Is it really multi faith?

Over the weekend Timothy and I along with my Mum and Dad visited my lovely sister and her husband on the train.

On the way back home whilst we waited for our next train I really wanted to let Timothy have some floor time as he had been held by one of the family, in his baby carrier or in a high chair for the entire trip which isn’t fun for a baby who’s number one hobby is crawling!  I noticed a sign for the Prayer Room and thought that it would be a good place to allow Timothy is have some time on a floor surface which would be clean.  I headed with my Mum towards the Prayer Room and a security man asked what we were doing we told him we wanted to go to the Prayer Room which he allowed us to pass him and go inside.

Beyond the first door were two wash rooms a male and female.  These wash room were obviously aimed I believe at Muslim followers as part of their preparations for prayer which I’m completely fine about.  Once inside the actual prayer room the room had been separated into  two with screens and a shelf containing a number a Muslim Prayer mats sat along one side of the room.

The Prayer Room appeared empty until a female Muslim came out behind the screen to say that we were in the wrong side of the room that this was for the men.  We politely said we were fine and stayed at the ‘male’ side of the room.

All I wanted to do was be a good mother to my baby and allow him to have some time to crawl and stretch out.

  1.  It’s a multi faith prayer room, so why did we need to explain where we were going.  So excuse me madam (heading towards your place of worship) can I ask you to explain yourself before I let you passed!
  2. If it was a Muslim prayer room then have a sign on the door saying Muslim Prayer Room!  Then clearly I would know that it was no longer a multi faith space.
  3. I’m the sort of person who like to build on the similarities of different religious beliefs so I more than happy that the room be used by all faiths.
  4. Jesus said ‘Let the little children come to me’ I’m sure God would be fine with allowing my baby son crawl around on the prayer room floor for 5 minutes.
  5. I’m so happy to respect others beliefs and where possible conduct myself in  way which will not cause offence.
  6. What I will not do is in a public prayer room which should be a space for all faiths be told where and where not I am allowed to be.  I do not impose my stands on others and therefore do not expect in a public prayer room have other peoples religious views imposed on me.
  7. If the room was filled with male Muslim worshipers out of respect I would of either gone to the area designated for women out of respect or waited until their set time of prayer had finished and then entered the room.


In conclusion my baby son enjoyed his 5 minutes of floor time, I tried to do what was best for him and him alone.  After all if religion is about love then love me enough to love me son and all me to find sanctuary in a place of prayer.

Happy Monday Friends!



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