Storage, it’s a big deal

When it comes to storage for babies and young children it is defiantly something which you can’t escape from needing however I think it’s extremely important to consider the type of storage.  

My main consideration is safety.  Having hard plastic or even wooden storage for toys can work well for your aesthetical storage needs however maybe not the best for little ones to have access to especially when older babies are rolling, crawling and or stumbling about its another hazard and especially with a number of babies around all wanting to see what they can take out of the toy box. 

If your on a tight budget or want something a little different using a pillow case to store toys can be perfect.  

I choose to use some brown storage boxes which hold a nice structure.  

They are easy for Timothy to get toys out and can be moved easily.  

These boxes also withstand crawlers and still bounce back to their original shape.  

This is without any damage to either baby or box. 

Today I bought some boxes for a baby corner at my husband’s Church.  Many of the storage boxes available at TKMaxx seemed to have this awareness built into their design.  

These storage boxes will be perfect to allow little hands to gain easy access to toys and idea if accidentally the boxes make a collision with any baby.  

The rim of the boxes contains a wire structure but the actual box is created using fabric which has structure yet simply crumples when pushed.  

Storage consideration need not only apply to children’s toys but containers used on a top shelf or in the car.  

Happy Thursday Friends!  


Health and safety issue

This time last week we or more accurately I had a bathroom incident take place.  Incident is probably not the best word but it was something that I would need my husband’s assistance with. 

The toilet seat had come become a little lopsided and I was trying to push out back into place when all of a sudden it got broken. 

Now the issue with this toilet seat has been I’ve disliked it since we have moved in and its possible that if someone asked about the house I’d mention this heinous toilet seat.  For some strange reason the toilet seat was black.  If you have a black toilet seat that’s ok however for me it’s not something I would have chosen. 

So when the toilet seat became broken on Saturday evening and I’d alerted my husband the only opportunity to replace it with a new one would be the following day as the local DIY shop was closed. 

Even though we have the use of another toilet for convenience at night time I used the broken toilet seat and it really was a health and safety hazard.  It was dicing with death every time I’d sit down or at least that’s how it felt. 

Thankfully after Church last Sunday we purchased a new white toilet seat! 


The strange thing was that it completely transformed the bathroom.  No longer do I have a horrid black toilet seat but a clean, fresh and very lovely toilet seat which is very secure and passes the Karma health and safety test. 

What’s really funny is that I informed only three people about the new toilet seat and two of them asked if I had broken it on purpose, which I hadn’t.  However if I had to be happy about something breaking it would definitely be the black toilet seat. 

Happy Saturday Friends!