Bestest people’s

Timothy had fun this afternoon with some of his favourite people’s, his Grandma and Grandad and Aunty and Great Grandma. 


Timothy proudly showed how good he is at driving his new car. 

The chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing whipped up before the our bestest people’s arrived were a big success.  I always think you can’t go wrong with a sweet treat.  

Wanting to share the good will to all men Christmas in May feeling after our favourite people’s left we took around some of the cakes to our neighbours one who’s door bell plays a Christmas tune! 

Happy Thursday Friends! 

Timothy’s driving!

By 8am this morning Timothy our little superstar had enjoyed his morning bath and was trying out his new wheels for the first time. 


My Mum and Dad had gotten Timothy a walker and my husband had collected it and brought it home last night and parked it in the living room.  Even though the walker is still a little bit old for Timothy it didn’t stop him this morning taking it for a spin before heading out to our baby play group. 

This afternoon Timothy after a big sleep he seemed extremely pleased to show off to his driving skills to his lovely Aunty and also to the neighbour this evening before bedtime. 

Timothy’s feet just touch the ground and he requires a blanket to hold him in position in the seat.  With a 20 minute maximum suggested usage each time I know that we will had this to the circuit of toys.

Happy Wednesday Friends!  🚗

I need a little Martha

My baby Timothy is just wonderful so is my precious little dog Tinkerbell.  However it’s sometimes difficult to undertake a project of reasonable length for the following reasons: a. Timothy nap is only short
b. Timothy needs entertaining
c. Tinkerbell needs entertaining
d. Timothy needs feeding and changing
To be honest I could list reasons through until Z however I’ll stop at D. 
This afternoon after making my delicious signature curry I took Tinkerbell and Timothy upstairs along with his toys in hopes that I would be able to tidy my wardrobe which I had been wanted to tackle for a little while but with many other pressing a tasks has been neglected.
I decided that Martha Stewart would not at all be impressed with my wardrobe and whilst working my way through list a-d I still managed to make Martha proud. 
Timothy is an expert at rolling spent much of his afternoon rolling and I spent a good chunk of my time rolling him back the right way. 


It took around 2 hours to complete the wardrobe so that’s a lot of rolling. 

I have many other projects which I would like to complete in the house think I need to pick up a Martha Stewart book and show Timothy the way Martha would do it. 

Happy Monday Friends! 

He named them all

My husband and I named all of Tinkerbell’s toys as they arrived in the house over the years with Mr Benjamin Bear being a particular favourite.  Tinkerbell knows each of her toys names which is pretty good. 


Timothy has accumulated his fair share of toys however we haven’t named any except his dog teddy he has been named Rudolph because of his red noise and my love of Christmas and also because if Tinkerbell would have been a boy that was going to be the name I’d pick. 


The second named teddy came on the scene yesterday my Dad actually named it Zeb. 


The third which is currently in the car is the hungry caterpillar which I named Carlos. 

Yesterday evening my husband dressed one of Timothy’s teddy’s up and asked me to guess who it was.  The little teddy lamb wore Timothy’s hat, scarf and bracelet toy. 


Think I need to decide what I’m going to name the rest of his toys. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

Floor work

Timothy is very much enjoying practising his rolling ability whilst on his play mat and even in his crib at bedtime. 


The funny is that the whole family are enjoying floor time too.  My mum and dad today both at different times were on the floor with Timothy.  My husband is always on the floor with Timothy.  Even I was getting on the action when I practice my roll on the floor to see how difficult rolling must be as it’s not everyday you decide to roll across the living room floor. 

Another one Timothy’s great loves is laughing.  Before bedtime I came downstairs to find my husband pulling Timothy backwards and forwards across the sofa. 


Timothy found this especially amusing, a real joy to see my favourites enjoying spending time together. 

Happy Thursday Friends! 

Mr Sniffles

Today my beautiful baby fell asleep at his favourite baby group.  I sat him in a lovely swinging seat and their he napped as his tiny friends lay around kicking their legs and making sweet baby noises. 

After we returned home from our group Timothy helped me in the kitchen make a shepherds pie for tomorrow’s dinner. 


My lovely Mr Sniffles has unfortunately caught a cold from me and has been coughing and sneezing. 

Timothy decided that helping me cook was exhausting work and decided to take a nap for two and three quarter hours this afternoon which allowed me to make an excellent start on tidying my utility and kitchen cupboards, Martha Stewart would be impressed!

A little calpol later Timothy enjoyed cuddles with Daddy before bedtime. 

Hoping Mr Sniffles feels better in the morning. 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

Edible Gardening

For a little while now I have wanted to plant some edible plants into the garden and I had the perfect little space to do so.  Already in the garden I have a raspberry bush, some herbs and apple trees but I wanted more everyday vegetables which I could enjoy growing and harvesting.

Timothy and I took a little trip to B&Q today and came away with some incredible plant’s. 


The rectangular trays of plants were 5 for £5 corn, salad leaves, beans, carrots and onions.  The tiny pots were 5 for £3  parsley, pumpkin, cucumber, peas and tomatoes.


I decided to buy the plants that were ready to plant as it is really at the end of the planting season and the price seemed far. 

I had wanted to get into the garden before I put Timothy to bed however he was very sleepy so I’m hoping he will be a good boy and go straight to sleep so that I can go outside and sort out my plants. 

Happy Monday Friends!


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