Black Country Living Museum

Last year during my visit to Crufts my husband and my Dad went to the Black Country Living Museum.  Last year the tickets they bought because they gifted aided the cost of the ticket the tickets extended for a whole year.  I’ve been asking me husband to take me so today nearly a year later we decided to visit the museum together.

We arrived at the living museum just before 10am and enjoyed a warm drink in the cafe.  As tradition dictates I took great pleasure in drinking a hot chocolate. 


The museum is living with volunteers who act out what life would of been like many years ago given a glimpse into the life of ordinary people from the 1800s to the 1930s.

My husband and I enjoyed a traditional fish and chips for lunch in the 1930s fish and chip shop. 


The fish was beautiful and extremely tasty and we ate out of paper a very British tradition. 

After our delicious fish and chips we headed across the road to the Bottle and Glass Inn for a refreshing drink of lime cordial and my husband enjoyed a glass of dandylion and burdock. 

The museum is set out like a little village with houses, shops, a school, a church, pharmacy, cinema and petrol station to name but a few. 


Each building has been specially dismantled and then reassembled at the living museum and then furnished. 


A van and double decker bus also drove around the museum to create a authentic feel of how life used to be. 

It was so interesting to find out the some of the dilapidated houses with only a couple of rooms having no electricity, water or gas still were lived in until the 1980s! 

Before visiting Bradburn and Wedge Motor Garage we took a journey down the mine to experience how grim life was like working in the mine. 


My husband and I had a fantastic day together this valentines weekend sharing each others company as well as learning together about British history as and getting to taste, smell and experience life in the Black Country between the 1800s and the 1930s. 

The Black Country Living Museum is defiantly worth visiting….

Happy discovery! 

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  1. I wish i could visit it, someday :), beautiful 🙂

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