In bulk

We are an in bulk sort of family.  We actually used to be big in bulk buyers that was before we moved to a new area which doesn’t have a Macro close by.  

This morning we took a little trip around Aldi.  

This then led to a trip for my husband around a cash and carry while Timothy and I waited in the car.  I had asked my husband to buy kitchen paper and toilet paper which he did but he also came back with these.  

Just to put this massive tray of mushrooms into perspective 1.1kg of mushrooms who needs that many, not us I didn’t think clearly I was very wrong.  

As Timothy sat obliviously playing with his toys.  

I was trying to put this monster tray of mushrooms into the fridge.  I did manage to squash them in however looks like tomorrow’s task will be to use some mushrooms and reorganise the fridge.  

Happy Tuesday Friends!  


40 Days – Day 11

This morning I had suggested to my husband that we take a walk on the beach with Timothy and Tinkerbell who absolutely loves the beach.

I decided to practice my Baby Bjorn carrier. 


After looking out of the window I realised that our beach walk wasn’t going to be happening and we settled on a trip to the wholesaler instead. 

Day 11.  I’m thankful for our bulk buying shopping trips.  Saving money is a benefit of bulk buying the only issue may arise when unpacking 36 rolls of kitchen paper. 

Happy Saturday Friends!