This time of voting seems to be very intense and will soon be over at 10pm tonight.  

Facebook especially has been filled with many angry and hateful comments about why or why not to vote for certain political parties.  

I actually found the whole process undemocratic on social media which is a complete juxtaposition to what this country’s political values should be.  

This evening my husband and I along with Timothy went to our local polling station.  

My parents always took my sister and I along with them to vote so in the same spirit I take Timothy, plus I can’t leave him home along!  

The right to vote is a privilege and a responsibility, one which I take seriously as a citizen of this country.  

We thankfully are free to vote for whoever we feel will best serve, represent and lead the country without fear and with confidence, thats democracy.  

Happy Voting Day!



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Pancake Day, YouTube mould

Timothy last year was a very new baby and therefore didn’t get to enjoy any pancakes this year however it was pancakes all round!  

Timothy’s little pancake Tuesday tray.  I obviously didn’t give Timothy the tray other wise it would of all been on the floor.  Banana, Strawberry and pancake.  

My pancakes looked extremely appetising and tasted amazingly delicious.  Frozen fruits whiched I’d defrosted then heated up, honey, sugar and lemon.  

Timothy enjoyed eating his pancakes occasionally sharing them with Tinkerbell as he dropped bits over the edge of his high chair.   

Would love to share the link with you to my first ever Vlog, it’s only short so have a little watch…A little mould!..

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Happy Tuesday Friends! 

NO climbing!

Monday’s are normally a day Timothy and I attend one of our classes however with my husband taking today off we decided that we would instead take Timothy to a soft play.  

Group picture!  

Mum and Dad also joined our soft play Monday which was nice for them to see Timothy playing.  

My husband went in the small play area with Timothy, which Timothy seemed to really enjoy.  

Timothy and my husband enjoyed going down the slide together and both thought it was great fun trying to go up the slide.  

It was great all spending time together and especially nice for Timothy to have fun with his Daddy. 

For the video of these two going up the slide check out my Facebook page.  

Happy Monday Friends! 

Relaxation Zone

Timothy Sleepy Karma had only taken about a 20 minutes nap at Church in the baby corner this morning before I disturbed him by tidying up at the end of the service.   

Well this afternoon Mr Sleepy hadn’t fallen to sleep and it had gone past 3pm too late for nap taking.  I decided that with a very exhausted baby on my hands I’d have to be creative.  

I decided that Timothy needed to rest even though it was too late to sleep.  So by bringing out the playpen and filling it with a quilt from off one of the beds and other blankets and throws to create a comfortable space to relax.  I then filled the playpen with some of Timothy’s teddy’s 

Timothy seemed to really enjoy his relaxation zone.  

Yes and so did I and Tinkerbell!  

Well Tinkerbell didn’t last long in the relaxation zone.

Timothy is fascinated by Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell does like Timothy’s company but doesn’t like being prodded.  

The relaxation zone did pass a good period of time which perfectly help with keeping a Sleepy Timothy mostly happy and relaxed.  

Think I’ll be creating my relaxation zone on a regular basis.  

Happy Sunday Friends!  


It’s creative Saturday

This morning my husband and I took Timothy to a sensory class which was happening free but you had to register your attendance.

It was a fantastic class which was full of performance, song, music, sensory play and a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion from the teachers who ran the class.  

Timothy was a little young still for the class however with that being said it did include elements which he was able to engage with properly.  
The room where the class took place had been wonderfully decorated.

We also adventured into another part of the room which was completely white and a harp was played as we transitioned into this space which was really beautiful that they would incorporate such an instrument into the magical performance.  

This class had clearly been well planned and amazingly delivered, it was actually very surprising just how incredible the whole experience was.  

It is so wonderful that we have these incredible opportunity to immerse Timothy in.  It really is fantastic as a parent that such companies and organisations exist, giving up their time to provide these experiences.  

A Very Happy Saturday Friends! 

Bleach it

I used to be very frightened of bleach, not to the extend that if I’d see Mr Bleach walking down the street I’d cross over but especially when I was a child I’d think to myself when I’m older I’m not going to use bleach.  

What frightened me most about bleach was the thought that this substance would burn right through my skin.  

I can’t remember when my fear subsided but I can say that bleach and I are best friend’s.  

This afternoon I went through half a bottle of bleach it felt amazing.  Now I continually spend time cleaning its a hobby I can’t help it.  I bleached the down stairs toilet and then the bathroom upstairs.  The more bleach the merrier.  

My husband was a little concerned about the extremely strong smell of bleach when he walked past the bathroom and offered to open the window.  
The smell if bleach is such a clean smell the results wonderful.  Most of the bleach went into my bath.  I let it sit for a while before cleaning and washing it away.  

No more germs hidding in my bathroom.  Me 1-0 Germs

Happy Friday Friends!  

Storage, it’s a big deal

When it comes to storage for babies and young children it is defiantly something which you can’t escape from needing however I think it’s extremely important to consider the type of storage.  

My main consideration is safety.  Having hard plastic or even wooden storage for toys can work well for your aesthetical storage needs however maybe not the best for little ones to have access to especially when older babies are rolling, crawling and or stumbling about its another hazard and especially with a number of babies around all wanting to see what they can take out of the toy box. 

If your on a tight budget or want something a little different using a pillow case to store toys can be perfect.  

I choose to use some brown storage boxes which hold a nice structure.  

They are easy for Timothy to get toys out and can be moved easily.  

These boxes also withstand crawlers and still bounce back to their original shape.  

This is without any damage to either baby or box. 

Today I bought some boxes for a baby corner at my husband’s Church.  Many of the storage boxes available at TKMaxx seemed to have this awareness built into their design.  

These storage boxes will be perfect to allow little hands to gain easy access to toys and idea if accidentally the boxes make a collision with any baby.  

The rim of the boxes contains a wire structure but the actual box is created using fabric which has structure yet simply crumples when pushed.  

Storage consideration need not only apply to children’s toys but containers used on a top shelf or in the car.  

Happy Thursday Friends!  

Hurry up lady

This morning Timothy and I enjoyed our Baby Sensory Class.  It was weather day today and we had so much fun.  Timothy especially enjoyed being under the wind sheet.  

Timothy had great fun exploring which makes him particularly tired.  

So after the class was over and Timothy was once again snug in the pram we headed back home.  Timothy fell asleep on route and I know that his morning naps will usually last anywhere from 30 till an hour so I pick up the pace on a gradient path which is ever increasing.  

Now I’m moving at a speed negotiating our way around people walking.  Now when you have a sleeping baby and you really need this nap time, time when people are walking slowly and hogging the pavement it isn’t helpful.  

I often feel like voicing my opinions ‘lady move out the way’ or ‘come on pick up the pace’. See every minute saved is a minute more I have at home to do the jobs I need to do or eat my lunch sat down.  

I managed to get around 35 minutes at home after 15 minute’s or there abouts sleeping on route as I try to encourage myself to walk quickly up the hill. 

So 35 minutes later we are back to fun and games.  

Followed by feeding time at the zoo.  Tinkerbell is a smart cookies and sits under the high chair I decided to put Tinkerbells bed so she could sit comfortably.  This feeding frenzy turned into a paper fest as Timothy grabbed a tissue out of my pocket as I walked past.  

After a very long day Tinkerbell is exhausted.  

I also feel like curling up however I’m on the evening, night and early morning shift.  

Oh and if my pager was a cry and moving baby on the monitor than I’m wanted.  On duty again.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!  

In bulk

We are an in bulk sort of family.  We actually used to be big in bulk buyers that was before we moved to a new area which doesn’t have a Macro close by.  

This morning we took a little trip around Aldi.  

This then led to a trip for my husband around a cash and carry while Timothy and I waited in the car.  I had asked my husband to buy kitchen paper and toilet paper which he did but he also came back with these.  

Just to put this massive tray of mushrooms into perspective 1.1kg of mushrooms who needs that many, not us I didn’t think clearly I was very wrong.  

As Timothy sat obliviously playing with his toys.  

I was trying to put this monster tray of mushrooms into the fridge.  I did manage to squash them in however looks like tomorrow’s task will be to use some mushrooms and reorganise the fridge.  

Happy Tuesday Friends!  

Friendly vs NOT

Last week my husband and I went to watch a film The Lion at the theatre which was a parent and baby friendly screening.  The film The Lion based on a true story of a boy in Indian who gets seperated from his family and is adopted by an Australian family.  

The film was incredibly moving and had an emotional ending.  It was actually really good that Timothy slept through all of the film except the first maybe 10 minute’s.

It was great to visit the cinema without worrying that Timothy might disturb someone.  We used to take Timothy when he was very tiny to the cinema and would just sleep and didn’t really do very much but now it would be increasingly more difficult so to find a cinema where baby noise and movement is not only tolerated but welcomed is amazing.

At the other end of the spectrum is when people don’t understand what having a pram with baby is like.  Especially those men who block a path with their van restricting the access which consequently means that I can’t take Timothy and Tinkerbell who sits under the pram out for our afternoon walk which  helps to Timothy to fall off to sleep and gives me an hour to do some job’s around the house.  

Today I wasn’t pleased the owner of the van who was man probably has never pushed a pram in his life and  highly unlikely that because of his lack of understanding had children to realise that nap time is very important.  The importance of nap time is elevated when your house needs all the toys picking up and the playpen removing from the kitchen.  
Well the van never moved and I ended up pushing Timothy and Tinkerbell past the front of our house again and again like some crazy person.  I’m sure the neighbours may of wondered but 17 minutes later when Timothy was asleep I got everyone back in to the house and while Timothy gave me an hour of sleep I tided the house and made chocolate and marshmallow muffins.  

So please people when you see that pram coming towards you take a moment to think about the Mummy who’s pushing it and park your van leaving enough room to get past.  

Happy Monday Friends!