Three coats and a coconut

Today my husband and I celebrated 7 years of marriage!  

I bought my husband a helicopter, well not a real one but he was extremely excited.  

My husband bought me beautiful flowers which he greeted me with on my arrival home from Timothy’s class of the day.  

We had a celebratory lunch together to mark 7 years!  

This wonderful occasion was marked with sushi!  

Timothy helped celebrate in his own unique way.  

Timothy celebrated by trying some sushi!

After a lovely sushi lunch my husband got back to his work and Timothy and I went food shopping I changed into my third coat of the day!  

I like to have a selection of coats especially with living in such a cold and miserable climate most of the year having a good outdoors coat is essential.  

First coat of the day: Gap, big duck down coat lovely hood perfect for morning walks in the cold weather to Timothy’s class.  

Second coat of the day: Joules, rain coat with floral design pretty yet practical to walk from the car to the restaurant in case it began raining.  

Third coat of the day: Joules, quilted jacket deep purple warm enough for supermarket shopping whilst baby wearing.  

I don’t usually switch my coats like this usually but why not.  

At the supermarket I bought a coconut.  

Aren’t they the hardest things to get into, I had to use an array of tools to get in which included a hammer, screwdriver and the Joseph Joseph meat tenderiser.  

7 years ago today I said I Do to my most wonderful husband and with well over 7 coats I can say its been a pretty adventures time shared together.  

Happy Monday Friends!  

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Mr Worm

Timothy my baby can be extremely amusing as I’m sure most babies can be.  Today after the Church service I put Timothy into his snow suit, not that we have any snow at all but so he was ready to be carried out to the car.  

This happy chappy is normally doing an impression of a wiggling worm when trying to get him into his snow suit not today.  Timothy just lay still then once I’d finished zipping up the snow suit, guess what he didn’t even move.  

Mr worm lay contently at the front of Church.  One of the lovely lady’s at Church commented on how calm he was my husband and I said he never does this at home.  

I stood back to admire my beautiful boy as he looked up at me.  It wasn’t that has tired he’d slept most of the way through his Rev Daddy’s message.  

This peaceful content Timothy lasted all of around 45 seconds as a preschooler came over and sat gently next to Timothy.  I can’t say it ruined the harmony because that would be untrue but the preschooler was the catalyst that caused Mr worm to revert back to his normal wiggling self.  Very amusing and wonderful while it lasted.  

Mr worm this evening ate half of a sweet potato and a third of an apple, another rather amusing moment with my currently particular eater.  Maybe he’s more of a caterpillar than a worm this evening.  

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Mrs Routine

When it comes to routine I very much like everything about the word.  I have a fantastic weekly routine, I’m always striving to make it better.  Sometimes it’s a little regimented other times a little more flexible however my life for the last year has been built around creating a week that is perfect.  

I unfortunately haven’t created the perfect routined week yet it isn’t for trying.  

Timothy is the reason this present routine has been formed of classes, group’s, gatherings and all the other activities that must be carried out.  

Timothy is often the reason why my routine doesn’t go to plan.  

It’s bed time the routine is clear and simple.  Nappy changed, sleeping bag on and upstairs with a song as we go to be fed and put to bed.  

I don’t understand why my routine isn’t followed and why Timothy doesn’t fall asleep I don’t understand why knowing that he is ready to sleep that he won’t.  

I’ve always been of the rule, once upstairs for bed you don’t come back down.  

I decided to climb into the cot something I’ve never done before, I thought to myself as I snuggled up next to Timothy how beautiful his nursery is.  Oh and no want to  go to sleep.  

Thankfully my knight in shining armer my husband offered to try and get our baby to bed who possibly has a tummy ache with all his moaning.  

The video monitor goes quiet, no crying just an image of my husband rocking our baby to sleep gently in the nursing chair.

A possible memo is needed to remind Timothy that he needs to keep with mummy’s routine.  

Unfortunately routines don’t always go to plan I don’t like it but I’m trying to except that this will happen and learn ways of dealing with it.  

Happy Saturday Friends!

We’ve made it

A year being a Mummy has been many things.  Timothy is wonderful and I love him so much but one of the perks of becoming a Mummy has given me the opportunity to meet some lovely girls who I share this Mummy journey with.

We truly have set out together on a journey onr which we have been bound together by our babies.  We had and still have preconceived ideas about the journey but together we have and will continue to supported one another in the highs and lows of Mummy-Hood.  

Today we celebrated another babies first birthday marking this beautiful occasions with a walk in the park followed by chocolate cake for the mummies and play time for the babies.  

The lovely Mummy who hosted gave the mummies each a bunch of flowers and congratulated us all on making it to our babies first birthday.  

It was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture, I never actually thought about how making it a year was an achievement but I left this baby birthday gathering feeling like I’d achieved something of worth and been recognised for my efforts.  

So as our Mummy journey together continues and as new mummies join us along our journey may we continue to share in the joys and be quick to support each other during the low times that often find us.  

Happy Friday Friends!   

Happy hour

My husband and I are very nearly celebrating our wedding anniversary which is exciting.  My mum wanted to look after our beautiful baby boy so we could have a meal alone.  I wasn’t very keen on the idea however with a busy social events calendar and with my husband’s work commitments we had a happy hour, well it was more like 45 minutes but who’s counting? 
I have only left Timothy a handful of times, with my husband that is and I probably could count them all on a hand and a half.  

Instructions were given to my mum.  

  1. Any disaster for example a bomb take Timothy straight back home
  2. If Timothy is hurt or I’ll call me

I think that two instruments plus a whole big changing bag and a bottle of expressed milk was organised and fitting for any eventuality.  

My husband and I went to a little cafe a sort of a hidden gem which I’d once walked past during an event in the city.  

I had a hot chocolate and a piece of cake. 

My husband and I had a nice time spent together in each others company during day hours out and about, a treat for our up coming anniversary.  

Spending time with my husband was very lovely.  Being reunited with Timothy once again was a real joy which must be how my husband feels each evening when he comes back home to Timothy.  

Happy Thursday Friends!

It’s not all tea

I met one of my friends earlier this week for a birthday drink, she asked where we should go and alluded to the fact that all mummies with babies do is meet up for coffee.  My friend retracted her blanket statement after I made it clear that I’m not one of those mummies whoever those kind of mummies are.  

This morning after taking Timothy to his baby sensory class I headed back home via the baby shop in search of sock ons.  

The baby shop didn’t have any in Timothy’s size and was discontinuing selling this item so we headed home.  Just before we arrived home Timothy feel asleep and so when we arrived home I was undecided what to do.  Did I began my tidying of today’s organisational task or did I have a sit down and have some time with Tinkerbell.  

I never choose the later but decided to have a cup of my new tea, as after all this is what mummies do with their time, drink tea.  

I had a M&S shortbread.  

Left Timothy sleeping. 

Retreated to our family room with Tinkerbell. 

Then sat in the peace and quiet looking into the garden which is now looking rather sorry for itself.   

I ordered a pair of sock ons and sat having a moment to mysely this didn’t last long as the doorbell rang, Tinkerbell started barking at the post man and Timothy who sat in his pram in the hall awoke.  

I spent the rest of my day getting on with my organisational task drinking hot chocolate whilst baby wearing.  I can now confirm that the lovely draw unit in the hall is now spick and span.  

I also can confirm that drinking tea alone is fine but I’d much rather be getting on with a task while drinking hot chocolate.  Hands up for an evening of ironing! 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

Posh Ally 

Today we took a drive to a nearby little village this was after taking out one car seat and putting in the car seats of all car seats the Graco Milestone, oh yes with this car seat Timothy is riding safe and in style.  

Timothy sat comfortably facing his munchkins car mirror as we set of for the initial plan of a waterfall walk.  My Joules wellies ready in the boot for their outing.  We arrived to a sign which said it was I think £15 or round about that amount for a family and I decided that we shouldn’t both as it was already 1pm so on we drove to the little village close by instead.  

After we parked the car the first shop we visited was a chocolate shop oh it was wonderful you entered at ground level with an array of hand made chocolates then floor below was teas and the floor below that down stone steps was a little elf workshop.  

Clearly the elf isn’t real and therefore no they don’t make the chocolate however it was a rather unusual sight to behold.  It was a tight squeeze but we all made it to the elf workshop wearing our protective hard hats due to the extremely low stone ceiling.   

After buying a variety a beautiful chocolates and a tin of tea we continued on our merry way.  

Well with the purchase of chocolate what came next was a to the sweet shop and then lunch at the bakery and tea room.  

After lunch we stepped back out into the main village lane and my husband decided that he rather like to sample some of the chocolates we crossed the road and stood under the shop canopy and I took of my back pack and out come the chocolates.  My husband decided that we would more a few paces to a little ally that provided  more shelter.  

Stood at the opening of the ally way my husband suggested that people might think were taking drugs.  Clearly we weren’t.  

Let me set the chocolate drugs scene.  We are in a stunning little village, probably 0% crime rate, the ally way isn’t a city ally way its a posh ally I’m taking the chocolates out of a Cath Kidston back pack for goodness sake my husband is baby wearing Timothy in the Baby Bjorn carry.  No one would of thought we were dealing drug.  

One of the chocolates tasted like Christmas I break into my rendition of Once in Royal my husband joins in we walk out of the ally way and are met by a a shopper, we were in full flow of this famous carol.  The shopper looked at use smiling we suddenly turned the volume down walked past and then laughed.  

This evening I enjoyed a cup of the chocolate rooibos and vanilla tea it was nice, it wasn’t incredible but I think I might try another cup.  

Happy Tuesday Friends!  

Fussy goujons

My lovely baby boy eats an array of healthy foods, no chips, crisps, biscuits or chocolate for this bundle of joy.  

Timothy can get particular, we have introduced three meals a day from very early on in the solids process.  Timothy will sit at the table and eat with the family for each meal.  
Sometimes Timothy will enjoy me feeding him using the baby spoon other times he refuses and I have to use my fingers to feed him and other times Timothy will happily pick up tiny pieces to feed himself.  

One thing my husband and I refuse to do is force Timothy to eat.  Yes we encourage, cheer and clap for each successful mouthful.  However we don’t force the food onto his mouth until it is all consumed.  

I try and be creative with the food I make for Timothy and the way I feed him.  Yesterday I decided to make my particular eater some chicken goujons. 

My chicken goujons are so easy and healthy to make.  

1.  Cut the raw chicken into small strips.  

2. Dunk each piece of chicken into egg.

3. Cover the chicken in porridge oats that have been blended into small pieces.  

4. Put in the oven to cook.  I cooked mine on my Pampered Chef stone and didn’t use any oil.  

I of course didn’t give Timothy all of these in one sitting he had two cut up into tiny bits and eat it all up.  

Not only are home made chicken goujons perfect for babies they are healthy, easy and tasty to prepare and enjoy by all.  

Happy Monday Friends!  

10 years later

It’s incredible really after 10 years I find that my paths crossed again with a lovely friend who I studied at university with. 

In September I was rushing as I occasionally do to an event with my family and I bumped into the friend from my university days.  If I was early I possible would of missed her, but everything happens for a reason.  Neither one if us realised the other was in the same city so I found it pretty exciting.  

Today I finally had the opportunity to catch up over a drink 10 years of life along with my little helper baby Timothy.

It was so wonderful to take the time out to listen to her past 10 years which is completely different from my path but fabulous, exciting and rich.  

Have the opportunity to properly introduce Timothy to my friend was really special. 

Our paths crossed again for a reason, everything happens for a reason.  So when your next running late remember everything happens for a reason.  
Happy Sunday Friends!  

Baby Party

Today my husband and I threw Timothy his first birthday party which was pretty exciting.  We arranged for the Baby Sensory teacher come to the house to take the party with the theme, Teddy bear’s picnic.  

14 babies including the birthday boy along with their parent each sat around on the floor mats which covered my empty dinning room.  The chair sat in my husband’s favourite area of the house his gym and the table in the hall.  

We began with the signing song Say Hello to the Sun and the party got of to an excellent start.  Happy babies laying, crawling, rolling and sitting.  Singing songs, using instruments and simply having educational fun what could be better for a Saturday morning birthday party.  

Marking Timothy’s first birthday was made special by all his little friends who came along to share in his birthday celebration’s.  

It was really nice for my husband to have the opportunity to enjoy the baby sensory experience with Timothy as he’s working usually while Timothy and I attend our various weekly classes.  

It was most defiantly a lovely day plus my mum and dad were able to share this day with Timothy who he adores.  

A perfect birthday party for our precious baby boy.  

Happy Saturday Friends!  

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