Remembering Paris

This morning whilst sat in Church I realised that the Remembrance Sunday wreath that I had hung at the front of the building for the last weeks service was still up, I had completely forgotten to take this down.  As I’m contemplating if to leave it up until the evening service has finished out to take it down after the morning service finished I began to think about this simple poppy wreath.

I began thinking about all the innocent people who this week lost their lives in Paris.  I realised that it wasn’t only one Sunday out of the year where we remember the loss of life because of war and such crimes like what happened in Paris.  However unfortunately we actually need to remind ourselves daily that some parts of the world experience daily war and some parts like Paris this week which experience pockets of such violence. 

Thankfully I have never experienced such devastation or been exposed to war torn lands.  I think unless you have you can’t understand the true horrors people face . 

What happened in Paris is unthinkable and unreal.  Although it’s not only Paris which experience such devastation sadly many other people in many other places live in fear because of the evil acts of individuals, groups, organisations and governments. 

Unfortunately the wreath I concluded was still appropriate this morning.  We said special prayers for those who lost their life and Paris. 

May God allow peace to enter those who seek to do such horrific acts of devastating violence and help all to see value in life. 


Wearing my little Disney Paris Minnie badge today. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 



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