Wheelchair vs Prams

The UK have a new ruling to prioritise Wheelchairs over Prams on buses.  Well firstly thank goodness I never get a bus.  So Mr Pualley has spend 5 years of his life so that bus companies would have to do more to accommodate wheelchair users.  

Well firstly 5 years is a long time to spend doing something like this, how much money it would of cost would I imagine be pretty significant. 

Now I think everyone should be treated with respect and of course everyone should be able to travel happily on public transport.  

Do I think one should be favoured over the other; wheelchairs vs prams no I don’t I’m sure everyone on the bus could reshuffle to accommodate both the wheelchair and pram.  Would it of been possible for Mr Paulley to sit on a seat and fold up  his wheelchair? I don’t know.  

What happens if a more disabled traveler wishes to board a bus and already a disabled traveler more able is currently on the bus will they have to get off the bus to accommodate the more disabled traveler?  

Will this ruling be added to?  When will it stop?  Will thoses overweight travelers have to get off the bus if they are taking up two seats because the bus is full?  

What about Granny’s with shopping trollies will they be kicked off the bus because they are taking up tall the room?

Dog owners who travel with their well behaved pooch if someone gets on and doesn’t like dogs will they have to leave. 

5 precious years has been wasted.  Clearly Mr Paulley felt passionate about public transport and wheelchairs but why not invest this money and time into helping a cause which really would impact the UK or indeed the world for the greater good.  

Thankfully I don’t see myself getting a bus any time soon but to all thoses getting a bus who use a wheelchair or have a pram be kind to one another.  

Mummy: Timothy say Public transport! Timothy: [Silence]

Happy Thursday Friends!  


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