365 advent calendar

One if the many reasons why Christmas excites me is the chocolate Calender’s.  I love my home made calendar and last year I also had a Lindt one, very enjoyable indeed.  

I decided because of my love of chocolate and sweets I’d make some daily bags.  Yes that’s right I’ll be celebrating 365 days every year with a sweet treat.  

Before I explain how I went about this I need to add that the next batch of treats I put together won’t be as many and most defiantly contain less sweets.  

I bought some food bags, these were a little bigger than I ideal wanted but with limited time to start looking around the shops I bought these zip lock sandwich bags.  

I wrote on the bags 1 to 31 which will be a month’s worth and because nothing is sticky which will be contained in the bags I’ll be able to reuse the bags a couple of times.  

I decided my sweets and chocolate.  

I then baged each amount separately into the numbered bags and stored them in a box beginning at number 20 for tomorrow’s date.  

I decided that a couple days before I run out I’ll refill my little bags.  I might even try and get some tiny bags but for now or technical the next 31 days I’m pretty much sorted.  

This is possibly an idea for the future for Timothy, long in the future.  

Over easter it will be fun to have Easter inspired chocolate.  Oh and one thing I’m defiantly not doing this Lent is giving up chocolate or sweets after all this creative organisation of the treats.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


40 Days – Day 40

Day 40.  I’m thankful for the beautiful weather the walk to Church Timothy and I took this morning.  I’m thankful for the books given by my Mum and Dad yesterday for Timothy and for the time we spent together reading one of them together this afternoon.  I’m thankful for such a wonderful husband and a cheeky yet sweet sausage dog Tinkerbell. 


I’m thankful for my parents and sister and those friends who I can share my hopes, dreams and fears with.  I’m thankful for our lovely home the generosity of family and friends and the good gifts God blesses me with. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

40 Days – Day 39

After a lovely day shared with my Mum and Dad a lovely walk, lunch and hot chocolate it was just brilliant.  Timothy enjoyed very much spending time with his grandparents giving them lots of smiles. 


After Timothy’s bedtime story I changed him and feed him after feeding him and putting him in his Moses basket I found this. 


Day 39.  Firstly I’m thankful for the wonderful day I shared with my family and secondly thankful that my husband has a fun side!  He laid his pyjamas out over the top of Tinkerbell which gave the impression she was wearing them!  After I had put Timothy in his basket I realised this and thought it was excellent. 

Happy Saturday Friends!   

40 Days – Day 38

Day 38.  I’m thankful for my lovely family, I’m thankful that my husband enjoys spending all his free moments between meetings with Timothy, Tinkerbell and myself. 


I’m thankful that Timothy has a lovely nursery which we all love to spend time in together. 

Family is a beautiful things. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

40 Days – Day 37

This morning with Timothy in his pram and Tinkerbell safely underneath we took a brisk walk in to town. 

Day 37.  I’m thankful for Tinkerbell’s walking.  Tinkerbell last year hurt her back leaving her without there use of her back legs thankfully she has regained the ability to walk but it’s still obvious that her little legs properly back to normal.  When Timothy arrived home from the hospital all her excitement made her back and legs a little worse.

It is always lovely to see her enjoying a walk and after a ride into town Tinkerbell walked most of the way back which was excellent.  It did however mean that we had to go slowly so that she could concentrate walking properly.  I’m thankful to God for Tinkerbell that her allowed her to regain the ability to walk again we still pray that God would heal her fully. 


Happy Thursday Friends! 

40 Days – Day 34

Day 34.  I’m thankful for what a delight Tinkerbell is. 


This morning while I got ready Tinkerbell sat in the tiniest area of sunlight on the bedroom carpet.  This afternoon while I fed Timothy and wanted to sit with the family and this evening as we enjoyed story time Tinkerbell was very much part of this activity. 

Tinkerbell is such a blessing to our family. 

Happy Monday Friends!

40 Day – Day 33

Day 33.  I’m thankful for all the lovely books one of Timothy’s God parents have him at Church this morning.  I’m still struggling to understand why I had to carry them to the car nevertheless we are extremely thankful for all the beautiful books which are currently in the nursery awaiting to be read. 


Happy Sunday Friends! 

40 Days – Day 32

This morning I enjoyed a lovely rain to and from town with Timothy and Tinkerbell I decided that I wanted to get some of the pictures I had taken printed off for our family wall and some extra for a little baby photo album we had been bought as a lovely gift. 

Day 32.  We selected the pictures I wanted to print and went to pay.  I thought that my voucher which I had would part pay for the pictures and to my surprise it covered the full amount and even left 5p!  I’m thankful for my gift voucher surprise! 

When it comes to budgeting and looking after the pennies the pounds look after themselves!

Our family photo wall is really beginning to take shape thank goodness our basement room has lots of walls. 


Happy Saturday Friends! 

40 Days – Day 31

Today Timothy and I were ready early to take on our day. 


Day 31.  Today the weather was beautiful and I’m thankful how much my precious puppy Tinkerbell enjoyed running in and out of the garden .  Tinkerbell is very much a home dog but when the weather is lovely she enjoys exploring in the garden and it’s truly wonderful to she her appreciating good weather days as much as I do! 


Happy Friday Friends! 

40 Days – Day 28

Day 28.  I’m thankful for my beautiful son, I’m sure I’ve shared about him in theses 40 days of Lent a number of times but I’m truly thankful.  Whilst I was in the bathroom this morning I put Timothy in his big boy cot in his nursery under his mobile which he really enjoys. 


We took a trip out for ice cream probably not the weather for it but extremely delicious.  


Having Timothy share our lives is wonderful we are eternally greatful and thankful that we would get this incredible opportunity to take care of a tiny love that is so precious. 

I continually remember Timothy’s start of life spent in the neonatal unit and realise that we are so blessed. 

We ended that day with family and friends sharing Timothy with them which is truly wonderful. 

Happy Tuesday Friends!