Margot and Rudolf

My husband had brought home a flyer for early years dance classes at the local city dance school.  At the beginning of the week Timothy and I attended his first dance class which we both enjoyed very much it was as if Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev were in the studio.

What I have been reflecting on all week since our first class is how the teacher almost guided us in how to interact with our babies through the dance class.  Unlike play groups which most definitely serve a purpose  where your baby can play with toys I found that the dance class was providing me an opportunity to bond with my baby which for me this is invaluable.

Why do I take our nearly 9 month old baby to dance classes?  I want to provide my son with lots of different opportunity that will aid him in his development, enrich his mind and allow for good quality Mummy Son time.

At the beginning of the week Mummy danced with Timothy at his baby dance class and the week ended with Timothy dancing with Mummy at her Sling Swing class.

So hold your head high, put your shoulders back, looking into the face of the one you love and when you hear the music just dance.


Happy Friday Friends!


The Tink-Date

Just over five months ago our beautiful Miniature Dachshund Tinkerbell had spinal surgery because she had lost the use of her back legs for the second time in the space of a year but this time she was in terrible pain continually being sick unable to eat, we actually thought that she wouldn’t make it.  However after the spinal surgery the horrendous pain she was in disappeared immediately after the surgery.  For a number of weeks her toileting situation was like a tap running the entire day and with accident after accident.  With a new baby and a recovering dog night times were hard if I wasn’t up with one I was up with the other.  Day times were just as difficult with both Timothy and Tinkerbell requiring my attention.

Well five months later Tinkerbell is able to hold her toileting, I still have to help her go but she isn’t having accidents all the time.  Unfortunately she still hasn’t regained the use of her back legs but she is in no pain.

Tinkerbell enjoys life she will sit under the pram when we take walks, bunny hops around the house, plays with her toys and continues to do her in the house security barking at the post man and passers by.

My husband told me that someone had recently asked him about Tinkerbell and suggested that we have her put to sleep my husband asked the person if they believed in euthanasia for the elderly, clearly the person suggesting such a ridiculous idea got the point.

We really do hope and daily pray that Tinkerbell would regain the use of her hind legs.  However if this is not to be the case Tinkerbell is still a happy lady who isn’t suffering  in any pain and is very much part of family life.  Just because she uses two legs instead of four doesn’t make her any less our hound and certainly doesn’t change the way love her.

Happy Thursday Friends!

No crying in the crib

Last night our precious baby boy slept for a solid four and a half hours, I imagine some people would be thinking well my baby sleeps for that long every night and that is great.  Out of the four and a half hours I benefited from four of those magical hours between 10pm and 2am.

Timothy for a couple of days now has been starting off the night in his nursery.  At around 6pm I feed Timothy in our bedroom and when he has fallen asleep I carry him into the nursery and place him in his crib when he wakes I will rock him or feed him in the nursing chair and pop him back into his crib.   Between 9pm and 10pm Timothy will wake again to be fed and then I’ll put him back into his crib.

I sleep with both the nursery door and bedroom door open and with the video monitor on.  Last night just before 2am I had to go and check on Timothy because he hadn’t woken up around 12 as he normally does.  After I had returned to bed after going via the utility room  and putting the washing machine on I felt wonderfully refreshed after four hours of uninterrupted sleep I heard a little cry which broke the silence and dashed into the nursery picked up Timothy changed his nappy and fed him and placed him back in his crib.  After returning to my bedroom a heard another little cry and decided that Timothy had done wonderfully well at sleeping by himself that I’d pop him in bed with my husband and I.

On my side of the bed I have a child bed guard that folds up and down.  When Timothy is in bed with me I have the bed guard up so that I know he is safe and won’t be able to roll out and hurt himself.

Knowing that Timothy is happy and settled at night time is important to me.  I don’t want Timothy to be in a distressed state and feel that by this gentle transition between his own crib in the nursery and our bedroom we have found a happy medium.  Clearly Timothy is happy and content being in his nursery even if it’s only for half of the night.

Letting Timothy cry himself into a distressed state isn’t an option in fact Psychology Today  has an interesting article entitled Dangers of “Cry It Out” which makes for interesting reading whichever side of the fence you sit with crying at bedtime.

I believe that a good bedtime routine is important, I sing the same song as we walk up stairs at bedtime which is helpfully as he will always associate this particular song with going to bed and read to Timothy as I begin to feed him.  Does it always work no of course not, but around 95% of the time this bedtime routine works a dream.


Happy Wednesday Friends!


Add a little food into the mix

I’m not a fan of the word weaning when it comes to introducing babies to solids.  I don’t like to think of it as weaning from milk to solids but instead enjoying both, as they say food is for fun before 1.  In fact WHO (World Health Organisation) states the following ‘…infants should receive complementary foods with continued breastfeeding up to 2 years of age or beyond.’

The introduction to solids has not been a fun road, feeling unprepared and unready.  It has really taken until last week for both Timothy and I to enjoy this foody stage.

I’m going to share the secret to puree happiness and that is the Masha electric potato masher.


The Masha is incredible and creates puree perfectly and with ease.  I like to know what I’m feeding Timothy and I wasn’t really interested in shop baby ready meals but I was finding that my food processor wasn’t great at blending tiny portion sizes and it was an effort to bring out a big food processor for such a little reason.

The Masha is ideal for taking a whole meal and transforming it into a baby friendly puree which allows Timothy to be able to enjoy and benefit from all the goodness in a variety of foods.  I realise that baby lead weaning works well for many but at the moment home made purees are what the Karma house is crazy about.

The Masha was around £30 depending on where it is purchased so it actually is pretty cost effective.  Let’s do the maths, if a jar of baby food is around 80p and you feed your baby three jars a day that £2.40 so for a week that costs £16.80 and two weeks of feeding baby would therefore total £33.60 the price of a Masha which you have for life!  Clearly nothing is that black and white but it’s one of those purchases which I think every new mummy should consider investing in.

To help store my home made meals for Timothy I use the Joseph Joseph Dial Baby Food Storage Containers.


I have three dial boxes of the 9 x 30ml pots and two dial boxes of the 4 x 90ml pots.  The Joseph and Joseph Dial range have a dial on top of each of the lids which allows you to date your boxes with the date and month and can be used for the refrigerator or freezer.

Any food being stored needs to be done safely but food for babies needs extra attention and these storage contain not only work well but the individual portion size pots are perfect and have been working extremely well on our food journey.

Happy Tuesday Friends!






The Cake of all Cakes

On Sunday we had our beautiful baby son Timothy dedicated in a special Church service.

Timothy’s dedication service was lead by my husbands friend Pastor Steve Uppal who had specially come to our Church to take the service.

It was a lovely occasion to welcome give thanks to God for our son Timothy and welcome him into the Church family.

After the beautiful service we had Timothy’s Godparents, along with some of our friends and family back to our home to celebrate this special day in the life of our family.

Timothy has five Godparents, each unique and special people who we trust will be inspirational to our Son and be those who will help us to bring Timothy up in the way God who have us do.

One of Timothy’s Godmothers and a wonderful friend had said that she would make a cake for the dedication.  I knew that this fabulous lady would do a fantastic job as she really is a Martha Stewart and has made a number of wedding and celebration cakes including make sisters wedding cake.

14454579_10155471603724657_1656159990_nI asked for a Peter Rabbit cake for Timothy and sent a Pintrest image, this Pintrest cake was fantastic and even though this Godmother is amazing I didn’t expect the cake she would make to be like the picture however…it was so much better!

The two tiered Peter Rabbit Dedication cake was out of this world.  Not only was the top layer Lemon and the bottom layer chocolate which was pretty impressive the whole cake was a complete work of art the only think which wasn’t edible was Peter everything else was completely edible and 100% delicious, needless to say the entire cake was eaten in an afternoon!

Timothy had a wonderful afternoon celebrating as did his Mummy and Daddy!

Friends and family were so completely generous and gave so many beautiful cards with wonderful messages and lovely gifts.

Timothy’s favourite part of the afternoon simply had to be all the cuddles he got given.

img_2598This really had to be a most wonderful day and fantastic way to celebrate Timothy our gift from God.


Happy Monday Friends!


Feeling ready

You shouldn’t always listen to your feelings.  If you felt like eating everything you set eyes on pretty soon you’d be as big as a house.  Or if had a feeling that running around the neighborhood in your birthday suit was a fantastic idea, you might find it could be the wrong thing to feel like doing.

Sometimes listening to your feelings is the best thing you can do.  It’s often difficult to know always what is best to do especially with your new baby I’m still trying to figure it all out but I’m learning that with every aspect of babies other people have their own feelings on the matter.

Breast feeding is a big deal I have found in the mummy world each with their own ideas some are happy go lucky and other have extremely strong opinions and seem to give the impression that you’ve got it wrong if you don’t follow the trend.

I don’t have many regrets so far on the way I have done mummy and baby things the only big one is that I wished I had waited a few more weeks to introduce food than feeling pressured into doing so by the hospital consultant at Timothy’s 6 month review.  We didn’t feel ready we didn’t feel Timothy was ready to be introduced to food, I wish I had listened to my feelings.

Timothy has slept in our bedroom since we brought him home from the hospital I love having him so close and with feeding him it’s much easier.  I haven’t felt that him or I are ready for the transition into the nursery until this evening when I decided that I would put Timothy to his big boy cot to begin with but when he wakes up either around 10 or midnight I’ll bring him back into our room and put him in bed with us.

I realise that bed sharing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I feel it works for us.  Everyone gets to sleep, everyone is happy.  Is it for everyone probably not, do I think that everyone should be like me, no.

Gentle transition into the nursery is what I feel will work best in our situation, some would disagree but each mummy or daddy ought to do their best by their child.

Research is important, talking to other mummies about their experiences can help inform you on what is best for your situation.


At the end of the day our goal should be the same to raise babies that are happy and healthy.

Happy Friday Friends!

Oh lovely hounds

Thursday is Timothy’s special day which he enjoys time with his bestest Mummy and his Grandparents.  We regularly take walks,  have a spot of lunch, visit a new place and just spend quality time together.

Today we decided we would take a walk into the city to our regular dog friendly cafe.  Max the Doberman proudly walking along with our dainty disabled Dachshund Tinkerbell taking a ride under Timothy’s pram.  I had a couple of jobs I needed to do but we decided to get our priorities right and have lunch at our regular hound cafe.

The cafe had very recently had a make over and a name change and no sooner as we had walked in we were told that the cafe was no longer dog friendly?  What!  We all marched out with our tails between our legs to the another dog friendly hang out which I have visited a couple of times but which my mum and dad haven’t.

The second dog friendly place is great it has much more room and a better decor oh and fantastic hot chocolate.  We are still disappointed that after being regulars we now are unwelcome because we come with the company of hounds but thankful that we still can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with the whole family.

Tinkerbell on returning home decided that she would allow my mum to stroke her which is most unusual.

If Tinkerbell and my mum wasn’t odd enough Max must of thought he had shrunk as he made himself cosy on Tinkerbell’s bed.


Happy Thursday Friends!

P.S. Happy First ‘official’ day of Autumn!