The practice Christmas

My sister and her husband sadly won’t be able to spend Christmas day with us but instead of missing out on the festivities my mum organized a Christmas lunch today so we could celebrate.  Oh and yea it really did feel like Christmas.  

Timothy was the little star of our Christmas lunch part 1 today.  It was so wonderful that my sister and brother in law could share with us in this exciting time with Timothy.  

My sister and brother in law are fantastic with Timothy.  

I love this wonderful couple so much and this is also a special Christmas time as it is their first as man and wife!

It was great spending the day with my beautiful sister.  

My mum made a great Christmas lunch spending the morning working hard in the kitchen.  

My Dad made his famous chicken soup which is my absolute favorite.  

Sharing Christmas with the ones you love is what makes this festive season magical.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  

Hello December

Hello December your finally here!  I enjoyed opening my advent calendar today at breakfast. 

Thank goodness I have two advent calendar’s one piece of chocolate just isn’t enough!

Timothy and I enjoyed time with my mum and dad today sipping hot chocolate in Starbucks. 

I made mince pies this afternoon which were delicious, I sampled a couple they are mini so it’s really like eating one big one.  

Saintsbury’s sent me a lovely Christmas box.  

My husband wasn’t pleased that they sent him the credit card bill and I was the one getting an exciting box.  

Timothy still doesn’t seem interested in the tree, I’m not sure why not but he is pretty attracted to the train which goes around the bottom of the tree.    

December you have finally arrived we have waited all year.  

Happy Thursday Friends! 

Christmas Milestone Market

‚ÄčWe took a lovely trip to the Christmas market today, Timothy’s first Christmas market festive experience.  We saw signs for no dogs allowed, thankfully Tinkerbell being a lady with a disability sat under the pram happily in her carrier for the family outing. 

We enjoyed bratwurst which is really a compulsory must. Followed by Italian sweets, fudge and strudel.


The whole family enjoyed their compulsory German bratwurst before circulating the Christmas markeItalian tasty treats, fudge and strudel was also part of the food which we felt compelled to try.  

We visited  Starbucks a good old American institution well not that old, 1971 before going in search of a momentum of our trip. 

Timothy enjoyed playing with the Starbucks spoon. 

After a lovely warm drink we headed back to the Christmas market to buy a momentum of our trip.  

Another Timothy milestone shared together.  

Happy Tuesday Friends!


Timothy travelled well in the car enjoying a nap their and back, I had to sit in the back on the way just in case someone needed in car entertainment.  Plus the front passenger seat was occupied by Tinkerbell.    

It was a lovely time spent together and memorable with it being Timothy’s first.

Advent Dance

Today is the Churches official beginning of Christmas with Advent Sunday. One of Timothy’s lovely God parents gave Timothy the most sweetest little train Christmas decoration for his room today. 

The gift label had read for Timothy’s room however I briefly contemplated putting it in a more prominent place because it was so lovely. 

After Church I made a little first Sunday in Advent meal served on my Spode Christmas Tree plates. 
This festive feast was followed by kitchen dancing with Timothy. 
I decided that I’d check if any Christmas radio stations were broadcasting yet and as you can probably guess the kitchen dancing was as a result of the radio station Heart Extra Xmas. 

The festivities are more certainly now well underway. 

Happy First Advent Sunday!

I’m so Christmas

This morning I decided that I’d paint my nails Christmas red, well the actual colour is red wine. I go down stairs with my nail all pretty feeling good with my ankle boots which have a very thin high heal and hair straightened and I ask my husband how I look. Well his response was not what I wanted to hear at least not at the end of November with 5 weeks to Christmas. My husband said “you look very autumnal”. Autumnal! I wasn’t pleased but actually yes my outfit was fairly autumnal with my choice of browns. When you feel like Mrs Christmas someone calling you autumnal isn’t helping you get into the seasonal spirit.

This afternoon wishing to make Christmas official the main tree went up! It was actually a lovely afternoon. Timothy played, Tinkerbell relaxed and my husband and I decorated the tree, perfect.

We are traditional when it comes to tree decoration, not completely traditional so we don’t have candles perched on the branches instead white lights and red baubles.


Around the bottom of the tree on my tree skirt I made a couple of years ago I have my newest addition to the decoration’s it’s the icing on the cake to be seasonal. I have a Christmas tree train! My Dad bought it for my birthday and I’m very excited by it Martha Stewart I think it’s possible this year that my tree is better than your tree. I thought that the tree trains were just in movies apparently not.

This house is ready for Christmas, I’m in the seasonal spirit and can’t wait so let the festivities begin.

Happy Sunday Friends!

Pat the Mat

The five senses are important to a baby’s development. They learn and discover through touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing. Sensory play and exploration helps with the development of the senses.

In fact we are always learning and discovering the world through the five senses.

Timothy and I attend classes with many encouraging, guiding and promoting sensory play which will help with his development.

At our Baby Sensory class the teacher as part of one of the activity had made some Pat Mats.

The Pat Mats or a Pat Mat is simply a laminating pouch which is filled normally with a liquid substance and may contains objects that can be moved around.

The teacher encouraged the parents to try and make a Pat Mat of our own.

I have made two and used my old iron to seal up the edges. One Pat Mat I included berry cordial to create a festive feel with the green and red sequins and glitter. The second I used water and created more of a colourful feel.

Around the edges of my secured laminated pouch I added some colourful tape.

Timothy has enjoyed the Pat Mats I have made for him. They are even perfect for meal times as they can be easily wiped clean. The crinkly sound is also a popular choice with many babies including Timothy.

I’m not sure how much a Pat Mat would be to make at home probably very little and most people have many items lying around their homes which can be utilised.

Assisting a young child with their development doesn’t have to cost lots if money. If you can’t afford classes or it isn’t something which would work at the moment there is no reason why you can’t be creative for very little at home. Being creative is actually very therapeutic and can actually make you feel good creating a sensory aid for your baby.

Happy Saturday Friends!


This week I bought Timothy a couple Christmasy books by Usborne from their touchy feely range. That’s not my reindeer and That’s not my snowman.


I have read these books to Timothy a number of times already and he enjoys identifying the various different textures on year page.


The words are simple and repetitive which will mean that Timothy gets used to the repetition used and in time next Christmas maybe be able to read along.

We are defiantly a seasonal household so we currently have a small number of Christmas books in a basket which seem to follow us around the house which we will enjoy over the festive period.


The touchy feely books would make perfect stocking stuffer or small gift this Christmas time. Am educational gift as well as festive what could be better.

Happy Friend Friends!