Ruby Bridges

My husband for Christmas bought me the Disney film ‘Ruby Bridges’.  I’d never before heard of this film or indeed Ruby Bridges of the inspirational a little six year old girl who helped change history. 


The story of Ruby Bridges takes place in 1960s New Orleans chosen to be the first to integrate into a white only elementary school. 

Ruby Bridges a sweet African-American little girl has to deal with daily abuse from angry parents and people from the community as she is escorted from a government car by government official’s. 

This delicate little girl prays daily for those who verbally abused and threatened her just because of the colour of her skin. 

A private teacher had to be brought into the school to educate Ruby as no teacher in the school wanted to teacher her, therefore she was educated alone. 

Ruby’s teacher Mrs Henry showed kindness treating her like any other white child. 

The film is a wonderful film of a little girl helping to transform history one prayer at a time. 

It’s terrible to think how unfairly people can be treated based on their skin colour and sadly this is still an issue to many children and adults alike. 

The world is a more richer place because of variety. 

Happy Wednesday!


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