In bulk

We are an in bulk sort of family.  We actually used to be big in bulk buyers that was before we moved to a new area which doesn’t have a Macro close by.  

This morning we took a little trip around Aldi.  

This then led to a trip for my husband around a cash and carry while Timothy and I waited in the car.  I had asked my husband to buy kitchen paper and toilet paper which he did but he also came back with these.  

Just to put this massive tray of mushrooms into perspective 1.1kg of mushrooms who needs that many, not us I didn’t think clearly I was very wrong.  

As Timothy sat obliviously playing with his toys.  

I was trying to put this monster tray of mushrooms into the fridge.  I did manage to squash them in however looks like tomorrow’s task will be to use some mushrooms and reorganise the fridge.  

Happy Tuesday Friends!  


Its all about the stone

My husband is so lovely, wonderful and kind and today he has been very busy and continues to be very busy writing his essay for his masters degree. 

I therefore decided to make him a tasty treat for dinner. 

Yesterday my husband had mentioned whilst looking through one of my Martha Stewart cookery books with me that he loved eating corn on the cob.  I’ve never made my husband corn on the cob before so I decided to keep this in my mind. *

* be mindful when loved ones especially your spouse tells you something they like to do or enjoy eating its wonderful to bless them by remembering their preferences it show’s them you love and care. 

Whilst shopping at Sainsburys this morning I came across sausages that had been reduced and thought that I would get them for my husband.  Then whilst walking through the fruit and vegetables I noticed that the corn on the cob had also been reduced so I also added these to the shopping trolley. 

This afternoon I went to the Church where my husband was working hard in his office and began preparing my husband a surprise delicious dinner.

When cooking in the oven I like to use my Pampered Chef stones so I brought along with me my cranberry glaze stone.  The stone is perfect to cook anything and everything and made my tasty dinner easy and delicious to cook with. 


I arranged the sausages, closed cup chestnut mushrooms, corn on the cob, and tomato in to the stone.


I added a little margarine to the top of the corn and a tiny bit of salt I put into a hot oven and cooked. 


I served the dinner with bread and salad leaves.


I made my husband close his eyes when I brought the food through and when he opened his eyes he was very impressed with the dinner! 

Cooking is an activity I have great enjoyment in doing and as I wife it makes me happy to see my husband taking delight in eating and appreciating the food I lovingly prepared.

Preparing food for your loved ones doesn’t have to be fancy it just needs to say I care and preferably something which will be greatly savoured. 

Happy cooking friends!