It’s creative Saturday

This morning my husband and I took Timothy to a sensory class which was happening free but you had to register your attendance.

It was a fantastic class which was full of performance, song, music, sensory play and a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion from the teachers who ran the class.  

Timothy was a little young still for the class however with that being said it did include elements which he was able to engage with properly.  
The room where the class took place had been wonderfully decorated.

We also adventured into another part of the room which was completely white and a harp was played as we transitioned into this space which was really beautiful that they would incorporate such an instrument into the magical performance.  

This class had clearly been well planned and amazingly delivered, it was actually very surprising just how incredible the whole experience was.  

It is so wonderful that we have these incredible opportunity to immerse Timothy in.  It really is fantastic as a parent that such companies and organisations exist, giving up their time to provide these experiences.  

A Very Happy Saturday Friends! 



Today Timothy and his little friend spent a fun afternoon at Aura which is a sensory experience environment.  

This was our first time at Aura and our kind friend invited us both alone to join her and her baby.  Timothy is very used to sensory play because of the various classes we attend and at home.  This however was a completely incredible experience with the whole space created into a complete sensory experience.  

The giant ball pool with 5000 balls was amazing.  I already had decided that I was going to buy some balls to make a ball pool at home but some how I don’t think I’ll need 5000 balls or at least I hope not.  

The ball pool actually changed cools which was exciting.  With 5000 balls I thought that I was going to loose Timothy at one point.  

The whole experience was an incredible price of only £5 for an hour and with a cap of 8 per session it means that the space doesn’t become over crowded allowing everyone to use the facility happily without invading another’s sensory experience.  

We will defiantly be returning to Aura again in the new year as we had such an incredibly time.  After our session we talk to the proprietor of Aura and shared how it had only recently opened just before the summer.  

I find it wonderful how someone’s passion for sensory experience has manifested itself into such a wonderful and accessible facility which for those with babies and toddlers will help with their development and I would encourage people to make the most of an affordable learning and developmental experience.  

Plus who wouldn’t want to have fun?!

Happy Monday Friends!