Perfectly Frozen

This evening my husband wanted to take me out on a date night.  We decided to go to the cinema to watch the Disney film Frozen.  We hadn’t watched any trailers for the film or knew anything about. 


I really enjoy Disney films one of my favourite being Pocahontas.  When I was little a family friend made both my sister and I Pocahontas costumes.  I had everything Pocahontas, hair brushes, dolls and bedding.

The first Christmas my husband and I got married he bought me as one of my presents the DVD of Pocahontas. 

When we arrived at the cinema for the 7:05pm show the ticket line was long so we used the computerised ticket machine which was empty.

Before going into screen 10 as with most cinema trips I tend to need to visit the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream counter for a scoop of my favourite Cherry Garcia with chocolate sauce before heading into the movie. 

Frozen is a magical film and both my husband and I had a lovely evening together enjoying another great Disney film with lots of laughter.   

What I particularly liked about the film frozen was that it had a Austrian/German feel to the costumes and architecture of this animated movie which reminded me of my Grandad’s love for the beautiful home land of his wife, my Grandmother. 

I would recommend the film Frozen to anyone but especially those who enjoy the magical Disney stories.

Happy date night! 


About The Life of a Housewife

Abigail is married to a wonderful man. They have a very fabulous Mini Dachshund her name is Tinkerbell and now a very beautiful son. Abigail's absolute favourite time of the year is Christmas it has been since she was a little girl. Abigail' enjoys being creative, enjoy cooking, making and especially fond of organization.

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