Storage, it’s a big deal

When it comes to storage for babies and young children it is defiantly something which you can’t escape from needing however I think it’s extremely important to consider the type of storage.  

My main consideration is safety.  Having hard plastic or even wooden storage for toys can work well for your aesthetical storage needs however maybe not the best for little ones to have access to especially when older babies are rolling, crawling and or stumbling about its another hazard and especially with a number of babies around all wanting to see what they can take out of the toy box. 

If your on a tight budget or want something a little different using a pillow case to store toys can be perfect.  

I choose to use some brown storage boxes which hold a nice structure.  

They are easy for Timothy to get toys out and can be moved easily.  

These boxes also withstand crawlers and still bounce back to their original shape.  

This is without any damage to either baby or box. 

Today I bought some boxes for a baby corner at my husband’s Church.  Many of the storage boxes available at TKMaxx seemed to have this awareness built into their design.  

These storage boxes will be perfect to allow little hands to gain easy access to toys and idea if accidentally the boxes make a collision with any baby.  

The rim of the boxes contains a wire structure but the actual box is created using fabric which has structure yet simply crumples when pushed.  

Storage consideration need not only apply to children’s toys but containers used on a top shelf or in the car.  

Happy Thursday Friends!  


Back in the box

Putting up the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree are highlights of the year.  This year was no exception however what is very different this Christmas is that I’m actually looking forward to the great Christmas tidy up. 

I think that this is due to the soon arrival of our baby and wanting to ensure that the house is ready, tidy and decorations free.  I also didn’t want to have to start the great Christmas tidy up when the baby arrives. 

So therefore today I had decided that I would take down the tree and leave up the decorations however I ended up leaving the main tree up and packing away all of my decorations except for my outside lights, wreath and nativity. 


This was mainly down to my husband who I think wanted to enjoy the festivities a little longer which I can understand. 

I put all of the Christmas decorations together in one place except for the decorations which were in the basement room of the house as they would be stored along with the other decorations down there in the large cupboard.  I didn’t see the point of bringing them all the way up the spiral staircase to then being them all the way back down again. 


My decorations as in past years I stored in hard plastic boxes and also the clear mesh plastic bags which I bought from IKEA to help with the big house move. 

With my house free of decorations apart from the main Christmas tree I spent a good while vacuuming up.  The fire place looks extremely bare and almost looks lost. 


Now however the house looks clean and tidy and ready for our extremely special permanent new family member! 

Happy Monday Friends! 

A box of match makers

Today after an early morning hydrotherapy session for Tinkerbell I spent my time making pumpkin soup and ate a box of delicious match makers whilst I cooked! 

I decided that I would enjoy a bowl of my favourite Heinz soup Tomato for lunch. 


After feeling rather full on match makers I decided to clean the bathroom and down stairs toilet room.  Vacuum the main level of the house and then upstairs. 

The car seat pram adaptor arrived today so I spent a few minutes playing with this.  I was also very relieved that it worked because when I ordered it I was concerned if it was the correct bracket fort the pram base. 


Following the cleaning and playing with my car seat pram adaptor I baked bread.   


My evening was fantastic as I spent it with a friend for a girly film night with soup and home made bread.  Tinkerbell also came along for the girly evening and made herself very much at home in my friends sweet girl dogs very large and cosy bed with all her toys.  My friend had very thoughtfully bought me some sweet bandannas for the baby and a lovely teddy comforter which matched.  For Tinkerbell she bought a yummy chew which Tinkerbell took her time to enjoy.   


After a very lovely girly evening Tinkerbell and I are back home snuggled up. 


Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Self assembly

I’m very good at self assembly I think I inherited this skill from my dad.  I enjoy a good self assembly project from IKEA.  The filing cabinet was one of my favourite the instructions are always simple and easy to follow who would of realised that my match had been met with a cardboard box. 


It’s a box, I thought so no need to refer to points 1 – 8 on the box.  Oh yes I needed that instructions and even with the instructions I found the first extremely confusing to assemble. 

When I had realised which end I folded first and successfully constructed the first of the four boxes I was honestly amazed by his cleaver the box was, no brown tape needed to secure the bottom of the box closed. 

Here are two of the boxes stacked on top of each other with my Spode Christmas china in.  I had originally packed the china into one large box but decided that rather than one extremely heavy box two lighter ones would be better. 


I have a feeling I might decide to take my Spode china in the car rather than allowing the removal company to take them. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

Packing up

When my husband and I moved into our current home we didn’t bring with us many items clothes a few pots and pans and a handful of pictures, girly decorations and craft supplies.  Most if not all of the furniture we had ordered to be delivered on the day or a few days after we had moved in. 

Over five years later and I have a number of Christmas decoration/plates/things in plastic boxes.  Autumn decorations and Easter decorations.

Then I’ve got numerous spare toiletries a whole pantry worth of food.  More kitchen utensils than I could ever image owning. 

Tinkerbell also comes with plenty of luggage a large cage, a small cage, a wooden bed, a soft bed, two cat carriers, lots of toys, two toy baskets and bedding. 


This evening I packet the spare toiletries which took up three of the plastic IKEA boxes.  I followed this by packing away some of my craft equipment that wasn’t before boxed which took two cardboard boxes and a small decorative box. 

I’m completely surprised how little a box will hold and how long it is going to take.  I really think I need to be a little more proactive with the packing. 

Happy Monday Friends! 

Actioned organisation black box

I shared yesterday my blog briefly of my recent purchase of the black file box. 


This afternoon I decided to begin organising it.  Here is how I have decided to use this box file:

The box file has has 12 sections I decided that I would use one for each month of the year.  I wrote the months on the cardboard tags and inserted them. 


I then made a note of regular/annual payments and their dates.  Such as Car Insurance and the month and date.  If a payment/something needing to be organized happened in January I would file that information in January. 

Where possible I didn’t used the original documents as it isn’t intended to hold the documentation itself rather that date/details so that I keep everything up to date. 

Payments that take place monthly once paid/dealt with will move to the following month.  For example council tax has been paid for April so I have moved it into May.  This doesn’t mean that I can’t deal with items in future months such as shopping around for insurance. 

Now I’ve actioned my organisation system I’ll sleep better at night. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

The Black Box

I’m the sort of person who over pays on the council tax, keeps up to date with when appointments are and always ensures that important documentation like those needed for a car are current. 

A couple of nights ago at around 3am in the morning I began to wonder if my cars insurance was up to date.  I lay in bed trying to decided if the company I believed my car insurance to be with was actually in date. 

I thought to myself I can look in the morning, I tried for a moment to close my eyes but I couldn’t so I got out of bed and decided to check my car ownership papers checking the date I purchased the car which would give me an idea when it was insured.  I checked and got back into bed. 

Still I couldn’t sleep so I again for out of bed and went to check my emails and realised that my car was insured with the company I thought and thankfully it was in date. 

The following morning I went and bought a black box file to get organized so that I don’t have any more  3am moments. 


Happy Saturday Friends! 

What’s for lunch?

For the past couple of days I’ve been making bentos, for those unfamiliar it is a Japanese style lunch box.  Today when I opened my spectacular bento box I got a number of complements, which helped to make my bento taste even better.

This evening after Tinkerbell enjoyed her walk I set to work to creating Fridays bentos. 


I used sushi rice to make a rabbit with the help of a cookie cutter.  In my husband’s bento I used a silicone muffin case to act as a little dish to hold the tuna.  I used cucumber to make b flowers using my special icing cutters. 

The fruit side of the bento includes, kiwifruit, fresh figs, melon, a selection of berries, almonds and coconut.  To my bento i included mini marshmallows and chocolate drops.  At the centre of the box I included an egg.

After I had prepared the bentos I enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows and a pink French Fancy!  I didn’t even sit down to enjoy this treat as I offered to give my husband a training session about how to make popcorn.


After a little vacuuming we all finally sat down together feeling extremely exhausted!


Happy Thursday Friends! 

Busy Busy Bento

Around 6am this morning as I looked out of one of the bathroom windows I noticed a very large fox with an extremely bushy tail.  Foxy was stood half way down the garden with his tail facing towards to house so I’m not sure really what he was doing but definitely hadn’t been invited.  Thankfully Tinkerbell wasn’t outside she was safely downstairs with my husband.

I left the house this morning with my bag and delicious bento at 7:15am arrived home at 4.30pm where my husband had prepared our dinner and kindly cut the grass in our garden. 


After we had eaten I began to make Thursdays bento cooking the sushi rice as we ate.  Unfortunately we both then left the house again just before 5:30pm to go to a meeting so I was therefore unable to finish my bento creations! 

However on our arrival home at 8:55pm I continued to create tomorrow’s bento boxes. 


I used my little icing flower cutters for the kiwifruit which I think looks really sweet on top of the melon.

After a very long day I’m ready for bed and look forward to tomorrow’s lunch!

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

Back to School Bento

September is the beginning of all things academic, even though the shops start back to school in July!  I thought I’d make and share my back to school bento. 
Obviously or possible not so as the case may be my bento is the pink box and my husbands is the green.  I bought these boxes in the summer time when I first began experimenting with the idea of the bento box (Japanese Lunch Box).  


My husband didn’t want sushi rice as part of his healthy eating so therefore I made his box using four pieces of chicken and celery with strips of smoked salmon wrapped together in seaweed on a bed of lettuce leaves with tomatoes. 

My bento consisted of home made sushi salon and tuna on a bed of lettuce leaves again garnished with home grown organic tomatoes. 

The top part of our bentos are the same apart from my husband has no chocolate.  Melon, blackberry’s from the garden, apple and nuts as my husband enjoyed eating fruit with a small portion of nuts.  The bento is finished off with half an egg. 

Two bentos made with love. 

Happy Back to School Monday!