Blessed really?

On Monday evening after arriving back from enjoying a delicious meal with friends at their home, we were greeted by several tomato plants sitting in front of our door given kindly by our lovely neighbours. 

On Sunday we had also been given several tomato plants by friends so today I decided to plant them into pots and a grow bag. 


With the amount of tomato plants we now own I can probably cross tomatoes off my future shopping lists. 

After planting the tomato plants I made miso soup, I try and eat/drink a cup of miso daily as it has many good properties such as preventing cancers. 


With the warm soup inside I cut the grass in the garden whilst Tinkerbell enjoyed sleeping in one of her many favourite places.  


The small table in the entrance hall is very useful not only as a place to hold keys, a candles or a vase of flowers but the ledge which is a couple inches from the ground at the bottom of the table makes an ideal bed area for Tinkerbell.

After my gardening I came back in and made 60 mini scones and prepared dinner.


Dinner was delicious duck with potatoes, mushrooms and spring onions coated in fresh ginger and the secret ingredient….apricot jam. 


Often we can complain at the things we have to do and admittedly it can be frustrating sometimes.   However we should try to be individuals who take time to be thankful for the things we have to do. 

Spending time recognising that today I was given the opportunity to cut the grass in my garden remembering that some people don’t have a beautiful garden to enjoy. 

Appreciating the delicious food I and my husband have enjoyed today, the lovely kitchen I prepare my food in and the abundance of food we consume.  Taking a moment to think about all the people in the world who would give anything to have a meal as they suffer in poverty. 

As I reflect on the day I have lost count at how much I’m blessed.


Happy Tuesday Friends!

About The Life of a Housewife

Abigail is married to a wonderful man. They have a very fabulous Mini Dachshund her name is Tinkerbell and now a very beautiful son. Abigail's absolute favourite time of the year is Christmas it has been since she was a little girl. Abigail' enjoys being creative, enjoy cooking, making and especially fond of organization.

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