.  We didn’t have the same colour of skin the same nationality or even the same religion but that didn’t matter at all because the kindness and generosity I was shown was overwhelming.  We would often talk about the Bible and the Qur’an and centred on the similarities not the difference. 

Today my husband and I were given another hearty soup by the same lady from the Church who had given us soup the week before. 


We were also given a delicious meal by our neighbours who are celebrating Eid. 


The time we have been given to enjoy life is so small in comparison to the time line of history.  Embracing new ideas, working together, sharing life, and seeing similarities not differences is how we can begin to enjoy this rich life we have been given. 

On the way home from Church today we stopped off at a new sweet shop.  Sometimes people can even be reluctant to try something new, a new shop, a new brand, a new type of food. 


Life is rich let’s celebrate! 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Never been kissed

I remember when I was a little girl on one of the visits my American Great Aunty’s made she talked about Hershey’s Kisses chocolate which I’d never before heard of.  I remember my Aunty describing the chocolate but not at all really knowing what the chocolate looked like our tasted. 

For a while now I have seen Hershey’s Kisses in the supermarket although I’m really unaware why it had taken me this long to actually but some of the chocolate’s I remember her talking about. 

This evening for the first time I opened up a packet of Hershey’s Kisses Cookies ‘n’ Creme. 


I pulled out one of the individually blue and silver wrapped chocolate’s with a sweet little paper saying Cookies sticking out of the top. 


The delicately wrapped chocolate widen unwrapped contained a sweet chocolate. 

The chocolate tasted lovely and make me think about my Great Aunty and my family the other side of the pond. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

Pakistan to Kurdistan

My husband and I enjoy trying different types of nationalities of foods.  So as we drove to get ice cream today from a little Pakistani ice cream shop we had once passed, on our way noticed a Kurdish restaurant.  My husband said that we would try this restaurant in the near future. 

So we drove on and as we pulled into the street a lovely graffited corner of the street met us which hid a dilapidated building. 


We arrived at the ice cream shop which also included a large selection of tasty looking sweets. 


My husband ordered us both a faluda a delicious ice cream dessert. 


We also took away a box full of sweets. 


Keeping with our try something new we saw a restaurant selling pink tea so both got a cup to take away.  My husband describes it as hot milk with pink food colouring.  It also included nuts.  We weren’t very impressed by the tea but it was warm and pink my favourite colour. 


After visiting a couple of the fabric shops my husband decided that we would pick up some food from the Kurdish restaurant which actually turned out to be Turkish as well. 

I wanted comfortable in the car whilst my husband ordered as one of the things I dislike is ordering from a menu. 

The food was prepared freshly my husband tells me with the kitchen visible from the restaurant. 


My husband had bought so much food we were actually unable to eat it all. 


With the restaurant menu being so varied and the good we consumed so delicious we would defiantly visit again.   http://www.nemrutrestaurant.co.uk

I value the time my husband and I spent together and especially love to share in new experiences with him. 
Happy Bank Holiday Monday Friends!