Bleach it

I used to be very frightened of bleach, not to the extend that if I’d see Mr Bleach walking down the street I’d cross over but especially when I was a child I’d think to myself when I’m older I’m not going to use bleach.  

What frightened me most about bleach was the thought that this substance would burn right through my skin.  

I can’t remember when my fear subsided but I can say that bleach and I are best friend’s.  

This afternoon I went through half a bottle of bleach it felt amazing.  Now I continually spend time cleaning its a hobby I can’t help it.  I bleached the down stairs toilet and then the bathroom upstairs.  The more bleach the merrier.  

My husband was a little concerned about the extremely strong smell of bleach when he walked past the bathroom and offered to open the window.  
The smell if bleach is such a clean smell the results wonderful.  Most of the bleach went into my bath.  I let it sit for a while before cleaning and washing it away.  

No more germs hidding in my bathroom.  Me 1-0 Germs

Happy Friday Friends!