Relaxation Zone

Timothy Sleepy Karma had only taken about a 20 minutes nap at Church in the baby corner this morning before I disturbed him by tidying up at the end of the service.   

Well this afternoon Mr Sleepy hadn’t fallen to sleep and it had gone past 3pm too late for nap taking.  I decided that with a very exhausted baby on my hands I’d have to be creative.  

I decided that Timothy needed to rest even though it was too late to sleep.  So by bringing out the playpen and filling it with a quilt from off one of the beds and other blankets and throws to create a comfortable space to relax.  I then filled the playpen with some of Timothy’s teddy’s 

Timothy seemed to really enjoy his relaxation zone.  

Yes and so did I and Tinkerbell!  

Well Tinkerbell didn’t last long in the relaxation zone.

Timothy is fascinated by Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell does like Timothy’s company but doesn’t like being prodded.  

The relaxation zone did pass a good period of time which perfectly help with keeping a Sleepy Timothy mostly happy and relaxed.  

Think I’ll be creating my relaxation zone on a regular basis.  

Happy Sunday Friends!