It’s creative Saturday

This morning my husband and I took Timothy to a sensory class which was happening free but you had to register your attendance.

It was a fantastic class which was full of performance, song, music, sensory play and a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion from the teachers who ran the class.  

Timothy was a little young still for the class however with that being said it did include elements which he was able to engage with properly.  
The room where the class took place had been wonderfully decorated.

We also adventured into another part of the room which was completely white and a harp was played as we transitioned into this space which was really beautiful that they would incorporate such an instrument into the magical performance.  

This class had clearly been well planned and amazingly delivered, it was actually very surprising just how incredible the whole experience was.  

It is so wonderful that we have these incredible opportunity to immerse Timothy in.  It really is fantastic as a parent that such companies and organisations exist, giving up their time to provide these experiences.  

A Very Happy Saturday Friends! 


Hurry up lady

This morning Timothy and I enjoyed our Baby Sensory Class.  It was weather day today and we had so much fun.  Timothy especially enjoyed being under the wind sheet.  

Timothy had great fun exploring which makes him particularly tired.  

So after the class was over and Timothy was once again snug in the pram we headed back home.  Timothy fell asleep on route and I know that his morning naps will usually last anywhere from 30 till an hour so I pick up the pace on a gradient path which is ever increasing.  

Now I’m moving at a speed negotiating our way around people walking.  Now when you have a sleeping baby and you really need this nap time, time when people are walking slowly and hogging the pavement it isn’t helpful.  

I often feel like voicing my opinions ‘lady move out the way’ or ‘come on pick up the pace’. See every minute saved is a minute more I have at home to do the jobs I need to do or eat my lunch sat down.  

I managed to get around 35 minutes at home after 15 minute’s or there abouts sleeping on route as I try to encourage myself to walk quickly up the hill. 

So 35 minutes later we are back to fun and games.  

Followed by feeding time at the zoo.  Tinkerbell is a smart cookies and sits under the high chair I decided to put Tinkerbells bed so she could sit comfortably.  This feeding frenzy turned into a paper fest as Timothy grabbed a tissue out of my pocket as I walked past.  

After a very long day Tinkerbell is exhausted.  

I also feel like curling up however I’m on the evening, night and early morning shift.  

Oh and if my pager was a cry and moving baby on the monitor than I’m wanted.  On duty again.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!  

Baby Valentine

Today I took Timothy along to a special Baby Valentine class at Baby Sensory.  

The special Valentine class had such a magical feel about it and really gave me the opportunity to once again bond with Timothy in a special way.  

Lights, bubbles, glow sticks and lots of cuddles all the baby sensory wonders which mesmerised Timothy today.  

One of the most wonderful activities had to be when we danced with our babies.  I dance with Timothy all the time but the dance we shared today with the beautiful lights shining around us was very special.  As I held Timothy close, spinning and moving to the music I felt tearful,  tears of joy and happiness flowing over of how much I love him.  

As I write this it brings tears to my eyes simply thinking of the shear joy which that moment of closeness brought to me.  

This class I hope will remain in my heart for a very long time, most defiantly one of the best we have experienced together.  

Happy second Valentines Timothy and thank you for the dance.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  

Baby Party

Today my husband and I threw Timothy his first birthday party which was pretty exciting.  We arranged for the Baby Sensory teacher come to the house to take the party with the theme, Teddy bear’s picnic.  

14 babies including the birthday boy along with their parent each sat around on the floor mats which covered my empty dinning room.  The chair sat in my husband’s favourite area of the house his gym and the table in the hall.  

We began with the signing song Say Hello to the Sun and the party got of to an excellent start.  Happy babies laying, crawling, rolling and sitting.  Singing songs, using instruments and simply having educational fun what could be better for a Saturday morning birthday party.  

Marking Timothy’s first birthday was made special by all his little friends who came along to share in his birthday celebration’s.  

It was really nice for my husband to have the opportunity to enjoy the baby sensory experience with Timothy as he’s working usually while Timothy and I attend our various weekly classes.  

It was most defiantly a lovely day plus my mum and dad were able to share this day with Timothy who he adores.  

A perfect birthday party for our precious baby boy.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  

This is how we do it

Well if your a mummy or daddy who enjoys baby groups then your in the same boat as I.  This is how we do it, we go along to the Christmas Baby Sensory class oh yes getting extra festive and extra sensory at this most wonderful time of the year.  

When my husband was driving Timothy and I to the group he said “you really must enjoy this” referring to the fact that we were off to a group at the weekend.  The answer is yes we do enjoy our groups.  Yes I want to give Timothy as many experiences as I possibly can.  Will Timothy remember?  No, but these educational and social activities will help lay a firm foundation that can be built upon.

 Oh and yes it’s so much fun being able to play with you baby and spending time bonding in this manner. 

At the Christmas sensory group Timothy jingled bells, played in snow and spent time exploring.  

After the group Timothy enjoyed a nap before he was rehearsing for his grand debut tomorrow in the Churches Nativity. 

Happy Saturday Friends!

Christmas jumper party

Today its Christmas jumper day oh yes happy jumper day!  Timothy and I both wore our Christmas jumpers with pride.  

Today I threw a little Christmas party for my Mummy friends and beautiful babies.  With food for the mummies and fun sensory play for our babies.  

With the play pen used as a glorified fariy lights holder the living room was transformed into a winter wonderland of white.  

Timothy enjoyed playing before his friends arrived.  

I’m not sure if Timothy liked the balloons that much as he didn’t stay still for long before he decided to climb out.  

Our Christmas party was so much fun, spending time together and getting excited about adorable hats, Christmas outfits and the big one the babies first Christmases!  

Happy Christmas Jumper Day Friends! 

Winter Wonderland

Today at Timothy’s baby sensory class it was the Christmas special Winter Wonderland.  All of the babies wore their festive outfits and the teacher and some of the parents also joined in with the Christmas dress code.  

The class today was magical and such a wonderful environment I feel for Timothy to enjoy with flying snowmen and mountain tops along with snow and lights it was a truly spectacular experience.  

Timothy enjoyed using the toy phone in the ball pool.  

We has such a great class today we wait with anticipation for the Christmas Party.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!


Today Timothy and his little friend spent a fun afternoon at Aura which is a sensory experience environment.  

This was our first time at Aura and our kind friend invited us both alone to join her and her baby.  Timothy is very used to sensory play because of the various classes we attend and at home.  This however was a completely incredible experience with the whole space created into a complete sensory experience.  

The giant ball pool with 5000 balls was amazing.  I already had decided that I was going to buy some balls to make a ball pool at home but some how I don’t think I’ll need 5000 balls or at least I hope not.  

The ball pool actually changed cools which was exciting.  With 5000 balls I thought that I was going to loose Timothy at one point.  

The whole experience was an incredible price of only £5 for an hour and with a cap of 8 per session it means that the space doesn’t become over crowded allowing everyone to use the facility happily without invading another’s sensory experience.  

We will defiantly be returning to Aura again in the new year as we had such an incredibly time.  After our session we talk to the proprietor of Aura and shared how it had only recently opened just before the summer.  

I find it wonderful how someone’s passion for sensory experience has manifested itself into such a wonderful and accessible facility which for those with babies and toddlers will help with their development and I would encourage people to make the most of an affordable learning and developmental experience.  

Plus who wouldn’t want to have fun?!

Happy Monday Friends!  

Pat the Mat

The five senses are important to a baby’s development. They learn and discover through touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing. Sensory play and exploration helps with the development of the senses.

In fact we are always learning and discovering the world through the five senses.

Timothy and I attend classes with many encouraging, guiding and promoting sensory play which will help with his development.

At our Baby Sensory class the teacher as part of one of the activity had made some Pat Mats.

The Pat Mats or a Pat Mat is simply a laminating pouch which is filled normally with a liquid substance and may contains objects that can be moved around.

The teacher encouraged the parents to try and make a Pat Mat of our own.

I have made two and used my old iron to seal up the edges. One Pat Mat I included berry cordial to create a festive feel with the green and red sequins and glitter. The second I used water and created more of a colourful feel.

Around the edges of my secured laminated pouch I added some colourful tape.

Timothy has enjoyed the Pat Mats I have made for him. They are even perfect for meal times as they can be easily wiped clean. The crinkly sound is also a popular choice with many babies including Timothy.

I’m not sure how much a Pat Mat would be to make at home probably very little and most people have many items lying around their homes which can be utilised.

Assisting a young child with their development doesn’t have to cost lots if money. If you can’t afford classes or it isn’t something which would work at the moment there is no reason why you can’t be creative for very little at home. Being creative is actually very therapeutic and can actually make you feel good creating a sensory aid for your baby.

Happy Saturday Friends!

Baby Pumpkin

Today Timothy went to a Baby Pumpkin Sensory Autumn Party!  Mr Happy wore his Ladybird outfit for the second time.  Before the Baby Pumpkin party began Timothy explored the exciting sensory play area.

dscn18991The black bed behind Timothy was actually a blow up bed which he had fun crawling over.

The party was structured into lead sensory, free play and lead sensory activity.

Timothy had fun in the ball pool but didn’t seem pleased when he had to share it with a pumpkin.

To end the Pumpkin Party we enjoy fireworks.

Timothy and I had such an enjoyable afternoon that we continued the Baby Pumpkin Party at home.

Happy All Things Autumn Friends!