Storage, it’s a big deal

When it comes to storage for babies and young children it is defiantly something which you can’t escape from needing however I think it’s extremely important to consider the type of storage.  

My main consideration is safety.  Having hard plastic or even wooden storage for toys can work well for your aesthetical storage needs however maybe not the best for little ones to have access to especially when older babies are rolling, crawling and or stumbling about its another hazard and especially with a number of babies around all wanting to see what they can take out of the toy box. 

If your on a tight budget or want something a little different using a pillow case to store toys can be perfect.  

I choose to use some brown storage boxes which hold a nice structure.  

They are easy for Timothy to get toys out and can be moved easily.  

These boxes also withstand crawlers and still bounce back to their original shape.  

This is without any damage to either baby or box. 

Today I bought some boxes for a baby corner at my husband’s Church.  Many of the storage boxes available at TKMaxx seemed to have this awareness built into their design.  

These storage boxes will be perfect to allow little hands to gain easy access to toys and idea if accidentally the boxes make a collision with any baby.  

The rim of the boxes contains a wire structure but the actual box is created using fabric which has structure yet simply crumples when pushed.  

Storage consideration need not only apply to children’s toys but containers used on a top shelf or in the car.  

Happy Thursday Friends!  


I heart organisation

I have a passion for organising things, I find storage within storage exciting and with this organisational enthusiasm my day began.  

This morning I had a little time so after the ritual of breakfast followed by a little playtime I decided that I would reorganise one of my utility room/laundry room cupboards.  This particular cupboard is home to Timothy’s food storage, bottles, electric and manual pump, food processor and its accessories along with the amazing Masha which is perfect for baby food prep.  

This particular cupboard didn’t take long to get back to it’s beautiful functional self with the addition of another storage basket.

After an action packed afternoon I came home and decided that I wanted to organise Timothy’s toy’s into some sort of system.  Timothy has toys on each of the three levels of our home the majority being in living room.  

My previous system was three baskets sensory toys, soft toys and hard toys along with a further collection of books on the coffee table.  

This system had worked perfectly but with my husband wanting Timothy not to be restricted to his play pen and his every more ability means that this system of storage had to change.  I felt that I would spend most of my time picking up and tidying away so many toys.  

Not wishing for Timothy to have access to all these toys at once I decided that this a new system would be needed.  

My new system is a rational approach working on a cycle of four.  

I arranged all of the toys into four even piles ensuring that the various types of toy/book were distributed evenly.  

Then I placed each collection into the storage baskets.  

Each day I will rotate the box therefore limiting the choice but allowing Timothy to appreciate and play properly with the toys rather than being bombarded with a massive amount that he had pulled out of his toy basket’s.  

I will however have a constant toy basket which will include some of the toys I would like him to have access to everyday mainly educational ones such as Alpha Pup.  

With regards to the story books I will bring a selection down everyday to enjoy reading together.  

This may not work for everyone but I’m feeling positive that this will work well for us. 

Happy Thursday Friends!  

Fold those towels

With the beautiful British weather being rainy with a temperature of about 10°c  what better than to enjoy a lovely Cadbury hot chocolate and organize once again the bathroom cupboard. 


So with the cold, wet weather shut outside I began to clam again my bathroom cupboard. 

When my husband and I bought our home I designed and had someone build us a walk in bathroom cupboard to provide storage not only for the toiletries, towels, bathroom cleaning products and clothes washing baskets but I also use the walk in cupboard for the storage of Tinkerbell’s bedding and our bedding. 


As you can see my cupboard is very compact but everything is easy to gain access to. 

My husband and I have a large amount of toiletries so that we never or at least hardly run out b of anything.  We are very fortunate to have such a great space to organize and store multiple products. 

I normally roll my towels when storing them however this wasn’t very successful so I have instead stored them with each in the appropriate size and folded flat. 

My husband decided that he wanted to store his clean underwear in the bathroom cupboard so I used two plastic containers from IKEA to store these. 

The shelving is all white coated metal wire shelving that can easily be cleaned and moved if desired. 

The small write shelves fit nicely into a small space and hold perfectly toiletries. 


I have six of these shelves and they really do contain so many items.

Happy Organizing Friends!

Underwear in a gift bag

Organization is defiantly at the top of my list of things I enjoy to do.  I dislike the i’m in a mess point but when I see the light at the end of the tunnel and my organizational take is nearly complete I know that it was a good choice to get organized. 

Once thing I believe strongly is that getting organized shouldn’t really cost you money or at least not very much. 

This evening I decided to bring order to my underwear draw as it had begun to get a little cluttered. 

To organize my underwear draw I decided to use some of the Christmas gift bags I had been given I picked the bags that had either seen their best day or a design that wasn’t my preference and therefore wouldn’t choice to give to someone. 


I cut the top part of the gift bag off, opened each one up and stood them inside my draw.  I used these unwanted gift bags to help organize neatly all the underwear.  I also used a perfume box also but found that the gift bags worked well as a way of containing certain items that didn’t necessarily need to be folded. 


My underwear organization isn’t the most glamorous but it’s definitely practical and didn’t cost a penny! 


Happy Friday Friends!