It’s creative Saturday

This morning my husband and I took Timothy to a sensory class which was happening free but you had to register your attendance.

It was a fantastic class which was full of performance, song, music, sensory play and a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion from the teachers who ran the class.  

Timothy was a little young still for the class however with that being said it did include elements which he was able to engage with properly.  
The room where the class took place had been wonderfully decorated.

We also adventured into another part of the room which was completely white and a harp was played as we transitioned into this space which was really beautiful that they would incorporate such an instrument into the magical performance.  

This class had clearly been well planned and amazingly delivered, it was actually very surprising just how incredible the whole experience was.  

It is so wonderful that we have these incredible opportunity to immerse Timothy in.  It really is fantastic as a parent that such companies and organisations exist, giving up their time to provide these experiences.  

A Very Happy Saturday Friends! 


Pat the Mat

The five senses are important to a baby’s development. They learn and discover through touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing. Sensory play and exploration helps with the development of the senses.

In fact we are always learning and discovering the world through the five senses.

Timothy and I attend classes with many encouraging, guiding and promoting sensory play which will help with his development.

At our Baby Sensory class the teacher as part of one of the activity had made some Pat Mats.

The Pat Mats or a Pat Mat is simply a laminating pouch which is filled normally with a liquid substance and may contains objects that can be moved around.

The teacher encouraged the parents to try and make a Pat Mat of our own.

I have made two and used my old iron to seal up the edges. One Pat Mat I included berry cordial to create a festive feel with the green and red sequins and glitter. The second I used water and created more of a colourful feel.

Around the edges of my secured laminated pouch I added some colourful tape.

Timothy has enjoyed the Pat Mats I have made for him. They are even perfect for meal times as they can be easily wiped clean. The crinkly sound is also a popular choice with many babies including Timothy.

I’m not sure how much a Pat Mat would be to make at home probably very little and most people have many items lying around their homes which can be utilised.

Assisting a young child with their development doesn’t have to cost lots if money. If you can’t afford classes or it isn’t something which would work at the moment there is no reason why you can’t be creative for very little at home. Being creative is actually very therapeutic and can actually make you feel good creating a sensory aid for your baby.

Happy Saturday Friends!

40 Days – Day 12

To save time I’ve been shopping online for my grocery’s.  I also found that shopping in this way helps with budgeting. 

Day 12.  I’m especially thankfully when I came to look at my Sainsburys vouchers in my kitchen today before I submitted my order to find that I had a voucher if I spent over £50 online I received £10 off my shopping!


Thank you Sainsburys for my £10 free shopping. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

No bin smells

I enjoy the house smelling fresh as I imagine most people would, of course there is always the exception to the rule but I’m definitely one of those people who care that the house is smelling of roses and not like a dirty bin. 

Regular cleaning is the most obvious way to help keep the house smelling sweet although this isn’t always enough.  The sweet smell of baking can be extremely welcoming especially during the Christmas season, however what has been cooking in the oven for dinner tasty though it may be may not be pleasant as a welcoming aroma. 

I’ve found that good quality candles are a lovely way to introduce a nicer fragrance to the home.  Although smells that get locked into curtains, carpets and fabric van be very unpleasant and transform a seemingly clean house in appearance into a little house of horror. 

For a long while I have purchased Sainsburys alternative to the odour eliminator Febreze as Sainsburys isn’t tasted on animals and this is always extremely important when selecting cleaning and beauty/hygiene products. 

Sadly my local supermarket of Sainsburys for some unknown reason didn’t have the Febreze alternative and I was actually very disappointed. 

My disappointment didn’t last long because I visited a pound shop and found that the brand Astonish which is a cruelty-free British company makes a Febreze alternative called fabric refresher. 


What I like about this product after the fact it isn’t tasted on animals is that it actually works.  Like all the Astonish products that I’ve tried so far. 

I would definitely recommend this product to help keep your home/space fresh. 

Happy Monday Friends! 

£15 free

I enjoy going into my local Sainsburys supermarket I being with me my shopping bags and basket use my shopping trolley coin in the small trolley, I dislike the large trolleys asked set of on my route around the shop. 

On Thursday I didn’t feel like going shopping on Friday and decided to use a voucher my husband had given me a few weeks ago.  The voucher gave £15 off your first online shop of £60 or more and £10 and free delivery of the following 4 shops! 


This offer was simply to good to miss out on with £15 worth of free shopping!  The only problem was that we already have used the online grocery service. 

Not wanting to miss out I set up a new account.  I then chose the delivery date which was Friday and I was ready to shop without the hassle of pushing a trolley.  I spent a significant time adding to my online basket all the items I required which is useful because product comparison is really easy online.  When it was time to checkout I entered my code to save £15 and paid. 

The shopping arrived the next day!  Would I shop online every week probably not as I enjoy going into the store however it is very useful for tired moments and for making busy weeks that much easier. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

A little charge

During the weekend my husband and I went to a shopping centre to do a little shopping. 

We decided to visit the food court for a very early 11:30am lunch and went along to Olive Oil & Oregano for Greek food. 


We enjoyed delicious food especially the spicy feta dip. 


Whilst we were sat waiting for the food to be freshly prepared my husband noticed a locker style unit with the words Charge Box Free. 


The idea of this locker style unit was that you could charge any small electronic device free for thirty minutes by placing it into a small locker plugging the device in with the appropriate wire and locking the door with a key and then returning to a phoned or device fully charged. 

My husband and I always ensure that one of us always has their mobile phone when leaving the house, always ensuring we keep our phone’s fully charged. 

However I have never come across this type of charging unit before and my husband was especially impressed so he just had to give it a try. 

What I thought was especially nice was that it was completely free for the shopper to use. 

I neglect to follow new computer technology I believe the main reason for this is not being exposed to advertisements as I don’t watch any television. 

Although I do enjoy technology and find it very exciting even at its simplest – the charge box! 

Happy Tuesday Friends!