Add a little food into the mix

I’m not a fan of the word weaning when it comes to introducing babies to solids.  I don’t like to think of it as weaning from milk to solids but instead enjoying both, as they say food is for fun before 1.  In fact WHO (World Health Organisation) states the following ‘…infants should receive complementary foods with continued breastfeeding up to 2 years of age or beyond.’

The introduction to solids has not been a fun road, feeling unprepared and unready.  It has really taken until last week for both Timothy and I to enjoy this foody stage.

I’m going to share the secret to puree happiness and that is the Masha electric potato masher.


The Masha is incredible and creates puree perfectly and with ease.  I like to know what I’m feeding Timothy and I wasn’t really interested in shop baby ready meals but I was finding that my food processor wasn’t great at blending tiny portion sizes and it was an effort to bring out a big food processor for such a little reason.

The Masha is ideal for taking a whole meal and transforming it into a baby friendly puree which allows Timothy to be able to enjoy and benefit from all the goodness in a variety of foods.  I realise that baby lead weaning works well for many but at the moment home made purees are what the Karma house is crazy about.

The Masha was around £30 depending on where it is purchased so it actually is pretty cost effective.  Let’s do the maths, if a jar of baby food is around 80p and you feed your baby three jars a day that £2.40 so for a week that costs £16.80 and two weeks of feeding baby would therefore total £33.60 the price of a Masha which you have for life!  Clearly nothing is that black and white but it’s one of those purchases which I think every new mummy should consider investing in.

To help store my home made meals for Timothy I use the Joseph Joseph Dial Baby Food Storage Containers.


I have three dial boxes of the 9 x 30ml pots and two dial boxes of the 4 x 90ml pots.  The Joseph and Joseph Dial range have a dial on top of each of the lids which allows you to date your boxes with the date and month and can be used for the refrigerator or freezer.

Any food being stored needs to be done safely but food for babies needs extra attention and these storage contain not only work well but the individual portion size pots are perfect and have been working extremely well on our food journey.

Happy Tuesday Friends!







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