It’s a wrap

Today I decided that the day would be dedicated to Christmas present wrapping.  With Tinkerbell snug in her bed I set to work. 

My first task was to make my gift tags and use these with the Martha Stewart Christmas tags.


Followed by my second task was simply to get wrapping. 

I took out my Christmas planner to ensure that I was wrapping the correct gift for each person. 

This year I decided that I wouldn’t use ribbon to decorate my wrapping instead opt for festive tape around one edge of the gift which worked well on the brown wrapping paper.


Some of the gifts are being posted so not only did I have to wrap them but also needed to suitable package the presents well. 


My Christmas wrapping took a good few hours in the morning and afternoon.  I only have one or two more gifts to buy and then I’ve finished, its clearly not as good as last year with all my Christmas shopping finished by August.  However because of the move my husband didn’t want to be having to transport gifts across the country.  With that being said one of the removal vans had lots of room! 

Tomorrow’s plan is to hopefully finish my Christmas shopping online and do some needed jobs around the house. 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Christmas has already begun

Today began by assembling the Church advent candle wreath followed by fluffing the new 10ft Church tree after my husband had kindly assembled it for me.  While I fluffed the tree Tinkerbell kept my husband company in his office while I prepared the 10ft giant tree for Saturday when it will be dressed. 

I them headed into the town whilst the office angel was still keeping my husband company to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts and a couple extra cinnamon and apple candles for Church. 

On returning to collect Tinkerbell I then dropped her off at home before heading out to do the weekly shop.  Two very exciting items made it into the shopping trolley the first being Cadbury Dairy Milk winter edition chocolate. 


Half a packet later I can confirm it’s very good. 

The second the Spiced apple and fig hand wash which not only looks festive but smells like Christmas. 


I bought one for the down stairs toilet room and one for the bathroom to add festive cheer each time we washed our hands. 

Tinkerbell also got festive as I hung the door wreath and put out the Christmas door mat, I put her in a lovely Christmas outfit my sister had bought for her last Christmas. 


The outfit is a full body one not only keeping her little body warm but legs as well. 

So my festive plan tomorrow is to begin by wrapping some of the Christmas presents and take it from there. 

Happy Monday Friends!  🎄


Deck the halls 2015

This afternoon whilst Tinkerbell had a well earned nap  under a Christmas red blanket my husband and I put up our Christmas tree! 

We had Christmas music playing from start till finish and enjoyed working on creating a wonderful Christmas tree in our new house. 

Unfortunately with no bay window like we had in our last house however we decided to opt for the corner by the window. 

Using white lights and mostly red decorations with a couple white jingle bell style ornaments we created a spectacular Christmas wonder. 


To finish the tree I added to the base my tree skirt I had made one afternoon during the summer from IKEA fabric which I think finishes the tree off very nicely. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 🎄

The tree update

A few minutes after 12 noon today our house guest departed however we couldn’t enjoy a little calm time as we had been kindly invited over for tea and cake at someone’s house which was lovely however on our return home we or at least I was ready to enjoy a little weekend rest with the family. 

The plan was to watch a couple of the programmes from the series of 24 followed by putting the main Christmas tree up however we returned home I think around 3pm and 24 happened but I decided that we would postpone the main Christmas tree until tomorrow. 

Putting the main Christmas tree up is an activity I enjoy greatly however after the past couple of days of having a house guest putting up the main tree wouldn’t of been very enjoyable I don’t think so tomorrow afternoon is when it’s happening. 

The issue we face with the Christmas tree is where in the room to put it.  In our last house the bay window was the perfect place being bay windowless I’m very unsure.  I suppose I can sleep on it and decide tomorrow.  I may have to rearrange the furniture which I doubt my husband will be best pleased about, after all it will be him having to move and then remove when I decide I prefer the furniture how it first of all was.  

I’ve also outside lights that need to be hung, an outside door mat and wreath for the front of the house but I’m waiting first for the tree and a fine day to sort out the lights. 

Following this I hope next week to begin wrapping my presents, buying the last couple I need to, organise my Christmas cards being printed and decide on what I’ll be baking as food gifts. 

Tinkerbell is snuggling exhaustedly in a Christmas red throw after having the house back to herself and us of course. 


Happy Saturday Friends! 

Almond and honey Christmas

After a little shopping with our special house guest her and I decided that we would stop for a refreshment break at Starbucks.  Sadly what I had to drink I have no photographic evidence of but I’m about to describe a wonderful Christmas hot chocolate which will have you running out for a cup.  The hot chocolate was a Christmas special almond and honey however it didn’t stop at the fabulous flavours it came with a chocolate cream on the top with chocolate sauce or syrup over the cream.  This hot chocolate looked incredible especially next to our special house guests plain, no cream hot chocolate. 

This evening because of the miserable weather my husband suggested that we order food in and therefore we enjoyed a lovely Chinese meal together. 


With my Christmas decorations up already I’m excited for tomorrow as the plan is to put up our Christmas tree.  Clearly the fireplace needs some stockings hung with care but I think we have a lovely decorated fireplace. 


Happy Friday Friends! 

Guest with cake

Today our special house guest arrived to spend a couple of days with us.  She arrives with a number of items one of them being a delicious home made chocolate cake for my birthday which was a couple of weeks ago as she had promised. 


I’m very glad she had kept her promise as the cake is delicious and looks so pretty. 

Along with many other items our special guest had brought along two knitted baby cardigans one she had knitted with a matching pair of little socks.  The cardigan has the sweetest bear buttons and the nicest knit I’ve ever seen. 


The second a lovely cardigan which had been hand knitted by someone else which has such a lovely neck line.


Our lovely and thoughtful guest also have me a sweet miniature dachshund calendar, I can however confirm that none of the dogs are as cute as Tinkerbell. 


As we really have the sweetest hound!


Happy Thursday Friends! 

Sainsburys bug hoops

My appetite sadly has been poor and extremely uninteresting lately.  I have continued to prepare my husband what I consider lovely nutritious home cooked food while I on the other hand often opt for Heinz tomato soup, fish fingers and peas or the famous beans on toast.

My husband and I sit at the dinning room table opposite each other to eat two completely different meals something which is rather strange. 

Yesterday whilst in Sainsburys I decided that I would opt for some of the Sainsburys spaghetti hoops as a change a food which I felt would be easily consumed by my currently particular self. 

This lunch time I decided to enjoy my spaghetti hoops, opened the tin and put into a bowl, covered with cling film and  microwaved.  I sat down to my bowl of spaghetti hoops and realised a tiny black/brown thing in my bowl after I had taken a couple of mouthfuls. 

I carefully fished the black/brown thing out and after close examination realised that in fact it was a bug! 

Finding a bug I can assure you isn’t a pleasant experience.  I naturally didn’t continue eating my spaghetti hoops and later made a phone call to Sainsburys customer service to make them aware.  All they seemed interested in was giving me my money back and all I was interested in was making them aware so they could contact their food team as finding a bug in food is clearly a major issue. 


So clearly I can cross Sainsburys spaghetti hoops off my list of food to enjoy whilst pregnant. 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 


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