It’s Chinese

A couple weeks ago I bought a number of different sensory items on Amazon for Timothy and they have been slowly arriving.  The latest was a plastic ball which when shaken has a sort of bell inside.


This is fabulous toy was only £1.93 and sent all the way from China.  This toy is apparently made by environmental materials 100% safety no poison.  I don’t really think any baby toy would be unsafe and clearly not be poisonous, but just in case I had concerns about this particular toy my mind is at rest.

dscn20091Timothy was very excited about this toy and immediately enjoyed shaking the ball so that the bell inside rattled.


It was lovely to see how he was able to create the sound himself and seemed aware how the sound was created.

Happy Wednesday Friends!




The deep end

This morning we took our first family swimming trip with Timothy.  Milestone!  Babies first swim!

One of the gyms in the area has special baby pool times with specialist swim instructors who support the parents and babies whilst in the pool.

One of my husbands friends kindly gave us a pass to this particular gym which allowed us all to attend the baby and parent swim.  We also met up with another lovely family which was fun.

We took some before the pool pictures before excitedly getting into the lovely warm pool which had already begun to fill up with lots of babies and parents.

As soon as we entered the pool one of the specialist swim instructors swam over and showed us how to best hold Timothy in the water.  The swim instructor did return a couple of times to see how we were getting on.

The pool had a selection of toys which was really nice and added to our pool fun.  We all had so much fun and Timothy was full of smiles and giggles and seemed pretty pleased to have one of his lovely little friends join him in the pool.


We all now have the swimming bug and can’t wait for our next big family swim.

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Meet Freddie

Tinkerbell our Miniature Dachshund has many toys each being lovingly named on their arrival into our home.  Shelly, Mr Benjamin Bear, Bernadette and the list goes on.


Most of Timothy’s toys have been named but it’s very helpful when a new arrival already come named.  At the weekend my Mum and Dad brought Freddie the Firefly to come and like at the Karma residence.

Meet Freddie…Freddie is a Lamaze toy so educational yet fun and his main purpose is to be a friend to Timothy during meal times.


Freddie has only recently arrived but has so far been an excellent friend during meal times so far.  Freddie isn’t allowed anywhere else in the house other than the table, my hope is that Timothy will enjoy meal times more and look forward to spending time with Mummy, Daddy, Tinkerbell who sits on the floor next to the table and not forgetting the guest of honor Mr Freddie Firefly.

Happy Monday Friends!


A big thank you

I love my baby boy Timothy he really is amazing, not because he has learnt how to clap or can crawl really fast it’s because he’s mine that I find him truly amazing.


Some people find Church to be their sanctuary but my personal feelings on the matter is that it is not with a 9 month old baby.  The Church has a creche but I wouldn’t want to either hand my baby over to someone and leave him or stay with him as I’d miss out on the service.  So Timothy and I spend our time at the back of the Church feeding, changing nappies and entertaining which sometimes can get a little load with giggles as he focuses in on peoples belongings like a magpie.

This morning one of my mummy friends firstly came to see if I needed help putting Timothy’s blanket out on the floor whilst her own baby slept.  A second lovely friend, one of the first I made when I moved to Lancaster came and sat down on the floor and held and played with Timothy.  After the service we enjoyed a Church lunch and following the lunch Timothy had cuddles with two of his wonderful God parents.  The morning/early afternoon at Church ended by one of the kind girls asking about how Timothy was and this probably was the cherry on the cake, such a thoughtful and simple question that someone thought to ask.

The lovely people at Church today because of these moments of kindness and care really did helped to make my sanctuaryless experience show me the way heaven on earth should be.

So thank you to all those people who give a mummy at Church just a moment of your time.  A moment of time and kindness may differ to each mummy but to me these moments were perfect.

Happy Sunday Friends!

Baby Pumpkin

Today Timothy went to a Baby Pumpkin Sensory Autumn Party!  Mr Happy wore his Ladybird outfit for the second time.  Before the Baby Pumpkin party began Timothy explored the exciting sensory play area.

dscn18991The black bed behind Timothy was actually a blow up bed which he had fun crawling over.

The party was structured into lead sensory, free play and lead sensory activity.

Timothy had fun in the ball pool but didn’t seem pleased when he had to share it with a pumpkin.

To end the Pumpkin Party we enjoy fireworks.

Timothy and I had such an enjoyable afternoon that we continued the Baby Pumpkin Party at home.

Happy All Things Autumn Friends!

First Fancy Dress

Twice a month a group of lovely girls and their babies come over to our home for a rather informal gathering.  Informal it may be but it is a highlight of our week/month, we enjoy very much getting together celebrating milestones, sharing ideas, thoughts, and our mummy lives together.

With Halloween at the end of the month I decided that we would have a fancy dress themed gathering.  I thought it would be fun to make it a little special and go a little baby sensory and have lights, balls that glow and chiffon scarves.


We had lots of lovely outfits, Timothy wore a ladybird outfit.


All of the babies seemed to have a great afternoon playing together.


One of the beautiful babies brought their own pumpkin along!


After a couple pieces of cake for the mummies we all had a group picture before our first fancy dress party finished.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the Timothy clapped his hands a number of times…..MILESTONE!

Happy Friday Friends!




Grab that bag

I rarely ever take with me a grown-up persons bag.  Timothy simple has too many thing in his changing bag that I carry around for the just in case times you may need a third outfit or a second pair of mittens.  I have so many lovely bags but seldom do I carry one with me and with all the walking to and fro often with the pram.  When we do walk with the pram usually Tinkerbell is sat in the basket area which means no room for my bag.

Recently my husband has begun to carry around with him a small rucksack we ended up nicknaming it his ‘grab bag’ I’m not sure, well its obviously the bag he will grab when he is leaving the house so we came to the conclusion that the name ‘grab bag’ worked.

This grab bag of my husbands has been rather annoying me, no that they bag has actually done anything because after all its just a bag but that it seems to trump the order of importance when the car is being loaded up.  Grab bag, Timothy, changing bag, coats…

This morning we had gone to the supermarket I hadn’t planned to go.  My purse was at home so was the voucher which gave extra reward points.  My husband had cards but not the voucher.  After he reminded me that I should bring them with me I think it possible was him but it could of been me that suggested that I needed a grab bag.

On the short drive home I thought about the grab bag and decided that the whole bag idea really wasn’t going to work but a purse or as our good friends in the USA would say a wallet just might.

At the end of last year I bought a lovely purse/wallet by Fossil which comes with a wrist strap.  I have decided to keep in it my cards, phone, keys and a lip balm.  My intention is that each time I leave the house my trusty grab bag will accompany me.


I can’t believe that my husbands grab bag which annoyed me so much has become my inspiration.

Happy Tuesday Friends!