Office organisation

I used to keep everything however over the last couple of year and since just before the big move I’m not keeping as much.  I’m not someone who was a hoarder next door but I like keeping paper items and file them away never to be seen again or rarely looked at. 

Now I’m getting so much better obviously some paper items I enjoy keeping and some I’ll keep for a short period of time.  However as wonderful as greetings cards are I now only choose to keep those cards that means a lot or special ones from family members.

Today I decided to organise a box of lawyers papers from the purcase of our current property and the property we purchased and then sold. 

When we sold the house we previously owned selling was made a little easier by having our orginal purchase paperwork from the Lawyer.  This paperwork and our new house paperwork has been sat in a brown storage box since we moved and I decided that as I’m in the process of organising our home office/ if need to be used as another guest room that I would go through all the paperwork and file into appropriate document wallets.  I labeled all the files, including one for appliance information as the information was provided kindly by the previous owners. 


Further to this organisation I did a lot of shredding of paperwork and receipts.  I like to keep my receipts for a period of time depending on what they are for however I also shred those that become redundant for safety reasons. 


Tomorrow my desk and chair from IKEA arrives for our home office which I’m excited about.  The arrangement of furniture that I had initially had in the room didn’t work however now it’s beginning to look like a room I’d enjoy spending time in and much more practical and user friendly than before for my husband. 

Happy Thursday Friends! 


This morning the blinds company came to fit the roller blinds that had been custom made for the utility room.  Whilst I was waiting for the blinds to be up for action I made the most of my time and took a walk holding Tinkerbell on the treadmill.   

Once the workman had finished fitting the roller blinds I was completely impressed as I stood admiring them with Tinkerbell wrapped in a puppy pad under my arm.  All of a sudden she began to bark than an awful smell and I realised that someone had, had an accident.  I then had to leave to clean Tinkerbell and then return and explain how she wasn’t well. 


The blinds look fantastic and really finish the room of I then decided to gloss the wooden edges of the drying line to freshen up the space.  I also took down some wall mounted plant holders which I disliked since moving in nearly a month ago.  The utility room is now beginning to look like the Karma Family’s and not the previous owners of the house. 

Whilst I made a soup today with ginger, garlic, tom yum paste, chives, stock and vegetables Tinkerbell enjoyed sitting amongst her beds and cages. 


This evening I decided to do some well needed handing washing then disappointing thing is that after all of this I have up but still have more! 


With my husband out this evening Tinkerbell and I decided to have a well earned rest in our basement living room. 


Another busy day for the Karma girls.

Happy Wednesday Friends! 


2½ inches and three accident’s

Even though it’s only mid afternoon Tinkerbell and I are taking a well earned rest together. 

Our day began with my husband trimming my hair.  After taking a shower this morning I handed him a pair of dress making scissors and asked him to take about 2 ½ inches off my hair.  He did cut it reluctantly and comment how I enjoy spending money but not on my hair, very true why go somewhere when my husband can do it at home. 


So I let my hair air dry as I waited for my husband’s meat delivery whilst ironing all his clothes along with a couple of mine. 


As the meat delivery arrived I had just finished the ironing and after realised that Tinkerbell foot the second time had, had an accident and required to be bathed in the utility sink once again. 


After putting all the meat in the freezer whilst drinking my cup of soup for lunch I headed out to Asda especially for candles. 

My visit to the local Asda which isn’t that local at all wasn’t a great shopping experience.  I did buy the candles along with a seaside themed lantern which was reduced for the downstairs toilet room. 


I decided that this is one of the rooms in the house that I would work with its current colour scheme of blue and decided for a seaside theme. 

I also bought a rabbit bed quilt cover and pillow case set which was also on offer which I decided would be perfect as Easter bedding.  I love decorating for the different seasons and festivities and thought that this would be perfect unfortunately I have some time before I can try it out. 


My checkout experience was terrible I hate those self service machines especially when they are temperamental I’d much rather be served by someone however this particular Asda supermarket had the majority of its tills as self service. 

On my return home and another accident and utility sink bath I made this evenings dinner.  A delicious bobotie which is now in the oven. 


After a very busy day I think I’m ready for an early night! 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Tinkerbell’s Week

Our little precious Tinkerbell is still not well I have shared this briefly in my recent blogs but I’ll share where we are up to. 


On Tuesday during my husband mini office make over my husband had comment hope Tinkerbell didn’t seem herself.  In the afternoon I noticed she was walking with her back hunched and gave her some of her medication used last time she had a back issue in May.

On Wednesday I made a vets appointment at our local Vets for Pets that we had moved our registration over to since moving.  By Wednesday evening she was walking however her back legs were very wobbly, something that has never happened before. 

On Thursday morning Tinkerbell’s back legs were very bad but still had some ability to move them.  Before our morning appointment with the local Vets for Pets I decided due to the distance and other reasons that I would register Tinkerbell at a local vets which offered greater services than the local Vets for Pets. 

Our new vet was extremely professional and I felt comfortable that he was concerned about Tinkerbell’s needs.  After a full examination and reading her history that had been sent across from the other vets his advice was to continue with medication and 23 hours of rest daily, with a follow up Monday morning appointment. 

By Thursday afternoon she had no moment at all and unable to control her toileting. 

The weekend was hard with sickness and other upsetting and distressing symptoms which were possible as a result of the medication. 

On Sunday afternoon we decided to try keeping Tinkerbell’s back continuously warm with two tiny wheat bags and suggested by someone at Church to my husband to massage Tinkerbell’s legs and feet. 

Sunday evening was amazing when after hours of massaging Tinkerbell she stretched her back legs whilst laying down. 

Vet Update
This morning after a very bad toileting start before arriving at the surgery we went for our follow up appoinment.  The vet said that he felt that there was about a 5% improvement in Tinkerbell’s back leg reflexes which was amazing to hear.  He encouraged us to persist with the care we had been providing so far.  He said that crate rest normally takes between 4 – 6 weeks before any significant improvement.  With a follow up appointment in a week and a half we feel very positive. 

Happy Monday Friends! 

No sunshine bananas

When the British summer time of wind, occasional rain showers and grey skies are here and my husband requested that I use the bananas I decided that I’d make a favourite childhood drink – banana milkshake! 

Using three bananas and about 700ml of full fat milk I mixed together in my blender until the bananas were no longer large pieces. 


I added a tiny amount of sugar.


Perfection in a glass, good source of calcium and potassium.  My insides now feel a little cold maybe I need to put the fire on. 

Sometimes the most simplest ingredients make the nicest treats. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Can’t bake cake

If you have no idea how to bake the Bara Brith Welsh teabread is what you need to make, it’s a delightfully easy cake that virtual is made without even thinking in two simple pre-cooking steps. 

I came across this easy recipe in Mary Berry 100 Cakes and Bakes I did adapt is very slightly using only sultanas and regular sugar. 

The ingredients I used were as follows:

2 cups sultanas
1 cup sugar
300ml strong tea
1¾ cups self raising flour
1 egg

Step 1.  Put the sultanas and sugar in a bowl add the hot tea (without adding the tea bag) cover and leave for a few hours.  (I left for over 5 hours). 

Step 2.  Add the flour and egg and mix thoroughly. 

Step 1 and 2 are all you have to do! 

Of course Step 3. Is putting the mixture into a lined and greased came tin and cooking for around 1½ hours at 150° or until risen and firm and the skewer congress out clean. 

Step 4.  When conferred remove from the oven allow to cool for 10 minutes before removing from the tin and peeling away the grease proof paper and spring to cool on a wire rack. 

Naturally I had to try the cake as suggested sliced and buttered and it is amazing. 


The most easiest, tastiest cake I’ve made. 

Happy Saturday Friends! 

Family Friday

Today wasn’t a good start for the Karma girls with sickness however the afternoon was such a lovely time spent with my Mum, Dad and their dog Max later followed by my husband joining us. 


My husband had a meeting today near my parents and literally dropped Tinkerbell and I off at the gate with the cage as Tinkerbell due to her back issue isn’t able to currently use her back legs and therefore is on cage rest as instructed by the vet. 


Max normally very excited to see us on arrival could sense something wasn’t right and didn’t stay by Tinkerbell at all.  Max was most definitely a gentleman today.

For dinner when my husband arrived we had an indoor BBQ which was delicious, so much food and tasty honey bread. 

Tinkerbell was as good as gold staying either in her cage, bed or on my knee. 


This afternoon/early evening was such a lovely time spent together, a little saddened by Tinkerbell being so unwell with her back and legs but we are keeping her in our prays. 

Happy Friday Friends! 


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