Mr Giggles

Timothy at the moment enjoys blowing bubbles he finds it highly amusing, giggling away as he creates a multitude of bubbles around his mouth.  Timothy also is finding laughter to be a sure crowded pleaser.  This evening my husband would say or make a noise and Timothy would respond by giggling a beautiful conversation! 


What wasn’t at all funny this morning as I carried out Timothy’s bathtime routine was when a baby safety cotton bud actually came loose from the stick and became stuck in Timothy’s ear.  Thankfully I was able to pull it out but it was a complete surprise and actually very dangerous that this would happen.  Every morning I clear Timothy’s ears and this has never before happened thank you Boots for nearly causing a morning disaster at the Karma residence. 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

Yesterday with my baby

Yesterday for Bank Holiday Monday we spent it with my family which was amazing especially with my Mum’s lovely cooking and baking. 

What was great about the day was the surprise of my Austrian Grandma spending the day with the family. 


Grandma enjoyed having cuddles with Timothy and gently wiping his face as he spent the day continually blowing bubbles. 

Tinkerbell also joined in the family fun. 


Timothy practised for Emily’s wedding booth. 


I had a fantastic day shared with my special people!  I really think Timothy makes every day wonderful. 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

So much love

Yesterday I walked home with my beautiful baby in his pram after an evening meal with some very special people, fellow Mummy friends each who’s baby’s are just weeks apart from each other making this Mummy journey a special one we can share together. 

During our short walk home feeling a little guilty about being late for his strict bed time I kept telling Timothy that I loved him and thanked him for walking home with me.  Not that be was actually walking or understood but as we walked I felt an over whelming sense of love for my precious baby.  As Timothy looked at me with his beautiful large eyes it made me appreciate just how wonderful he is, how special and what a true blessing he is in my life and the life of my family. 

Feeling love for my son happened as soon as he was born however my love for him seems to grow often during the most mundane of activities. 


Happy Friday Friends! 

On schedule

Today I wrote myself a plan consisting of daily tasks for taking care of Timothy and Tinkerbell.  I will be incorporating singing time after good first nap of the day and story time will take place after lunchtime in the afternoon.  Timothy will also enjoy a family prayer from his children’s prayer book after my husband and I have eaten our evening meal and I have also scheduled in for playtime for Timothy and I along with his own time to play. 


I understand that my schedule may on occasion not  to plan but my hope is that Timothy and I will enjoy a balanced routine. 

A scheduled day is also extremely vital with Tinkerbell being unable to walk after spinal surgery and being very dependant. 


Happy Tuesday Friends!  

There is one more round left in me!

My husband will often say from the pulpit at the front of Church ‘get up brush yourself off and say that there is one more round left in me’.  Tinkerbell has been extremely unwell two weeks ago her back legs stopped working.  Unfortunately this time she became very unwell so unwell we considered having her put to sleep because she was in excruciating pain and we didn’t think she would get better unable to keep fluids down and panting in pain. 

With much prayer from friends, family and wonderful Church people she had an MRI on Tuesday, surgery on Wednesday and was back home Thursday evening. 

With a wonderful team at her vets including her vet Colin a specialist in this area and with Gods kindness and favour we have a happy little dog who is in no pain and happy to be back with the family. 

We have witnessed slight movement in the tail which is rather exciting! 

With so much joy that Tinkerbell is back home it is however extremely exhausting caring for Tinkerbell and Timothy both requiring my attention and both requiring assistance with toileting.

I know God is with me helping me like he is with both Tinkerbell and Timothy. 


I’m so thankful that God answered many prayers for the life of our precious Tinkerbell. 

Happy Sunday Friends!

Mummy shoes

I love high heel shoes I enjoy feeling elegant and pretty in them however since becoming a mummy and becoming a one car family that has 5 doors with a large pram size boot.  I finding myself walking miles in a week and have realised that high heels and I are parting ways during the week.  Since Timothy’s arrival on the 3rd of January I’ve enjoyed wearing my lovely boots but with the spring time here and slightly warmer weather I decided that I needed some practical shoes that were suitable for pushing a pram into town and to our various activities. 

I used to find footwear one of those important items which helped to make up an outfit I now all I’m thinking about footwear is will they be comfortable to walk in and will they keep my feet dry. 

Today I found two pairs of shoes which met the requirements both from Clarks when out on a walk through the town with my Mum.  They are the perfect Mummy shoes meeting my small brief of comfortable and dry which my lovely kind Mum treated me to.   

The first which is called Wave Flare which I nic-named as my wet weather shows. 


The second called Janey June which were in the sale, some my say for obvious reasons I’ve named as my fair weather shoes.  These shoes make me think about my animal friendly cleaning products, my favourite vegetarian dishes I enjoy cooking and the fact I wear my baby! 


So I’m officially a Mummy who wears comfy shoes because her primary mode of transport is on foot pushing a pram or carrying a baby! 

Happy Thursday Friends! 

Tiny tink

My precious Tinkerbell has been resting again all day, sadly not that she really has any choice in the matter with her back legs not working. 


With a couple of accidents in her bed I have Tinkerbell a shower the second of the week which she enjoyed. 

Unfortunately I have to share my time between Timothy and Tinkerbell which is extremely difficult as both are completely reliant on my care for them. 

With Timothy in bed it allows me to hold Tinkerbell with a puppy pad on my knee which I know she feels safe and loved.  During the day it’s impossible to care for Tinkerbell in this manner as she is experiencing discomfort and to move her around from my knee quickly to tend to Timothy wouldn’t be fair as I don’t want to cause her any more distress. 

During Timothy’s first baby Church service this morning prayers were said for various reasons including one for healing for Tinkerbell.

Get better soon Tinkerbell.


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