The Intruder

Ever since I was a very little girl I’ve had a fear of spiders. So when this morning I went into the bathroom and found a spider that looked like it was from a horror movie my first reaction was screaming really loudly, jump back and then screaming again and run out of the bathroom. *
*At this point a picture would have been ideal to explain just how horrible, big and nasty the spider was but I really hate spiders so much that I couldn’t.
I reentered the bathroom and decided that I would turn the shower on but sadly this didn’t work.  The spider then made his way to the other end of the bath and attempted to climb out.  I sprayed him with air freshener to stun him and ran and got four phone directories.  Aiming and throwing the first I sadly missed, the second hit, the third and fourth hit also.  Just to make sure he was dead I hit the directories with the air freshener several times not too hard as I didn’t want to damage the bath.  The directories and hopefully squashed spider stayed in the bath untouched until my husband arrived home to take me to Macro. 


When my husband did arrived back he disposed of the spider remains and I instructed him to ensure daily he checks the bath for intruders before he goes to the gym. 

This morning my husband took me to Macro.  We enjoyed a complementary hot drink as we shopped.    Among some of the items we bought 12 rolls of kitchen towel for £1.99, 24 rolls of  toilet tissue for £2.69 plus…
Three differently sized plastic containers each £2 to use as a way of organizing my refrigerator.  They actually work really well and help turn my small tidy refrigerator into a very organized space.  Even my husband positively commented on how I used them which is a good thing!


50 small food boxes to use during the festive period!  They were £4.99 reduced from £6.99.  I’ll make sure I write it in my Christmas Planner! 


We also bought two octopus for £8.88!  I’ll share tomorrow how I cooked the octopus. 


After my lunch and before embarking on my octopus cooking challenge Tinkerbell and I enjoyed reading our subscription to ‘Your Dog’ magazine and even entered a couple of the competitions as you have to be in it to win it.  I also phoned up a local animal shelter to volunteers but they said they didn’t need anyone, sad news. 


Happy Wednesday Friends! 


About The Life of a Housewife

Abigail is married to a wonderful man. They have a very fabulous Mini Dachshund her name is Tinkerbell and now a very beautiful son. Abigail's absolute favourite time of the year is Christmas it has been since she was a little girl. Abigail' enjoys being creative, enjoy cooking, making and especially fond of organization.

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