365 advent calendar

One if the many reasons why Christmas excites me is the chocolate Calender’s.  I love my home made calendar and last year I also had a Lindt one, very enjoyable indeed.  

I decided because of my love of chocolate and sweets I’d make some daily bags.  Yes that’s right I’ll be celebrating 365 days every year with a sweet treat.  

Before I explain how I went about this I need to add that the next batch of treats I put together won’t be as many and most defiantly contain less sweets.  

I bought some food bags, these were a little bigger than I ideal wanted but with limited time to start looking around the shops I bought these zip lock sandwich bags.  

I wrote on the bags 1 to 31 which will be a month’s worth and because nothing is sticky which will be contained in the bags I’ll be able to reuse the bags a couple of times.  

I decided my sweets and chocolate.  

I then baged each amount separately into the numbered bags and stored them in a box beginning at number 20 for tomorrow’s date.  

I decided that a couple days before I run out I’ll refill my little bags.  I might even try and get some tiny bags but for now or technical the next 31 days I’m pretty much sorted.  

This is possibly an idea for the future for Timothy, long in the future.  

Over easter it will be fun to have Easter inspired chocolate.  Oh and one thing I’m defiantly not doing this Lent is giving up chocolate or sweets after all this creative organisation of the treats.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


Dec the upper hall’s

With only six short weeks until Christmas day I felt that it was necessary to begin the decorating of our home. So here is a little room by room (except my office/guest room) of the upstairs area of our home.

The bathroom

The bath mat was a gift from my mum and dad from M&S and the hand and bath towels are from Dunelm.

The Nursery

Christmas bunnies paper bunting from Phoenix cards, red pillow and blanket both from Ikea and basket from Dunelm which I have used to store some of the festive childrens books.

The Guest Room


Red blankets from Ikea and festive matching cushions from the Pound Shop.

Master Bedroom

Bedding from Next but no longer available and red cushion from Dunelm.

I’m pleased with the festive start I have made to the house. I haven’t actually added to many items into each room just small additions to help create a festive feel.

My plan is to decorate the main level and basement tomorrow (excluding the main Christmas tree) and aim to have the main tree up by the first Sunday in the Church Advent calendar.

Happy Sunday Friends!

Fabric 1st

This morning as I enjoyed a lovely bowl of special K in my Spode Christmas Tree China followed by a little Cadbury reindeer from my chocolate advent calendar.  

I’ve always enjoyed opening my chocolate advent calendar over the years.  Having some this either before or after breakfast but always eating it after my breakfast as a rule. 

This  morning my advent chocolate gave me the festive kick to continue writing my cards I sat comfortable in my pyjamas for a good while doing all I could so far. 

I then decided that I would make myself an advent calendar.  For weeks now it has been on my to do list and I finally decided that I would set said the time to carry out this mini project which lasted most of the day. 

Using Christmas fabric which my Mum had bought last Christmas for me I set to work.  I used lace for the 24 pockets and a Father Christmas stamper and red ink along with some number stickers 1-24 I had got one year with some tiny IKEA gift bags. 


I laminated each of the Father Christmas’s and on completing my fabric advent calendar I placed each into the 24 pockets. 


For the edges of the fabric advent calendar I used red ribbon and at the bottom edge I used a little row of hearts.   For the rod at the top I used an old tiny white curtain tension rod. 


Tomorrow I may purchase some tiny chocolates to put into each of the pockets. 

Thankfully I had help from my best friend.  While I was busy sewing on my sewing machine in our office/extra guest bedroom Tinkerbell spent her time nesting amongst the cushions. 


I’m extremely pleased with today’s project and can’t wait to hang my fabric advent calendar proudly. 

Happy Tuesday Friends!  🎄

The first window

Today I’ve felt especially Christmasy with it being the first of December!  Whilst changing to my regular radio station on my DAB radio this morning I came across a Christmas radio station which I enjoyed listening to as I are my breakfast. 

I ordered my Christmas cards online today which I’m very excited about and can’t wait until they arrive to begin sending them out to friends and family. 

Tinkerbell opened, with a little help the first window on her advent calendar. 


I began this afternoon and continued into the evening preparing my gift tags and began wrapping.  The funny thing is I’ve spent such a long time and I’ve not even scratching the surfaces the amount of items I need to wrap! 


Last year due to unforeseen circumstances I had not been able to properly finish my Christmas shopping and wrapping so this year I had bought all my Christmas presents by the end of August and with the help of my Christmas planner remembering what items are for which person.  My aim is to finish wrapping my Christmas presents by Friday evening!

First Week in Advent – Monday – Corinthians 1:3-9

Happy Monday Friends 🎄

Danger in the manger

Today it is the official beginning of advent.  When we arrived at Church this morning I noticed that somebody had already put out the nativity set!  It did look very beautiful although a little disappointed that someone had beaten me to it!  This special task wasn’t to be this year, although I do hope that the person who was fortunate enough to have the privilege got as much enjoyment out of it as I normally do.  

The nativity set is purposely missing the baby Jesus as this is added on Christmas day.  A beautiful tradition I learnt from a wonderful lady at my parents Church a long time ago. 


This morning at Church we remembered the first Sunday of advent by the lighting of the first candle – which represents hope.  We sang Christmas carols and enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch after the service including home made mince pies! 

At home we began our advent bible readings which is a special way of helping to add the real spiritual meaning of Christmas into the season.
First Week of Advent – Sunday – Romans 13:11-14

Happy First Advent Sunday Friends! 

Wooden Magic

After dinner this evening I decided to get our Christmas wreath out and add some extra festive redness.  The green wreath I bought from IKEA last year or the year before I had already added ribbon and one chain of Christmas beads however this evening when I looked at the wreath it looked rather sparse so I decided that I would add two more Christmas bead chains and some Christmas decorations.  To fox the wreath to the door I used the new Christmas wreath hook from Home Base which I had bought last week. 


My husband and I decided this evening that tomorrow would be the day that we put up our tree and decorate it however I couldn’t resist putting out one of my new tiny trees and decorated it with beads and lights. 


Tinkerbell also got in the Christmas spirit with her advent calendar my husband bought for her. 


This evening for the first time I lit the candles to my Austrian/German Christmas decoration that I had received for my birthday from my mum and dad. 


It beautifully spins the characters of the nativity around at the base of the decoration using the heat of the candles to turn the wooden paddles…magical.

Happy Friday Friends!   

Blustery Pomegranate

This afternoon just after 4pm I was very surprised to know that the temperature on my car thermometer read 7.5°c as I drove home wearing my sun glasses due to the brightness of the sun again in good spirits listening to Christmas music.  When I arrived home the weather had changed become very grey and began to rain terribly hard and the weather has continued to be blustery all through the evening. 


I did arrive home to a lovely Christmas surprise my husband had bought me a thoughtful chocolate advent calendar.  After thanking him I did say that the calendar only had 24 days and not 65!


My husband sweetly prepared a very delicious dinner rice and salmon presented beautifully. 


After dinner I enjoyed a whole pomegranate and decided to look up the benefits of this super fruit.  Cancer fighting,  antioxidants, vitamin c providing 40% of your daily requirement for this vitamin and the list goes on of the benefits.  Not only if this fruit healthy but extremely delicious.  The only drawback is preparing the fruit as the white skin inside tastes disgusting. 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

I didn’t always like candles

I didn’t always like candles the way I do now, I couldn’t really understand the fascination with them. Of course I found candles to be pretty, often smelling beautiful and the flicker always very Christmasy however it really stopped at that.

When I was a little girl I enjoyed carrying my red lantern with a real candle burning brightly in the darkness as we went from door to door with my parent Church sing carols at Christmas time…. My candle obsession I believe began when we got married. As table decorations I bought lots of white lanterns and lit them with red scented candles. I decided that the lanterns were a better choice than flowers as I would be able to reuse them later and that is what I did. My Mum and my Nana have one each and I luckily kept the rest. A couple months after we married we bought our home and my lanterns were taken out of the large box they had been kept safely stored and placed strategically around our new home.

Ikea is an amazing place for candles and stocks various colours and scents at very affordable prices. In August ready for Christmas I bought some beautiful large red scented candles and lit them for our Merry Open House on Saturday. Ikea sell large packs of scented tea lights I have the berry scent and a cinnamon scent which are both beautiful. During my August Christmas Ikea trip I bought battery operated candles which I have resisted buying until now as I didn’t like the idea however I have three wedding lanterns on the floor in our living room and really wanted to have them twinkling away however for various reasons, fire hazard and Tinkerbell mainly I didn’t want the risk. I’m really happy to say that the battery candles when in the lanterns look very real and actually flicker like a real candle… very impressed.

If you are a candle fanatic and looking for Christmas in a candle you really need to buy the Red Apple Wreath Yankee Candle. Last year for advent my mum had given me the Red Apple Wreath candle to light as a way of starting the Christmas season which was so sweet so this year as to be nicely prepared my mum bought me several of this Yankee candle for my birthday in October so I was ready for when the season began in our house mid November.

Now I’m one of those people which love candles, lights candles and annoy her husband by turning all the light off and enjoying the twinkling, flickering glow of the candle light.

With all that being said this evening I’m off to Ikea it opens till 10pm that gives me plenty of Christmas candle shopping time.

3rd Advent Sunday

Today we lit our 3rd advent candle – the shepherds candle or the candle of joy.  The angels sang a message if joy at the birth of Jesus on that precious first Christmas. 

“…and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.’ Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.’ When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, ‘Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.” (Luke 2:7-15)

My husband the good reverand shared another wonderful Christmas message… Have a listen at… http://www.ebenezerchurch.co.uk

Happy 3rd advent everyone…. Merry Christmas.

1st Advent Sunday

This morning at Church before the service my special job was to arrange the nativity set..…magical.


Also the first advent candle was lit. 


The Prophecy Candle or The Candle of Hope.  We can have hope in God because he is faithful and sent his Son to earth, the hope of glory…. Merry Christmas