Bleach it

I used to be very frightened of bleach, not to the extend that if I’d see Mr Bleach walking down the street I’d cross over but especially when I was a child I’d think to myself when I’m older I’m not going to use bleach.  

What frightened me most about bleach was the thought that this substance would burn right through my skin.  

I can’t remember when my fear subsided but I can say that bleach and I are best friend’s.  

This afternoon I went through half a bottle of bleach it felt amazing.  Now I continually spend time cleaning its a hobby I can’t help it.  I bleached the down stairs toilet and then the bathroom upstairs.  The more bleach the merrier.  

My husband was a little concerned about the extremely strong smell of bleach when he walked past the bathroom and offered to open the window.  
The smell if bleach is such a clean smell the results wonderful.  Most of the bleach went into my bath.  I let it sit for a while before cleaning and washing it away.  

No more germs hidding in my bathroom.  Me 1-0 Germs

Happy Friday Friends!  


Just before we go out

Why is it that just before I leave the house to go somewhere (this evening it is Church) I often start an activity.  This evening after a delicious fish dinner prepared by my wonderful husband I decided to embark on the task of tidying my husband’s shirts. 


I decided to begin this task whilst my husband was preparing to serve dinner. 


After dinner just before we left I asked my husband to say yes or no to the remaining shirts which hung on the wardrobe.  The no shirts ended up becoming a large mound on the floor. 

With hardly no more time before we left I sewed up my husband’s gym trousers pocket with the help of Tinkerbell. 


We finally left for Church with two very large bags of my husbands clothes for charity and leaving one beautifully stitched pocket. 

On very busy Tuesday evening. 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

One clean iron

This morning I was woken up by the powerfully loud fire alarm around 6am by my husband burning popcorn part of his healthy eating/living that needs doing.
Tinkerbell has been enjoying a little healthy popcorn treat throughout the day as plain popcorn is on for dogs to eat. 

Thankfully Tinkerbell is feeling much better today after the Mis Fits chews had made her become unwell.  She’s a funny little girl she has different beds around the house but at the moment her ultimate favourite bed which I have ended up moving between upstairs and downstairs as all she wants to do is snuggle in it. 


This morning I cleaned my iron as it had become fairly unusable and was in desperate need of a little attention. 


I used one of my washable sponges with scouring to clean the iron, it’s not perfect but you should of seen it before and I refuse to buy a new one when this is perfectly fine. 

With a clean iron I organized our clothes for an overnight trip using my Cath Kidston foldaway bag and packing cubes, which really are such an excellent way of keeping organized when I travel. 


After an organized day Tinkerbell and I are enjoying cuddles while my husband is still hard at work. 


Happy Friday Friends! 

The tea shelf

On today’s to do list I had written down that I would tidy the cupboard where the tea, sugar, hot chocolate,  vitamins etc is kept. 


This is such a wonderful cupboard but everything always seems to become disorganized due to the large cupboard having such a small door it’s very difficult to see what I have and difficult to take something out without causing a mess. 

My tea etc is kept on the first shelf so I firstly took everything out and cleaned the shelf properly. 


As you can see from the picture a lot of items are kept on the first shelf and not without trying but little order had been maintained. 

I decided to help organize my cupboard by storing the vitamins all together, my herbal teas together, my regular tea and sugar together and lastly hot chocolate and coffee together.


I used a plastic container with handle’s for the vitamins and for the teas I used perfume boxes and a little tin to store the hot chocolate and coffee. 

This way of storage not only allows my husband and I see what is in the cupboards tea shelf but also access items with ease and maintain a tidy clean shelf. 


Is important to remember when setting out to organize a space even one as small as my tea shelf that you think about how you can make it work best.  In the case of the tea shelf it didn’t even cost me a penny.

Happy organizing friends! 

I’m writing a list

Last night before I went to bed I wrote myself a to do list.  Firstly because I didn’t want to forget or worry all night about not forgetting and secondly because I wanted to make the most of my time. 

I find lists very helpful occasionally I will allocate time slots if I’m on a tight schedule. 

Today however I wasn’t I just wanted to ensure that all of my house hold tasks were completed. 

Certain tasks such as rearrange Christmas items to free up a storage box for Easter items didn’t need to be done today however I planned for it to be done and it happened. 

Hand washing several items really was important and I ticked that item off the list. 


Giving the bathroom a really good clean and changing the bedding also got ticked off the list, along with 6 other items. 


When ever I have a busy day planned of house hold tasks I always like to plan time for personal time. 

Today I spent an enjoyable lunch eating a delicious soup and home made bread as the weather is still terrible cold followed by reading a wonderful Martha Stewart book for a little me time! 


I also spent time with Tinkerbell our miniature dachshund although for the majority of the day she enjoyed snoozing close. 


Exercise not only keeps you in shape but also produces the happy hormone so throughout the day I would indulge in a little exercise to keep me smiling.


It really has been worth writing a list as I’ve got nearly everything ticked off.  A little more exercise time then I’ll be writing another list ready for tomorrow.  Its truly amazing what you can achieve when you out your mind to it. 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

The Power of Astonish

After my Sainsburys shop and a quick visit into the pet shop and decided to go into Pound Stretcher.  I didn’t really need anything however I was drawn to the cleaning products and noticed ‘Astonish – mould and mildew remover’ spray a 750ml bottle for £1.00! 


I have noticed a very tiny mark of mould on the window silicon of my down stairs toilet and decided that this spray was worth a try however I wasn’t at all hopefully it would work. 

On returning home I read the directions on the spray bottle ‘leave for 3 to 4 minutes’.  So I sprayed the product onto the offending area and walked away. 

On my return the offending mould had gone completely I was very impressed to say the least so much so I phoned a friend. 

Many cleaning products don’t do as they say however this product should be part of any cleaning product cupboard. 

I know realise why the brand is called Astonish. 

Happy cleaning friends!