The Nursery

This morning I spent it organising what will be the nursery when the baby arrives.  During the weekend we had given the room a final coat of paint and at the beginning of the week I had glossed the window ledge and skirting boards. 

I assembled the crib which will be used in our bedroom for the first few months, one of the sides of the crib folds down to allow the baby to sleep next to the parent.  The height of the crib can also be adjusted and harnessed to the bed.  I decided that I would leave it in the nursery until the baby arrived. 

Tomorrow the cot arrives which also can be altered when the baby is a toddler into a bed.  I choose the cot in a similar wood colour to the current rooms furniture so that it should work well together. 


I had bought a ship lamp shade from Laura Ashley kids however it doesn’t fit onto my current light and I decided that it worked well on top of the wardrobe. 

I have a small Ottoman which I will be covering in a kids map print which should be useful to store items in as the baby gets older. 

The chest of draws were again reorganised.  Into the following:
Reusable nappies
Towels, blankets and new born clothes
0-3 month baby clothes
Accessories – bibs, hats, socks, scratching mitts and other goodies.


All morning Tinkerbell spent most of her her relaxing and a small part of her time sniffing around and was especially interested in the toys which hang onto the baby bouncer/seat. 

The rest of the clothes I placed into three zip bags 3-6 months, 6-12 months and the last larger bag was mainly snow suits over 12 months. 

This evening Tinkerbell and I enjoyed a well earned snuggle in our basement room (formally known by the previous owners as the garden room, think we need to give out a better name) watching the birds eat from our bird feeders. 


Happy Thursday Friends! 

One season ahead

Today I decided that I would bake mince pies.  I’m always one season ahead at least. 

I usually use ready rolled puff pastry for my mince pies however with no puff pastry in the house I decided to make my own regular pastry. 
Into a bowl I added:
2 cups self raising flour
6 tablespoons sugar
A pinch of salt
½ cup of Margarine/Butter
I rubbed the ingredients together until they formed bread crumbs. 
I then added:
1 egg
This helped to bind the ingredients together. 

I then chilled the pastry for 30 minutes before rolling it out onto a floured surface. 

I used my two Pampered Chef mini baking tin to make my mince pies I also made 8 jam tarts as my sister was visiting and I know she prefers jam. 


Whilst the oven was on I also cooked my pasta bake for dinner which I made using a home made tomato sauce. 


The mince pies turned out well however I still do prefer puff pastry.

The only thing I regret as I write my blog is that I didn’t listen to any Christmas carols as I baked. 

Happy Wednesday Friends!  

Aldi Drama

After bringing Tinkerbell home from her hydrotherapy session I decided to go to the mini supermarket Aldi and use my vouchers I had been sent as a good will gesture for reporting how I had hurting my ankle as a result of a rain drain being broken in their carpark.  My concern was for someone who may of been older or child that they may of had a serious injury.

So I’m in the Aldi supermarket with my small shopping trolley having a good look at the products and putting those I wanted into my trolley. 

I arrive at the checkout and put my items onto the food conveyor belt.  As the printed note at the till requires I announce that I will be paying with vouchers and money depending upon the cost.  The cashier then wanted to see the vouchers before I came to pay and then wanted to take them from me I told her that I’d keep them until it was time to pay. 

I have never been in a shop before that wanted your form of payment before they put your items through.

My shopping trolley is now at the end of the cashiers desk and I’ve arranged my bags.  I like to organise my grocery’s into like products fruit and veg, meat, items for the refrigerator and so on. 

I’m part way through bagging my items when this man and lady push their shopping trolley very close to where I was stood not abiding by supermarket etiquette of waiting just before the cashier giving the current paying customer space. 

This couples shopping trolley is so close that I almost think that they want me to fill their trolley with my items or that they are offering to pay for my shopping bill.  I turn still in the middle of packing and say that I’m not going to rush and the lady starts to get very rude saying that I needed to so I turn away and continue with my shopping whilst she and her husband are still moaning. 

I pay with my vouchers and credit card and leave and begin to put my shopping bags into the car.  I smile at another shopper who walks past she calls over and said if that lady had spoken to her like that she would of said something I simile and put my empty trolley away. 

When I returned home one delicious chocolate bar and 5 tiny tiny bags of sweets I’m feeling like the whole shopping experience wasn’t that bad. 

This evening I’m enjoying an apple from Adli after all the chocolate and sweets!  


Happy Tuesday Friends! 

80 Days

With only 80 days left until Christmas I was extremely excited when my husband brought home with him a flyer for upcoming events at a nearby garden centre.  One of the events was a workshop which I has already looked at online a week again which was called ‘Cotton On’ a needle felt Christmas decorations class.  My husband encouraged me to sign up which I did immediately and now I’m booked onto the course let’s hope that it doesn’t get cancelled like the water colours workshop I had signed up to in the city. 


On this informative flyer I came across an event taking place at the end of October.  An expert pumpkin sculptor will be at the same garden centre all day creating various different sculptured pumpkins which I’ve put in my diary to attend as it sounds amazing.  When I booked onto my needle felt course the lady said that this annual event is extremely impressive. 

During my shopping trip with my Mum to pick her the perfect wedding outfit my Dad bought me for a charity shop a rather festive DVD which I’m hoping to get the opportunity to watch in the next couple of days.  A cooking DVD by Jamie Oliver’s which also includes recipe cards. 


Suddenly I’m feeling very much in the mood for a mince pie and a tasteful spot of pumpkin carving.  Clearly Pumpkin and mince meat need to be added to my shopping list. 

Happy Monday Friends!  

Harvest Sunday 🍎

Yesterday I took with me a selection of vegetables and apples to help decorate the Church for the Harvest service. 

With the help of one of the ladies at the Church and her daughter we arranged the vegetables on the front two window ledges. 


The mixture of autumnal colours worked perfectly and looked especially effective.

The other lady had brought with her pine cones and these we arranged on the small step of the stage I went outside to collect fallen leaves to mix in with the pine cones.  Helping to bring the outside in.


Using a wooden stand which I remembered finding when tidying the Church a number of weeks ago I thought would make a lovely display for a vase which the lady had brought with her along which we used to display a lovely Autumn inspired arrangement. 


The wreath we thought would look effective at the centre of the stage below the beautiful stained glass window which when let produced a welcome glow. 


Finally we created a waterfall table effect using a large and then three smaller tables in front which would be used to collect the harvest food for the local charity.  I used a cream table cloth which had been a gift last Christmas from a leader in our previous Church along with one of my table runners. 


The table with a selection of various items included a 30 year old glazed bread ornament made by a Church member, this obviously won’t be given away to the charity! 

Happy Harvest Sunday Friends!  🍎

Milk Bread

Yesterday morning I decided that I felt in the mood for some honey.  We normally do have honey in the house however since moving to our new home this is one item in the kitchen cupboard which was never replaced. 

With the cooler weather and the misty morning starts where the surrounding hills which we usually clearly see from the back of our house are hidden including the cows which make their home here I felt that honey was an appropriate breakfast start to the day. 

I also bought my favourite bread by Warbutons the lovely Milk Roll. 


What I like most about this bread is how thin it is, not that I don’t enjoy a good thick slice of white bread however I find two slices of Milk Roll to be enjoyable. 

So for two mornings I’ve enjoyed toasted Milk Bread with margarine and a generous layer of clear honey and it’s been an extremely delicious start, because eating honey alone would just be strange. 

Happy Saturday Friends! 

Bobby Ball

This afternoon my husband, Tinkerbell and I spent the afternoon with my Mum, Dad and Max.  We had a collaboration for dinner I made a shepherds pie with sweet potato topping and my Mum made the accompanying vegetables. 

After dinner we went to a local baptist Church to hear Bobby Ball who I didn’t really know very much if anything about other than he is famous. 

When we arrived at the Church I knew we were at the right place when I saw the car parked outside. 


Before the event we ate delicious cake before seating ourselves in the main part of the Church. 

Bobby shared about his life, jokes stories and how he had become a Christian which was incredible. 


Bobby’s wife also came with him and he shared how God had given her the gift of forgiveness for his unfaithfulness to her. 

After this event I now know who Bobby Ball is and what he looks like.   

Happy Friday Friends! 


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