Friendly vs NOT

Last week my husband and I went to watch a film The Lion at the theatre which was a parent and baby friendly screening.  The film The Lion based on a true story of a boy in Indian who gets seperated from his family and is adopted by an Australian family.  

The film was incredibly moving and had an emotional ending.  It was actually really good that Timothy slept through all of the film except the first maybe 10 minute’s.

It was great to visit the cinema without worrying that Timothy might disturb someone.  We used to take Timothy when he was very tiny to the cinema and would just sleep and didn’t really do very much but now it would be increasingly more difficult so to find a cinema where baby noise and movement is not only tolerated but welcomed is amazing.

At the other end of the spectrum is when people don’t understand what having a pram with baby is like.  Especially those men who block a path with their van restricting the access which consequently means that I can’t take Timothy and Tinkerbell who sits under the pram out for our afternoon walk which  helps to Timothy to fall off to sleep and gives me an hour to do some job’s around the house.  

Today I wasn’t pleased the owner of the van who was man probably has never pushed a pram in his life and  highly unlikely that because of his lack of understanding had children to realise that nap time is very important.  The importance of nap time is elevated when your house needs all the toys picking up and the playpen removing from the kitchen.  
Well the van never moved and I ended up pushing Timothy and Tinkerbell past the front of our house again and again like some crazy person.  I’m sure the neighbours may of wondered but 17 minutes later when Timothy was asleep I got everyone back in to the house and while Timothy gave me an hour of sleep I tided the house and made chocolate and marshmallow muffins.  

So please people when you see that pram coming towards you take a moment to think about the Mummy who’s pushing it and park your van leaving enough room to get past.  

Happy Monday Friends!  


Slow Sicario Service

At Christmas time we were given a voucher for Vue cinema and this evening decided to finally get around to use it.  The reason it has taken us so long was that our closest cinema before moving was Show Case but since the big relocation a couple of months ago our closest is now Vue. 

With not very much choice of films we decided to watch Sicario. 

We arrived at the cinema and decided to get in the line to get our Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sundaes which has become a cinema tradition.  We stood behind one other customer and waited.  This cinema had a very long single counter beginning with the ice cream and then continuing to display the various foods and drinks and tickets very unlike what we are used to. 

The strange thing as we waited in line this whole long counter was manned by one person who sold the food, tickets and ice creams.  The cinema worker served one person tickets and then someone else turned up and she served them before slowly making her way down to the ice cream section.  The cinema worker firstly serve the customer who was in front of us and then finally after what seemed like a life time my husband and I. 

My husband and I enjoyed our ice cream sundaes but prefer how the other cinema many miles away do theirs.  Rather than using cold sauce like the slow cinema experience today they normally put a hole into the ice cream and pour hot sauce I go for chocolate every time. 

What also was disappointing is that I asked for a few nuts and chocolate polar bears as my topping like I normally would do not this cinema worker wasn’t very accommodating and I only had a tiny smattering of nuts. 

I was surprised that on a Friday evening that only one person was working and I’m pleased we weren’t in a hurry because if we had been we would of had no chance because of the extremely slow service. 

After climbing what seemed like an endless amount of stairs we watched annoyingly around 30 minutes of mainly adverts before the start of the film which was nothing to write home about. 

The most positive aspect was the tiny Ben and Jerry’s jumper which my husband got with his three scoop sundae which the cinema worker forgot about despite the large posters.  I prompted her with regards to this and used the jumper on my ice cream tub. 


Think the jumper is a little small for Tinkerbell but I’m sure I’ll find a way of using this festive jumper. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

Plans change

Today’s intentions were to put the main Christmas tree up however plans sometimes change and this was one of those plans. 

In the morning I bought a beautiful poinsettia I adore the vibrant Christmas red leaves.  I decided to sit it on a small table which is out of direct sunlight as the care instructions suggested. 


This beautiful Yankee Santa candle holder and a box of Cranberry Ice candles found their way home with me today.  Yankee candle accessories are normally very glittery or at least the Christmas ones are however this one was extremely tasteful and will work well worth my décor. 

This evening we had decided to have a Sunday style dinner, as a pretty tree special with home made Yorkshire pudding, vegetables, stuffing balls, meat and gravy served on my new Spode Christmas plates. 


After dinner I had a change of heart and decided that I’d rather leave the tree for another day. 

We instead decided to go to the cinema to watch the Nativity 3 although we didn’t watch much of it at all before deciding to leave as it was very poor and terribly disappointing as the first nativity was excellent. 

One thing that never disappoints is a good hot chocolate and cuddles with Tinkerbell. 


Happy Saturday Friends! 

Gods Not Dead

After an eventful morning and the early part of an afternoon with Church activities which involved baptisms at a local Church that had beautiful slender stain glass windows followed by a light buffet with a fabulous centre piece made up of Easter nests and mini simnel cakes if I do say so myself! 



My husband and I decided to go along to the new film showing of ‘God’s not dead’.

We arrived for the 3.30pm show via the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream counter to share an ice cream whilst watching the film trailers. 

The last film we had watched ‘Noah’ was an absolute disaster of a film so I was hopeful when we sat in a nearly empty cinema that this would be a better film than that. 

‘God’s not dead’ is an absolutely fantastic film sadly it’s only in selected cinemas for a short period of time but defiantly very worth going to watch.  The film quality is just as good as any amazing Hollywood film and defiantly 1000 times better than ‘Noah’ but then any film really had to be.

One of the scenes in the film one of the characters has paid a visit to his mother whom is very I’ll and not able to communicate properly.  The elderly mother speaking clearly something on the lines of of our lives are a comfortable padded cell with more than we actually need the devil has no need to close the door he has us right where he wants us with no need for God because our lives are perfect and no need to leave.  – Obviously the actress says it much better than I can however it really is an incredible film with that only being one little part. 

The main story line is about a college students who refuses to write do the words ‘God is dead’ and sign his name during a lecture.  Instead he is given the opportunity to prove the opposite. 

After this my husband and I shared food and conversation at Frankie and Bennie’s. 

A fabulous time had by all – Happy Easter Friends and remember GOD’S NOT DEAD! 

Noah and the rock men?

Yesterday my husband and I decided to have a date night and go to the cinema to watch the premiere of Noah. 

We both hoped for a fantastic biblical interpretation of the story from the book of genesis, however it was sadly anything but. 

The screen text used as the film opened looked very dated which immediately made me question the quality of the film. 

The actors wore denim like outfits very appropriate for the time Noah would have lived!  

If didn’t know the correct biblical story of Noah after watching the film I then would have considered Noah to of been a crazy insane man who enjoyed killing people, especially women and baby’s.  I also would of thought that the rock creatures actually existed and aided in the building of the ark and that the snake skin of satan is a historical or religious relic passed from one generation to the next and worn around the arm holding magical powers. 

With this heretical interpretation of the story of Noah and wanting to walk out half the way through the film but we didn’t. 

The film quality was also very poor one moment showing a animals and the next back to the actors the quality and picture completely different each time. 

I had to laugh at the very end of the film when Noah and his family where stood on a hill with the satan snake skin wrapped around his arm and a native American cloth hung behind them. 

Would I recommend this film?  One word no, as its completely not anything to do with the biblical story.  I wouldn’t even recommend it be watched purely for entertainment purposes. 

I would love to know which biblical scholars were involved in the writing of this film and also which translation of the bible and was used as they have done an abysmal job with the Noah film. 

The best thing about the film was spending time with my husband and the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. 


Happy Saturday! 

Date Night

After a deliciously healthy Friday fish dinner,


With sweet potato wedges cooked with a drizzle off lemon and a sprinkle of mixed herbs. 

The wedges I cooked in my cranberry glazed Pampered Chef stone for 30 minutes on 200° after an initial 5 minutes in the microwave.

My husband and I went along to the cinema firstly for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.


I had Cookies & Cream and Cherry Garcia with chocolate, cream and nuts.


We went to watch the premiere of Noah.  I will review this film tomorrow, defiantly worth a read. 


Dinner was lovely, ice cream a nice treat and vthe company wonderful, not sure what to say about the film.

Happy date night! 

Perfectly Frozen

This evening my husband wanted to take me out on a date night.  We decided to go to the cinema to watch the Disney film Frozen.  We hadn’t watched any trailers for the film or knew anything about. 


I really enjoy Disney films one of my favourite being Pocahontas.  When I was little a family friend made both my sister and I Pocahontas costumes.  I had everything Pocahontas, hair brushes, dolls and bedding.

The first Christmas my husband and I got married he bought me as one of my presents the DVD of Pocahontas. 

When we arrived at the cinema for the 7:05pm show the ticket line was long so we used the computerised ticket machine which was empty.

Before going into screen 10 as with most cinema trips I tend to need to visit the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream counter for a scoop of my favourite Cherry Garcia with chocolate sauce before heading into the movie. 

Frozen is a magical film and both my husband and I had a lovely evening together enjoying another great Disney film with lots of laughter.   

What I particularly liked about the film frozen was that it had a Austrian/German feel to the costumes and architecture of this animated movie which reminded me of my Grandad’s love for the beautiful home land of his wife, my Grandmother. 

I would recommend the film Frozen to anyone but especially those who enjoy the magical Disney stories.

Happy date night!