365 advent calendar

One if the many reasons why Christmas excites me is the chocolate Calender’s.  I love my home made calendar and last year I also had a Lindt one, very enjoyable indeed.  

I decided because of my love of chocolate and sweets I’d make some daily bags.  Yes that’s right I’ll be celebrating 365 days every year with a sweet treat.  

Before I explain how I went about this I need to add that the next batch of treats I put together won’t be as many and most defiantly contain less sweets.  

I bought some food bags, these were a little bigger than I ideal wanted but with limited time to start looking around the shops I bought these zip lock sandwich bags.  

I wrote on the bags 1 to 31 which will be a month’s worth and because nothing is sticky which will be contained in the bags I’ll be able to reuse the bags a couple of times.  

I decided my sweets and chocolate.  

I then baged each amount separately into the numbered bags and stored them in a box beginning at number 20 for tomorrow’s date.  

I decided that a couple days before I run out I’ll refill my little bags.  I might even try and get some tiny bags but for now or technical the next 31 days I’m pretty much sorted.  

This is possibly an idea for the future for Timothy, long in the future.  

Over easter it will be fun to have Easter inspired chocolate.  Oh and one thing I’m defiantly not doing this Lent is giving up chocolate or sweets after all this creative organisation of the treats.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


Being seasonal and arty

Today was extremely cold, I suppose technically today is still extremely cold the wind chill factor this morning made it feel -5.  Timothy and I took a lovely walk to donate some items that didn’t cause me to spark joy at the charity shop.  

I had decided on the walk down that we would visit a photography exhibition at the museum.   When we arrived it was still closed so we decided to pop into TKmax to get out of the cold before we headed back to the museum.  

While in TKmax I bought my first Christmas present, yes I’ve begun my Christmas shopping.  I thought to myself, well actually I announced it out loud to Timothy that I’d buy this for that person.  I realise it’s only January but if I continue like this I’ll have my shopping for Christmas completed in no time!  I’ll update on future shopping progress.  

TKmax also had some Easter items out which made me pretty excited.  I recall from looking at the diary recently that Easter is early this year which means I’ll be bring out my Easter decorations!  

Timothy and I, mostly I were looking at some of the Easter bunnies which were completely adorable.  I thought to myself I’d really like one maybe I’d ask my husband to buy it for me instead of an egg.  However then I laid eyes on the most sweetest little Easter bunny family I phoned my husband immediately to ask if the Bunny family could come home.  

So my none Easter egg from my husband for 2017 is this happy Bunny family.  

I didn’t want to leave it in case they all got sold. 

Anyway after the Christmas and Easter shopping we visited the museum I took Timothy out of his pram so that he could clearly see the art work.  I walked with Timothy past each of the photographs explaining to him what was happening.  Timothy observed the photography and after we had finished I put him back into the pram.  Timothy soon after fell asleep, clearly viewing photograph is exhausting work.  I found the exhibition of work to be good but what made it memorable was that it waa our first Mummy and son art trip!  

Happy Thursday Friends!  

Competition time

A post Christmas tradition that my family and I uphold and have done for a number of years is the Christmas card competition.  We have a best in category and an overall best in show.  It’s like Crufts but without the dogs.  

As we were with my parents and sister and brother in law we deliberated over the cards after dinner that my parents had received.  

My Mum and Dads Best in show 2016 

When we arrived home my husband and I carried out our Christmas card competition and this card ended up being 2016 best in show.  

With these two cards runners up. 
Unlike Crufts which mark by a point system we do a majority vote.  

We had a fun time going through the cards and being able to enjoy looking at each card one last time properly before they are taken down.  

I’m excitedly anticipating the best in show of my sister and brother in law’s Christmas cards.  

Tradition can be a great way to bring families together, a way of sharing joy and happiness with one another.  

Happy New Year’s Day!  

It started with chocolate milk

Merry Christmas it’s the most wonderful time of the year and we got to share  it with Timothy for the first time!  

Today I began the day with coco pops drenched in chocolate milk which made a real festive difference from the healthy porridge I usually opt for.  

Timothy however still had  his little healthy pot of banana, blue berries and porridge oats. 

After breakfast we enjoyed opening presents.  We were blessed with so many beautiful and thoughtful gifts.  

Tinkerbell had fun opening up her presents.  

Church was fantastic this morning and important to remember and celebrate the reason for this most special and wonderful Christmas time.  

We shared a wonderful festive feast made by my lovely Mum and assisted by my Dad with the piggies in blankets.  Timothy enjoyed a tiny homemade Christmas dinner pot.  Well the cooked dinner oh and a tiny spoon of my Dad’s famous home made soup. 

Timothy enjoyed Mr Monkey (his new friend) joining him for Christmas Dinner.  

Timothy enjoyed Christmas cuddles with his Great Oma, my Dad’s mum.  

The Christmas cuddles continued with great Grandad, my Mum’s Dad.  

From the Karma family a very Merry Christmas to you and your near and dear.

Merry Christmas Friends! 

It’s break a leg time

Why on earth do they say break a leg in the theatre, who knows but today was the day Timothy had the staring role in the Church nativity.  

One of the ladies of the Church is a professional author and kindly wrote the script for the nativity and so very thoughtfully asked Timothy to play baby Jesus and I Mary which honestly really was such an honor to be asked.  

It was special to have Timothy play baby Jesus as this is his first Christmas and when I was a little girl I played the role of Mary.  

The nativity was such good fun and included video and live performance.  Thankfully we only had a few lines and the words had been put onto a TV screen which was a relief because having a baby who’s a speedy crawler I have little time for learning words. 

The children in the nativity did so well and all really seemed to enjoy themselves.  

At the service today we took a special monetary offering for the neonatal unit which Timothy was rushed into soon after his birth.  

With thanks to the neonatal unit we are celebrating Timothy’s first Christmas and in January his first birthday.  

This is how we do it

Well if your a mummy or daddy who enjoys baby groups then your in the same boat as I.  This is how we do it, we go along to the Christmas Baby Sensory class oh yes getting extra festive and extra sensory at this most wonderful time of the year.  

When my husband was driving Timothy and I to the group he said “you really must enjoy this” referring to the fact that we were off to a group at the weekend.  The answer is yes we do enjoy our groups.  Yes I want to give Timothy as many experiences as I possibly can.  Will Timothy remember?  No, but these educational and social activities will help lay a firm foundation that can be built upon.

 Oh and yes it’s so much fun being able to play with you baby and spending time bonding in this manner. 

At the Christmas sensory group Timothy jingled bells, played in snow and spent time exploring.  

After the group Timothy enjoyed a nap before he was rehearsing for his grand debut tomorrow in the Churches Nativity. 

Happy Saturday Friends!

Christmas jumper party

Today its Christmas jumper day oh yes happy jumper day!  Timothy and I both wore our Christmas jumpers with pride.  

Today I threw a little Christmas party for my Mummy friends and beautiful babies.  With food for the mummies and fun sensory play for our babies.  

With the play pen used as a glorified fariy lights holder the living room was transformed into a winter wonderland of white.  

Timothy enjoyed playing before his friends arrived.  

I’m not sure if Timothy liked the balloons that much as he didn’t stay still for long before he decided to climb out.  

Our Christmas party was so much fun, spending time together and getting excited about adorable hats, Christmas outfits and the big one the babies first Christmases!  

Happy Christmas Jumper Day Friends! 

Winter Wonderland

Today at Timothy’s baby sensory class it was the Christmas special Winter Wonderland.  All of the babies wore their festive outfits and the teacher and some of the parents also joined in with the Christmas dress code.  

The class today was magical and such a wonderful environment I feel for Timothy to enjoy with flying snowmen and mountain tops along with snow and lights it was a truly spectacular experience.  

Timothy enjoyed using the toy phone in the ball pool.  

We has such a great class today we wait with anticipation for the Christmas Party.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Another Craftanoon

One of my friends her mum is a florist and to she put on a wreath making workshop this afternoon.  My mum, Timothy and I all attended I was so excited as I’ve never before made a wreath.  

The workshop took place in my friends home and lasted a couple of house.  Naturally we began by enjoying some refreshments before commencing on our wreaths.  

We began by attaching moss to the metal frame with wire.  It smelt like we were in a forest.  

One we had created our moss base we attached greenery with wire until it covered the moss.  I opted for a smooth looking wreath while my mum a more natural effect.  

We then added plastic to the back to keep the moss in tact and to save the surface where our wreaths would be hung from getting scratched.  

Then the fun began, decorating the wreath.  

My mum went for a gold theme with contrasting silver jingle bells at the bottom which I thought was very festive and the gold ribbon added a nice finishing touch.  

I went for a red theme.  When it comes to Christmas it’s got to be red so I choose to include festive red pointcettia and a red ribbon at the bottom.

I was so pleased how my wreath turned out and as soon as I arrived home I took my artificial wreath off the hook and proudly hung my own hand made wreath.  

My mum said we should make wreaths every year, I think we have begun a new girly tradition.  

Happy Sunday Friends! 

I’m so Christmas

This morning I decided that I’d paint my nails Christmas red, well the actual colour is red wine. I go down stairs with my nail all pretty feeling good with my ankle boots which have a very thin high heal and hair straightened and I ask my husband how I look. Well his response was not what I wanted to hear at least not at the end of November with 5 weeks to Christmas. My husband said “you look very autumnal”. Autumnal! I wasn’t pleased but actually yes my outfit was fairly autumnal with my choice of browns. When you feel like Mrs Christmas someone calling you autumnal isn’t helping you get into the seasonal spirit.

This afternoon wishing to make Christmas official the main tree went up! It was actually a lovely afternoon. Timothy played, Tinkerbell relaxed and my husband and I decorated the tree, perfect.

We are traditional when it comes to tree decoration, not completely traditional so we don’t have candles perched on the branches instead white lights and red baubles.


Around the bottom of the tree on my tree skirt I made a couple of years ago I have my newest addition to the decoration’s it’s the icing on the cake to be seasonal. I have a Christmas tree train! My Dad bought it for my birthday and I’m very excited by it Martha Stewart I think it’s possible this year that my tree is better than your tree. I thought that the tree trains were just in movies apparently not.

This house is ready for Christmas, I’m in the seasonal spirit and can’t wait so let the festivities begin.

Happy Sunday Friends!