I’m getting Autumnal

If I had my own magazine I’d be more than happy to plan Christmas in March I’m always way ahead of each season.  I’m already very excited about Autumn and have been thinking about getting my Autumn decorations out since June!

Ok, so most people don’t decorate for Autumn I honestly think that’s unfortunate as I love to celebrate the festivals, seasons and holidays in true Martha Stuart style.

Last week I purchased a lovely decoration or in actual fact two autumnal inspired glass jars with wooden scenes inside which I thought would go nicely on the fire place.

DSCN0956[1]The official Autumn 2016 food and drink list has begun.

Sainsbury’s Sunflower and Pumpkin Multiseed Flatbread!  I have decided that these taste like Autumn they are so delicious and far better than munching on sweets.

DSCN0953[1]There is just something about all the seeds which seem to give me that harvest feeling.

My husband and I enjoy green tea and Tetleys have a new tea Green Tea Forest Fruits which is apparently good for your heart.  The aroma is pure Autumn and the fact that its good for your heart is even better.


On the first of September with with a cup of the Tetley Green Tea Forest Fruits in one hand and armed with a flatbread I’ll be decking the halls for Autumn!

Happy Thursday Friends!

He’s back up!

Today was an excellent day I had got my, Timothy and Tinkerbell up we had all washed, dressed and eaten by 8.30am I even noted it in my diary.

At 9am after bleaching the bathmat once again and cleaning the window ledge in the utility room I would tackle the iron.  I had watched yesterday evening one of those cleaning programs where peoples homes are completely filthy.  As a result the stray items which always remain in the ironing basket were not going to enjoy another day without being ironed.

The ironing had a lovely recess as we had been invited to the cinema to watch The Secret Life of Pets.  The cinema was pretty much a private viewing of the film besides Timothy and I my friend and her two young children I think there was about 6 other people in the cinema.  Timothy spent most of the movie on the floor playing which he enjoyed and fell asleep right at the end.  The movie was so good and the company defiantly wonderful and impressive how the two young children were able to sit so well through the entire movie including trailers.

After the cinema Timothy and I went to buy some hangers 90p for 8 hangers from one of out new favorite shops Wilkinson’s and then onto the pound shop to buy baby hangers for Timothy.

I had two little helpers in the utility room whilst I ironed.


One of them decided it was all too much and fell asleep.


By the end of the afternoon the iron basket looked like this empty with a few stray socks waiting to be paired up.


As a treat to myself when Timothy went to bed I wanted to make make a dessert however someone wouldn’t go to sleep and started to cry.  My husband saved the day by going to look after Timothy whilst I made this.


My lovely husband decided to sing to Timothy, I thought that a karaoke club had opened up in the bedroom .

DSCN0980[1]The karaoke I mean singing failed to soothe Timothy and I returned upstairs after I decided to rock him to sleep instead this worked until when putting him back down he woke.  The tag team approach ment my husband returned up stairs with the instructions of NO SINGING.

I took this opportunity to eat my dessert which I didn’t really enjoy and returned back to this time try feed Timothy for the second time which after two hours of getting him off the bed finally did the trick.

Oh one hour later hes back up!

Happy Wednesday Friends!


Last week after giving my precious baby boy his morning bath which he adores I wrapped him in his towel and decided that I would cut his nails.


I thought that I would clip his nails as this had been successful in the past so I took the grown up big nail cutters which my husband uses out of the bathroom cupboard and began to gently cut Timothy’s toe nails.  Snip, snip, snip, all ten tiny toes perfectly cut I decided to cut his finger nails.

I began with his thumb nail and that’s when it happened instead of his nail I clipped his tiny thumb.  Poor Timothy screamed I screamed and thankfully my husband was still had home just before 7am which was a miracle.

Holding just the towel around the bleeding thumb of my naked baby I dash to the nursery to feed him but he won’t feed I thought that this would calm him.

Wanting to simply jump in the car to go to A&E may of seemed drastic but with an emergency on my hands I didn’t know what to do.  I phoned my Mum as I needed medical advice and then preceded to look on the internet to see if the area had a walk in medical centre which they don’t

At 8.30am Timothy was asleep in his car seat whilst a nurse at our doctors surgery bandaged up his tiny thumb.


The nurse said to leave the bandage on for two to three days, despite Timothy wearing a single mitten it came off after the end of two days but I continued to keep his mitten on for a few more days to protect his tiny war wound.


Today I find out how I’d cut his nails, technically I didn’t cut them but filed them using a nail file I found the other day while tidying the down stair toilet cupboard.


Successful Mummicure!

Happy Tuesday Friends!


Decorating my life continued

My husband and I are working our way around our home decorating but it’s not just my home I want to get beautifully organised and looking the way I wish it to be but my life.

I often find that I allow others to dictate to me how things should be.

When it comes to decorating or interior design for my home I love a good read of a home magazine seeing how the experts say it can be or a little internet browsing getting ideas.  I clearly don’t follow what ‘they’ say I like to do my own thing yes taking bits and pieces, including the advice and opinions of friends and family but ultimately its my castle and I’m the queen of it.


With being a new mummy advice is everywhere, I love to share my experiences with others and enjoy knowing about other peoples experiences I also think that it helps to share honest truths and be open to new ways of doing things.


I never thought I’d give my beautiful baby a dummy, neo natal asked for permission to use a dummy with Timothy when he was just born this made it nicer for him when carrying out tests.  Since leaving the hospital the dummy has been wonderful for bed times and car journeys.  I know mummies who don’t use a dummy with their baby and others who allow their bundle of joy to use one through out the day.

When talking with mummy friends I always hope that what I say doesn’t come across as THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST DO, I really do hope that it is received as caring advice which is filtered and used or not used.

Why on earth do I feel the need to apologise for my opinion or feel the need to conform to what someone tells me I should.  My thoughts and feelings count.

Since Timothy arrived on the scene I have filtered through different schools of thought many online and often on social media.  One of the funniest yet politest responses which I recently came across on social media to a negative comment to a post was ‘I think your in the wrong group’!  I thought that this response was perfect.

From ice cream flavours to political views and parenting styles to paint colour preferences I won’t apologise for having an opinion which may differ, yes I may be wrong or my views my be unorthodox or not NORMAL but I will try and listen to others, change or adapt my thinking either over time as I evolve or when I realise that I was wrong or just decide its not working and need a change.

My life is a masterpiece, I’m a work in progress!  Beware WET PAINT!

Happy Monday Friends!




Decorating my life


At the beginning of the week my husband helped me decorate our family room which is the basement space or lower level of the house as this now beautiful room opens up onto the garden.

The room before my husband and I set to work on it had by the previous owners been painted green on both the walls and ceiling which made the room look extremely small so like the kitchen and utility room which we painted white a couple of weeks ago we also decided that this lovely basement space would also be painted white.

I still have to clean the white paint off the black spiral stair and gloss followed by doing a ruthless tidy of the room.

For fun I decided that I would paint the basement cupboard door using a black board paint so when Timothy our 7 month old gets older he can have fun chalking and in the future we can use this as a fun way to learn “educational learning” through play!

DSCN0802[1]Slowly we are working our way through our lovely house investing in it, so that we may have many, many happy years together enjoying the place we call home.

DSCN0779[1]Happy Sunday Friends!


Last week whilst enjoying a wonderful day with my parents and Timothy we visited a lovely restaurant for lunch.  When we asked for a high chair for Timothy they provided us with the iSafe Baby Fast Fit Booster Seat.

Timothy is a truly wonderful and happy baby but can be particular when it comes to certain restrained seating as we all I imagine can have our moments.  Timothy’s moments normally occur when constrained.

At the lovely restaurant we attached the iSafe Baby Fast Fit Booster Seat to the table by clamping the arms of the chair onto the edge of the table.  I put Timothy into the seat and fastened him into the rather comfortable and roomy high backed seat.

Timothy sat as good as gold and played with his toys while we ate which was wonderful he was secure but not restrained uncomfortable the seat didn’t slop forward meaning that the safety strap between his legs dug into him.  Timothy was able to be very much part of the dinning experience without seating away from the table.

So impressed by the iSafe Baby Fast Fit Booster Seat my parents kindly ordered the exact same one for Timothy to use.  It arrived on Tuesday and I was able to take it along to a mini baby shower and hook it onto the table so that Timothy could enjoy socialising and eating lettuce.


The iSafe Baby Fast Fit Booster Seat comes with a very handy black draw string bag to keep it stored flat for it to be easily transported fitting well under the pram.

DSCN0731[1] This is most defiantly a new parent must have.

Happy Friday Friends.



Splish Splash

Timothy loves bath time and has done so for a long while in his so far short 7 month existence!

Timothy enjoys kicking around and now introducing toys into his tiny bath he has even more fun.

Bath time is the first activity of our day and even though it looks as if a family of ducks have been partying in the bathroom it is a great way to energetically begin the day.

Timothy now is a phantom roller and back crawler but when hes wrapped up in his towel he stays fairly in one place which is helpful.


This sweet towel I bought from Vertbaudet which is a perfect size for a growing baby.  The tiny baby towels which we have lots of are still great and nice enough to wrap Timothy up in after bath time.  However the Vertbauder baby towels come in the sizer a smaller and larger and the larger is so big and will be perfect for the months and dare I say years ahead.

While bath time takes place Tinkerbell happily sits in her bed away from all the flying water.  Thankful that she isn’t the one who is taking a bath.


With Timothy sleeping like a baby the next bath time fun is only hours away!

Happy Tuesday Friends!


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