40 Days – Day 1

Yesterday we celebrated pancake day with lovely friends which is always fun.  I didn’t flip any pancakes but my batter I thought was good and my Pampered Chef pan cooks them extremely well.  I actually had two pans on the go and felt like a celebrity chef well maybe not quite. 

This morning around 5am when most people are probably in bed whilst my husband changed our little boys nappy I swiftly went down stairs to the utility room to put a load of washing in the machine followed by heading back up the stairs to feed our precious boy. 

As I do like I imagine many other parents feeding their baby during sleeping hours I checked Facebook!  One of my friends had posted to say she would be giving up Facebook for the Lent season which is 40 days.  I decided that I would try my best as blogging daily with a new baby sadly hasn’t been at the top of my to do list to blog for 40 days sharing something each day I’m happy/thankful about. 

Day 1. Thankful for over 5 hours interrupted sleep, this
my husband pointed out.  Our little boy slept for over 5 hours it must have been his new toys which we bought yesterday and how awake he was in the late evening.  My husband was so excited about the 5 hour victory he decided to spend time in our home gym. 


Happy Wednesday Friends! 

Five weeks later

Whilst getting changed into my pyjamas at around 4.35pm I complemented my husband as he finished getting ready wearing hit lovely suit for a Church meeting he had been invited to.  I then curled up onto the bed and told my husband since I’ve got home, meaning from having Timothy I’ve not had a rest yet. 

After five long worrying at times and exciting weeks the three of us Tinkerbell, Timothy and I decided to have a rest this Sunday evening putting our feet up in the calm environment which is the living room away from any distractions well nearly.  The three of us curled up together decided to be wise with our time and order our grocery shopping online which would allow us to attend our Monday morning baby group followed by a peaceful afternoon. 

Time is so precious I’d rather enjoy it and be wise with it which means spending more time with Tinkerbell


and Timothy


in a relaxed environment, being thankful for the blessings in my life. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Little outing

My husband and I decided that we would go on a little outing with our favourite boy. 


Safely wrapped up in his pram on this wet day we took Timothy to the butterfly house stopping firstly at the café for a cake and hot chocolate! 


After a near miss with my husband’s hand and an innocent butterfly we watched them eating and flying around.  Some of the butterfly’s had incredible blue markings. 


The butterfly house also had tiny quails which were very sweetly walking around. 


Tortoises enjoying the water and each other’s company. 


After the butterfly house we went over to the mini beast house which was interesting thankfully all the bugs including cockroaches where all behind glass along with a lizard. 


After a lovely couple of hours out we returned home to Tinkerbell who was doing security. 

Happy Saturday Friends! 

A little investment

During my pregnancy with Timothy our beautiful son I hadn’t bought many maternity clothes at all and reflecting back I think that was possible something I should of invested in.  I did invest in a coat with a zip in and out panel which was fantastic and perfect for the cold weather leading up to the birth of Timothy a couple of dresses and a pair of jeans.  Only at the very end did I buy pyjamas which I felt comfortable wearing.

Now with Timothy here I have decided that I would invest in a couple of clothing items which making nursing easier.  Especially as nursing will probably last several months and it’s about making life easier and more comfortable. 


Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Get it Right Now Media

My husband is fantastic and especially at the moment he is extra wonderful as he will do most of the night duty with Timothy our new baby who yesterday was four weeks old. 


Being a great parents to Timothy is really important to both my husband and myself.  Already my husband has bought him the audio collection of Roald Dahl and a couple of other books for us to read to him.  Timothy has already been enjoying the Roald Dahl story the Witches. 

Black and white images are good for babies to focus on and theses lovely books from Timothy’s God parents have been used by us to interact with Timothy. 


In the last couple of days my husband signed his Church up to an online video library called Right Now Media.


When I first heard about Right Now Media from my husband I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I thought it would be extremely complex material which I may not find enjoyable however when he told me more and when I signed into the online library myself I was amazed at the wealth of resources. 

Already I have watched a series for Mums being a new Mummy I thought it may be helpful and part way through an early years parenting series by two doctors who have appeared on Oprah among many other well know television programmes. 


Right Now Media also has an amazing amount of children’s cartoons which I know I’d love Timothy to watch when he’s older. 


The bottom line is that it’s such an incredible resource which I’m thankful that my husband has found I already feel that it’s going to transform the Karma family in an extremely positive way. 

Anyone wishing to sign up let me know, the best part is it’s completely free! 

Happy Monday Friends! 

Meeting Grandma

Today Timothy meet my Grandma, his great Grandma for the first time.  Grandma was very excited about meeting Timothy and couldn’t wait to hold him.  When she was embracing him gently she did so for the whole visit. 

A picture can say a thousand words.


I love my Grandma and so pleased she could meet Timothy however it was sad that my Grandad has now passed away and wouldn’t get the chance to meet him. 

Happy Saturday Friends! 

Where’s Peter?

Today Timothy and I attend a baby group, one of the three we have decided to attend.  We enjoy our Friday group which is a rhyming time group where the parents sing songs.  We were disappointed when we arrived to find out that the man who plays the guitar wasn’t here today however the other three leaders did a lovely job.  That lovely job was until it came to the song Little Peter Rabbit which is our favourite song.  There is a song book and they missed Little Peter Rabbit out, I felt most upset almost to the point of standing up in the circle and asking if we could sing the song but I didn’t. 

On arrival home and a chorus of Little Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose I decided to clean the utility room and do a little DIY on a draft or two that was making the room feel cool.


Along with using the room for laundry I primarily use the sink area for washing Timothy’s bottles before I sterilise them. 

Timothy was extremely helpful and slept for most of my cleaning/DIY session as did Tinkerbell.


Happy Friday Friends! 


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