It’s creative Saturday

This morning my husband and I took Timothy to a sensory class which was happening free but you had to register your attendance.

It was a fantastic class which was full of performance, song, music, sensory play and a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion from the teachers who ran the class.  

Timothy was a little young still for the class however with that being said it did include elements which he was able to engage with properly.  
The room where the class took place had been wonderfully decorated.

We also adventured into another part of the room which was completely white and a harp was played as we transitioned into this space which was really beautiful that they would incorporate such an instrument into the magical performance.  

This class had clearly been well planned and amazingly delivered, it was actually very surprising just how incredible the whole experience was.  

It is so wonderful that we have these incredible opportunity to immerse Timothy in.  It really is fantastic as a parent that such companies and organisations exist, giving up their time to provide these experiences.  

A Very Happy Saturday Friends! 


What a performance

Tinkerbell enjoys very much sitting in the large bed of Max my parents Doberman…


…Max is a real gentlemen and allows Tinkerbell to sit and try to hide toys in his bed.  Tinkerbell doesn’t like to share Max’s toys with him she prefers to keep them safe on his bed. 

Tinkerbell has an array of comfortable beds which naturally are smaller than his but look like they would be the ideal place to take an afternoon nap. 


Max I thought was fairly sensible, knowing his size and bedding needs, all this changed after witnessing Max climbing up and sharing a small foot stool with my Dad’s feet.


Even though I witness this with my own eyes I didn’t realise what a circus performer Max actually was.  Max didn’t just perform this incredible stunt once but twice. 

This evening Max refused to sit in his bed and opted for the floor, my mum thinks that this is because he can small Tinkerbell in his bed.  Obviously Max mustn’t like the small of cod liver oil add this is the normal odour of Tinkerbell. 


Tinkerbell instead spend the evening on my knee… 


…A true lap dog! 

Happy Saturday Friends!