It’s creative Saturday

This morning my husband and I took Timothy to a sensory class which was happening free but you had to register your attendance.

It was a fantastic class which was full of performance, song, music, sensory play and a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion from the teachers who ran the class.  

Timothy was a little young still for the class however with that being said it did include elements which he was able to engage with properly.  
The room where the class took place had been wonderfully decorated.

We also adventured into another part of the room which was completely white and a harp was played as we transitioned into this space which was really beautiful that they would incorporate such an instrument into the magical performance.  

This class had clearly been well planned and amazingly delivered, it was actually very surprising just how incredible the whole experience was.  

It is so wonderful that we have these incredible opportunity to immerse Timothy in.  It really is fantastic as a parent that such companies and organisations exist, giving up their time to provide these experiences.  

A Very Happy Saturday Friends! 


Saturday with a KFC

This morning my husband, Tinkerbell and a kind friend of my husband spent a couple of hours walking around the neighbourhood near the Church delivering the Christmas service invitations I had designed.  Tinkerbell did very good walking and thankfully the weather stayed dry. 

After delivering a good number of service invitations my husband collected a KFC for me.  The reason being the day before my Grandad passed away my Dad and I had enjoyed a KFC after visiting him in the hospital this has now become my personal tradition which is something very small but important to me, even though I’m a day early I believe that tradition can be a value way to celebrate the life of someone special. 


After lunch I made some mini stollen to give as gifts.  I enjoy so much giving baked goods at Christmas time. 


I boxed some of them up along with some of the mince pies I had made to give to neighbours and friends. 

Like last year I used these lovely food boxes which I had picked up from  Macro to parcel the food up in using baking paper so the contents didn’t stick to the box. 


It’s definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. 

Happy Saturday Friends!  🎄

Great plans

This morning we had great plans.  My husband had suggested a little day trip out.  However first of all we had to visit the local shopping centre as my husband qualified for a phone upgrade and whilst there I had a little treat from Yankee Candle. 


We sniffed a whole section of different scented candles before I decided on Orange Splash which smelt like a summer’s day. 

Lunch we enjoyed at home and we planned to set out after we had eaten however with my husband discovering the workings of his new phone and Tinkerbell and I cuddling together for around two hours since lunch past and we instead decided to venture out a little closer to home and and took a walk in the local town Tinkerbell ran all the way around scampering as we went as the streets were busy with shoppers at times I had to carry her. 

On returning home we stopped off at the pet shop and bought Tinkerbell some delicious looking fruit and vegetable dried food.  Natures Menu make excellent dog foods and she enjoyed a couple of these along with some fresh fruit and vegetables, pasta and chicken.


My dinner today was just as tasty as Tinkerbell’s looked and made by one of the very kind ladies from Church.  A deliciously healthy soup which I enjoyed with some bread. 


As my evening snack I had one of the Jacobs flat bread, I would like very much to say they are tasty and that I enjoyed eating them but I didn’t it was as if I was chomping on cardboard. 


Tinkerbell was extremely kind and helped me finish it….That’s what furry family members are for. 

Happy Saturday Friends! 

It’s a 6:30 start

This morning with the Sainsburys shop already done yesterday I jumped out of bed after my husband at 6:30am and changed the bedding, washed the sheets and eat a healthy bowl of high fibre cereal. 


After a lazy morning in the house around 11am with my husband back from the gym we headed out to the shopping centre as my husband wanted to visit the mobile phone shop Three. 

On our arrival we enjoyed light refreshments before carrying out the task we had set out to complete. 


Three had a beautiful back wall made up of an assortment of pictures. 


I thought that the mouse like create was particularly sweet and ironically place below a picture of a cat. 

We enjoyed lunch in the food court.  I choose six delicious pieces of various pieces of sushi and my husband a healthy subway salad. 


After lunch I spotted a man wearing a Next sale T-shirt and asked my husband if I could see if Next had a sale.  My husband was impressed as we approached the shop and wondered how I had known that they had their sale today.  I thought he too had noticed the mans T-shirt!

This evening I enjoyed a lovely Easter French fancy worth a cup of cardamom tea…


…and snuggled with my best friend and our favourite cushion. 


Happy Saturday Friends! 

Miller and Carter

Today my husband and I decided to take a drive to get a spot of lunch.  We had no idea where we would drive to but planned for a nice country lunch with Tinkerbell our miniature dachshund. 

After passing two possible places to eat missing the turning for both we came across Miller and Carter Steakhouse.


Tinkerbell was even welcome to join us in her carrier. 


The restaurant when we arrived was becoming busy and we were given a cosy booth style table in a corner which was perfect. 


Nearly every item on the menu contained meat not surprising really!  I ordered a lobster and bacon club sandwich with house fries and my husband choose this extraordinary rib and steak dinner with all the trimmings.  Tinkerbell even enjoyed a little of my husband’s steak which he feed to her when we had left the restaurant. 


Sadly my camera didn’t capture my club sandwich but it was absolutely enjoyable and extremely filling. 

Even though we were both full we still managed to share a dessert consisting on three desserts plus ice cream. 


My husband and I both agreed that this was one of the best meals we have had.  It was also wonderful that Tinkerbell was allowed to accompany us however she feels a little disgruntled about only having a small amount of steak. 

On returning home I made bread ready for the bring and share lunch after Church tomorrow.


Happy Saturday Friends! 

My Saturday!

Today has been a very busy day in the Karma house with a morning shopping trip to Sainsburys whilst my husband was as at the gym.  Grocery shopping was followed by an stunt in the kitchen making a very delicious Italian apple cake

– read my blog tomorrow for the recipe and home made bread.  
Several loads of washing and rearranging the furniture in my mini office whilst the weather changed and covering the street in a blanket of hale stone whilst the sky was filled with lightening. 

Whilst my room organization took place my husband read and Tinkerbell spent her time hiding under a blanket.  
This evening we spent it with a fantastic couple and their beautiful children and had a delicious Indian takeaway! 

A late night for for me especially leaving our friends at 9.50pm!  A late night normally is 9pm!  What a wonderful evening such a great way to spend a Saturday we evening in the company of friends.  

Happy Saturday Friends! 

The Bullring, 50% and Sushi – Our Saturday

Yesterday my husband and I decided that we would have a shopping day in Birmingham. This morning after zipping Tinkerbell into her very cute dog bag carrier cream with red trim, we drove as planned to Birmingham. We parked under the Bullring shopping centre in a great parking place fairly near to the door. I had originally pulled into an even closer parking place however my husband said that it was disabled parking so I found another space we also tried to be helpful to another motorist as he tried to park up however when he drove away also to find another space we looked across to see that actually we and he could of parked in that space and it was the row behind, so much for trying to be considerate!

At around half 10 we decided that Tinkerbell our Mini Dachshund needed to stretch her legs as she had come with us but was in her dog bag. We went outside of the Bullring and noticed a lady from Wagamama’s (a restaurant) giving away small pots of rice we stood with Tinkerbell in the fresh air and enjoyed this snack. I took the rubbish to the bin and noticed my husband and Tinkerbell following then walking past I looked as they heading towards another lady from Wagamama’s this time stood outside the restaurant and giving away noodles and yes we enjoyed another tasty snack.

We visited St. Martins in the Bull Ring Church admiring the lovely tree inside and out.
Gap today had a 50% discount on ALL items my lovely husband treated me to a coat and bag for Christmas for here. The queue was absolutely incredibly long and the store resembled that of a jumble sale in was madness. I do enjoy a pre-Christmas sale!

Before lunch we took our shopping back to the car which was conveniently parked underneath Selfridges. We then ate lunch in Selfridges at Yo Sushi. Sushi really in one of my favourite foods I especially enjoy watching all the food move around the tiny conveyor belt. The still and sparkling water taps at your small table are really fantastic.

After lunch we went outside for a very brief look at the German Market and a visit to the Pound Store! This shop is fantastic, you can get some amazing deals and everything is just £1.
On the way back home we stopped at our Church to collect the Christmas Cards I had designed …But this is for another blog.

Happy Saturday!