Flowers from America

My great aunty Doreen, my Grandad’s sister who lives in America with all of her wonderful family sent Monday over to England in a card for flowers or chocolates while he was still in the hospital.  Sadly the card and money arrived too late.  I suggested that the money his sister had sent with the wish of flowers be spent  on an arrangement for the funeral ceremony, everyone agreed.  

Today I purchased a large bunch of flowers and two small bunches of roses from Sainsburys.  I’ve never properly had any experience of flower arranging however i decided that I’d have a try. 

Here is how I went about arranging the special flowers for Grandad from his beautiful sister my lovely Aunty. 

I took the plastic base from an old flower arrangement along with the plastic wrapping.  I tided a ribbon around the plastic base to make a nice circular opening for the flowers to be inserted.


I began arranging the flowers into the plastic base.  When I was happy with this I added the plant feed and a little water. 

Then I took the first piece of plastic wrapping and brought it up and secured it with sellotape. I repeated this with another sheet of plastic wrapping.  Finally adding more water. 

Half way up the arrangement I added cream paper and plastic wrapping. 


The arrangement was finished with a decorative piece of extremely thin material and a gold ribbon. 


I also kept aside some red roses for the immediate family to lay on top of Grandad’s coffin.  


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Abigail is married to a wonderful man. They have a very fabulous Mini Dachshund her name is Tinkerbell and now a very beautiful son. Abigail's absolute favourite time of the year is Christmas it has been since she was a little girl. Abigail' enjoys being creative, enjoy cooking, making and especially fond of organization.

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