365 advent calendar

One if the many reasons why Christmas excites me is the chocolate Calender’s.  I love my home made calendar and last year I also had a Lindt one, very enjoyable indeed.  

I decided because of my love of chocolate and sweets I’d make some daily bags.  Yes that’s right I’ll be celebrating 365 days every year with a sweet treat.  

Before I explain how I went about this I need to add that the next batch of treats I put together won’t be as many and most defiantly contain less sweets.  

I bought some food bags, these were a little bigger than I ideal wanted but with limited time to start looking around the shops I bought these zip lock sandwich bags.  

I wrote on the bags 1 to 31 which will be a month’s worth and because nothing is sticky which will be contained in the bags I’ll be able to reuse the bags a couple of times.  

I decided my sweets and chocolate.  

I then baged each amount separately into the numbered bags and stored them in a box beginning at number 20 for tomorrow’s date.  

I decided that a couple days before I run out I’ll refill my little bags.  I might even try and get some tiny bags but for now or technical the next 31 days I’m pretty much sorted.  

This is possibly an idea for the future for Timothy, long in the future.  

Over easter it will be fun to have Easter inspired chocolate.  Oh and one thing I’m defiantly not doing this Lent is giving up chocolate or sweets after all this creative organisation of the treats.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


Grosse Oma

Today I decided to visit Grandma with Timothy and Tinkerbell.  I phoned Grandma about 30 minutes before I arrived to let her know I’d be visiting. 

When I arrived Grandma got me to change her bedding.  Timothy sat on the floor playing with a roll of wrapping.  

After changing the bedding my next job on Grandma’s list was to take out the recycling which we were happy to do.  

Timothy then enjoyed playing with various interesting items such as a plug from the unplugged lamp, an envelope which he tore up followed by looking through Grandma’s note pad.  

Timothy performed like a baby seal clapping his hands together every time Grandma asked.  

Before we left for home Timothy enjoyed a cuddle with his great Grandma.  

Usually Timothy is like a wiggling worm but he seemed very relaxed and enjoying the embrace.  

I defiantly feel that our little visit was a good one, but one thing that always makes me feel sad is that Grandad is no longer here and even though its been a couple of years it still doesn’t seem just right.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  

Calling all note takers

I recently came across a note taking booking for Church services, it had little boxes to write various information in.  It however was a little boring and not that I was in the market for a note taking book but I thought that this idea might of been something my husband the Rev himself would find interesting.  That he was and asked if I would create something that could be used by the youth and adults.  

I decided firstly that I’d use the computer to create a worksheet to take note on but I couldn’t seem to design it as I imagined.  

After a little while I decided to use the good old fashioned pen and paper and came up firstly with an idea to show my husband and then the final design.  

The idea behind the note taking sheet is that it’s ment to help the younger members of the congregation enjoy putting their thoughts and ideas on paper.  With areas to write new words, application and questions it is to make the message become personal to them. 

Oh and who doesn’t like to doodle as they go it can often help with retaining information.   

If for your job or class you need to take notes it might add a little fun into the mix by  creating your own note taking sheet.  

If you’d like a copy of my note taking page, if you head over to my Facebook page and send me a message I’ll be happy to share it with you.  

Happy Friday Friends!/

DIY Cabinet

I have been looking for a little cabinet for my office for a short while now with no luck.  On Tuesday of this week I decided that I would turn an old small one door cabinet which really was out of place into a thing of beauty which would be perfect for my office.  

I bought some paint Craig and Rose in Chinese White.  

Manned with a hand sander I set to work outside sanding what was dark wood.  

It took around an hour to sand the small cabinet completely.  

Once it has been stripped back I used a damp cloth to clean over it taking away all the dust.  

It took three coats to get the desired finish.  

I changed the handle which helped to bring the cabinet alive.  

All I have to do now is put it in my office! 

I’m extremely pleased with my little project and with a significant amount of the paint left I think that I might do another little project.  

Happy Thursday Friends! 

DIY Door Wreath

I love celebrating the seasons, Martha Stewart would be pleased and probably if she lived in England and was my next door neighbour would I’m convinced want to get together to make door wreaths. 

For a couple of years now I’ve been after a door wreath for Easter, yes I decorate for Easter.  Now I haven’t been able to find a spring/Easter wreath so I decided to make one.  

I bought some faux flowers £2.50 a bunch.  

I split both of the bunches into separate single stems.  

I made a wire circular frame using the stems from the artificial orchid’s I’d bought for a come dine with me themed oriental party I’d thrown.  I used a sewing ring as a circular guide and secured with wire.  

I then added string around the edge.  

I slowly began adding the individual stems and attaching them with green garden wires.  

I continued to add each stem in the same direction around the ring until I had used up all if the stems.  

I’m extremely pleased how my spring/Easter wreath turned out and can’t wait to pop it proudly onto my front door.  

My project this late afternoon/evening has been a small cabinet.  Here is a sneak peek.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!  


Today is the day of great love Valentine’s Day!  Timothy, Tinkerbell and I spent the day together.  

The day began with giving both my mini Valentine’s a bath, well Tinkerbell had a shower.  

After a morning of playing I decided to take Timothy and Tinkerbell to the park and put Timothy on the swing for the first time by himself.  

I would of loved to say that he had a fantastic time but I unfortunately can’t.  


Timothy was tired and five minutes later once back in his pram was sound asleep.

The afternoon mirrored the morning with playing and a little baby-mummy dancing with smiles and giggles all around.  

This evening my husband came bearing food, flowers and sweet treats which was a lovely way to end the day.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

OCD in me

I’m sat with a sleeping baby on me.  I look wild and windswept.  

Timothy and I this morning walked into town.  

Timothy by around 9.30am had fallen asleep in his carrier.  

With it half term no classes are happening for Timothy until Friday.  I had decided that I’d buy what I needed to make an Easter door wreath which I’ve now made and will share tomorrow.  I can say I was pretty pleased with how it turned out and at a £6 bargain price tag you’ll want to make one too!  Sneak peek!  

Timothy and I have been playing.  

I hate mess I also find other people’s mess uncomfortable.  So being sat trapped looking at the mess of toys Timothy has made is making me want to lay Timothy down in his travel crib downstairs and tidy.  

However I don’t want to wake him as he really was exhausted and actually cuddling him while Tinkerbell sits looking up at the window is a good idea.  

15 minutes since the beast went off to the land of nod I think I should really tidy up because the OCD in me can’t stand it any longer.  

Happy Monday Friends!  

Just two scoops

I’d pretty much say I’m a hot chocolate expert, that is at drinking the hot chocolate.  I know a good cup when I taste it.  

What I’ve found that really it’s a crime to make hot chocolate with water, well it is when your making it for yourself.  

If a hot chocolate tasting job became available I’m positive that I’d apply even if the position was voluntary because I think it would be a match made in heaven!  

On Friday I bought some of my favourite hot chocolate by Atkinsons.  

The instructions recommend putting two scoops into a little boiling water to create a paste then mix with hot milk.  

What I can say us that I haven’t yet been disappointed with the couple of cups I’ve made but I haven’t yet made myself the prefect cup.  

One of the problems is what size is a scoop and how much is it to make?  

I also find adding a little sugar to hot chocolate is a desirable touch which does tend to work well and has done with this particular cup of hot chocolate.  

The chocolate is in chocolate drop form rather than a powder which differs from most brands.  The chocolate drops do melt well which is good and I found hot milk worked nicely when creating a paste rather than the suggested hot water.  

I’m convinced that when I work out the best method especially size of scoop I’ll have the best ever hot chocolate when I so wish.  

Think I should have another cup for investigation purposes only!  

Happy Sunday Friends!  

Baby Valentine

Today I took Timothy along to a special Baby Valentine class at Baby Sensory.  

The special Valentine class had such a magical feel about it and really gave me the opportunity to once again bond with Timothy in a special way.  

Lights, bubbles, glow sticks and lots of cuddles all the baby sensory wonders which mesmerised Timothy today.  

One of the most wonderful activities had to be when we danced with our babies.  I dance with Timothy all the time but the dance we shared today with the beautiful lights shining around us was very special.  As I held Timothy close, spinning and moving to the music I felt tearful,  tears of joy and happiness flowing over of how much I love him.  

As I write this it brings tears to my eyes simply thinking of the shear joy which that moment of closeness brought to me.  

This class I hope will remain in my heart for a very long time, most defiantly one of the best we have experienced together.  

Happy second Valentines Timothy and thank you for the dance.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  

Mummy life

Who realised that being a Mummy would mean so much creativity was needed to just get ready in the morning? 

Taking a shower is never an easy task, I really wish it was but it isn’t with a baby who is disguised as a  ferret who never stops.  

With our little pin cushion still fragile after his injections I didn’t want the morning to be stressful for either of us.  

This morning I decided that I would squeeze the travel cot into our bathroom. 

It worked amazingly.  Timothy happily played while I treated myself to a well deserved shower.  While playing a game of peek a boo around the shower glass periodically.  

Our morning visit to Sainsburys looked like this.  

One poorly little pin cushion all wrapped up relaxing while Mummy shopped.  

This evening we had two very special friends visit and they so kindly gave Timothy his own car!  

Timothy seemed extremely impressed with his new wheels and the box!  

It was such an incredibly generous gift and one I know Timothy will have so much fun playing with.  

My plan for tomorrow morning is to get the play pen back into the bathroom so that I can shower in peace.  

Happy Friday Friends!