We have moved!

After a 5am start this morning I can now excitedly say we have moved!  Over 100 miles to relocate to our beautiful new home. 


Over the next few days I will share more about my move however now it’s definitely time for bed. 


Happy Wednesday Friends! 

A crying puppy

After a really lovely evening with friends enjoying a meal on the eve of our moving house we returned home and I decided that I would take down Tinkerbell’s large cage. 

Tinkerbell’s large cage has a beautiful hand made cage cover which matches with the curtains which are now boxed.  I decided that I’d place the cat carrier which she used to sleep in at night before her big girl bed onto the table filled with a blanket ready for tomorrow’s big move I thought that it would provide her with more room than her smaller fabric carrier. 

As I began to remove the cage cover and place it into one of the IKEA plastic moving bags Tinkerbell began to cry.  I told my husband who had been outside that we had a distressed little girl he came in and found her trying to climb onto chair in hopes she would reach the table where her cat carrier was. 

My husband suggested that I put the carrier onto the floor by her bed and favourite box area. 


Tinkerbell ran straight in and made herself comfortable. 


Unfortunately due to all the crying I decided to leave the packing away of the cage until the morning as I didn’t want her to become distressed. 

Finally upstairs for an early night which now isn’t that early at all Tinkerbell is snug in her big girl bed. 


I wonder how she will find having a new house, most definitely more rooms to explore and a new garden to keep her busy with. 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

It’s cardboard!

Today whilst my husband and I were packing or more correctly as I coordinated the packing we heard someone, Tinkerbell Karma, helping with the boxes.  Tinkerbell was taking some old tape off a box and then chewing one of the boxes into little pieces. 

Then my husband gave her a toy that she hadn’t seen for a while as it was awaiting repair, let’s just say that’s one less toy to pack. 

Tinkerbell used to have a habit when a little puppy of taking underwear into her bed thankfully this has stopped however she now has a thing for cardboard boxes. 


Tinkerbell in a few days will be moving with us to a new house, I’m excited to see how she will react to the new layout and garden and a little apprehensive about the spiral staircase however it’s very exciting and we know that we will be very happy in our new home especially because Tinkerbell is coming with us. 

Without a dog its just a house. 

Happy Monday Friends! 

Perfect Plan Sunday

Today after what seems like endless packing ready for the big move we had a rest. 

Our plan this morning was to visit our local parish Church for their morning 11am service.  We drove the short way over to the Church however the gates were locked closed and the man waiting outside said that he was supposed to be doing something within the Church however he was still waiting.  So we decided to drive to another Church the time now just before 11am, when we sat down in the second Church the pastor said the service had finished!  Then we headed back to our parish Church, still closed.  Thinking we would return home un-churched my husband suggested another Church however as we drove down the road and about the turn left I asked him to go right and head towards a Church my husband had once spoken at by chance on a snow day we arrived with only one space for us in the carpark, the service began at 11am and it was 11:20am we went inside and the bible reading which was read and the message from the pastor shared perfectly fitting for my situation. 

It was amazing how the parish Church being closed, the second Church’s service already being finished rather early at 11am the parish Church still closed on our return drive was part of Gods plan. 

This evening we went out to one of my favourite places Frankie and Benny’s.  We had to wait a while for a table however it was worth the wait.  My husband said that the music and company in that order was what had made the meal. 


What I like most about Frankie and Benny’s is the decor and music it always reminds me of an Italian café we would regularly visit beginning when I was a little girl the place would be filled with smoke near the back of the café and we would sit near the window.  I would order a vimto ice cream drink amazing.  This particularly café which is still open is decorated in a similar manner however  I would imagine their décor is very genuine and not staged. 

We most definitely had a peaceful Sunday, just the way Sundays should be. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Cling film

Part of my moving house packing equipment has to be cling film.  This thin plastic wrap has been very useful today when wrapping tables. 


Honestly as this is the first time I’m actually moving with more than a car load of items.  Moving from our first home into our second house we have lots of boxes surprisingly lots of boxes labeled kitchen. 

With my first real move I’ve therefore never before put the cling film wrapping method to the test so it will be interesting to see how/if it actually works. 


In a couple of days when we have finally moved I will be able to share the success of the cling film.  My husband said that it works and even bought me another roll of cling film. 

Happy Saturday Friends! 

55 boxes and a plate of sushi

Yesterday our packing boxes arrived all 55 of them, three different sizes with rolls of clear tape and a lovely roll of fragile tape. 


This morning Tinkerbell enjoyed sniffing the boxes before my husband and I set to work. 

Taking curtains down, rolling rugs, taking down shelving from the bathroom cupboard, packing boxes and so much more.  My husband was responsible for much of the help packing today I most definitely couldn’t of some all of the work today without his amazing help. 

Mid morning my husband kindly went and got me a well earned snack. 


I sat amongst the boxes for a break. 


We later stopped for lunch followed by more work then I decided that I would like sushi for my dinner so we took a drive to Sainsburys however no sushi then to Asda and we hit the jackpot. 

After cleaning under the bed we stopped for dinner, one plate of sushi all for myself most definitely earned and very delicious. 


More packing later and I’ve definitely a full day of work to do tomorrow. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

Half Way to Christmas

Another Martha Stewart book I ordered from Amazon arrived yesterday,  Christmas with Martha Stewart Living Classic Crafts and Recipes inspired by the Songs of Christmas. 


This book like the other one I recently ordered was also 1p plus postage and packaging however I was surprised when it arrived to find it was a soft back and in terrible condition.  All of the books I have ever ordered have been of outstanding quality for used books.  This is sadly the first for the quality being disappointing. 

The content however like all Martha Stewart books is the complete opposite of disappointing. 


What I find most interesting with Martha Stewarts books is the amount of detail and information she includes around any given subject I especially liked her history of carols and the reenactment of the nativity in her introduction. 

The music for some well loved Christmas carols can also be discovered in this book.


The First Noel is such a beautiful festive favourite and what better way to celebrate half way to Christmas than with a merry song. 

Happy Half Way to Christmas Friends! 


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