Change it up

Today I thought I was being very helpful at Church today.  My husband wanted for us to be extra, extra early as he had a couple of things to do before the service began.  After doing a couple of tasks which my husband had asked me to do I did a few extra.  I thought that it would save certain people time.  One of the extra tasks I undertook I decided to alter as slightly which resulted in the task becoming easier and more efficient.  To cut a long story short the way I had done the task wasn’t at all preferred and was done the way it normally is done. 

People don’t like change, we like our routines.  You often hear them say ‘we always do it this way’.  Never any room for a different way of doing things or allowing for improvements to be made. 

When you come across those who say ‘we’re always done it this way’ it makes me want to do something different. 

Martha Stewarts book Living The Good Long Life says ‘I almost never take the same route twice.  I follow different paths through the woods…I take new routes coming into the city so there always something novel and interesting to look at…It helps the brain to always keep things interesting!  And you’ll never be bored.’


Changing things up from time to time is a good thing, for one thing it could save you from becoming like those who dislike change. 

Start small and when your faced with larger changes they won’t seem as daunting. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 


About The Life of a Housewife

Abigail is married to a wonderful man. They have a very fabulous Mini Dachshund her name is Tinkerbell and now a very beautiful son. Abigail's absolute favourite time of the year is Christmas it has been since she was a little girl. Abigail' enjoys being creative, enjoy cooking, making and especially fond of organization.

One response to “Change it up

  1. confessions1rst

    I feel that change is good for you, specially every once in a while. I surround myself with people who would agree.

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