A beautiful life

Yesterday my husband officiated at the weddings of friends and in his address to the congregation he shared something which really was especially thought provoking. 

…There is no such things are the perfect life…

We want our lives to be perfect and we often believe that by getting married or having a new job will create this ‘perfect’ life. 

…There is no such things are the perfect life… My husband however went onto say …that a perfect life is simply a collect of good days… 

When I stop to think about this concept yesterday I decided that I could achieve this ‘perfect’ life a collect of good days turning into good weeks, those weeks into months and those months into years. 

The perfect life doesn’t have to be fancy and flash it really deserves a sincere and honest approach. 

I have a beautiful life… Is it perfect? No, but my collection of days is continually growing into a collection of perfect days…


…These days I’m thankful to share with wonderful husband. 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Mr and Mrs

Today was the first wedding of the year that we have attended.  My wonderful husband was officiating at the wedding of two friends. 


Our/my job at the wedding was cakes, Samoa’s and flowers. 


One of my friends who has a busy party planning business reached out to me and let me borrow a beautiful wishing well for the monetary gifts. 


My husband and I eagerly awaited the service…. Weddings always make me remember my own wedding and how much I love my husband. 


The service was beautiful and the bride and groom looked wonderful.  The bride head beautiful lace detailing at the top of her dress and the groom looked smart in his wedding suit. 


After the service we enjoyed a meal prepared by the Churches catering team. 


The room had been decorated with lilacs, purples and creams.  The amazing pompom hanging decoration was a truly wonderful touch. 

In true wedding style it was nice catching up with old friends.

Congratulations to the Happy Couple! 

Happy Saturday Friends!  

After 11

After we had photographs and drawings of our house carried as we embark upon selling our home… 


…I made a trip to Sainsburys to buy flowers for a wedding taking place in the Church tomorrow. 


These beautiful flowers currently in my downstairs toilet room await being arranged. 

I got together lots of different plates and a cake stand and placed these into my basket…


…and baked mini fruit cakes…


…over 80 of them for after the wedding service…


After washing lots of dishes…


…It was getting late.


I decided to have a cuddle with Tinkerbell.


It’s very rare that I see past 11pm and now I’m most definitely ready for bed. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

The journey is nearing the end

This evening we (my husband, Tinkerbell and I) attended the Church business style meeting. The strange thing is not that Tinkerbell attended but that this was probably the last meeting of this kind we will attend. 


When we left the meeting and drove away I asked my husband if it now felt real…

Our journey where my husband is currently the senior pastor is coming to an end.  However where our journey has ended with the congregation they now have a new voyage to embark on and so do we. 

We leave knowing that the journey is more than one isolated event, understanding that the journeys we make will be what transforms us and not the destination alone. 

I don’t really like saying goodbye and this evening it felt like the beginning of the anticipated good byes.

Don’t misunderstand I’m very excited about the next journey, its just the saying goodbye part which is never easy.

This evening one of the ladies who is in her 90s spoke to me about leaving.  She reminded me of the picture of me at my wedding that she keeps framed in her living room.

So as this journey nears the end I think not of myself for a moment but for those who’s journeys continue. 

Thank you for the journey. 

Happy Thursday Friends! 



Yesterday evening whilst in Sainsburys I came across two very large bag of fresh muscles reduced from around £4 to 97p I was extremely tempted to buy both bags but did resist and only bought one. 

Fresh muscles are time consuming or so my husband says as he is the one who in the past in the chef when cooking fresh muscles. 

Cooking fresh muscles steps
Wash and scrub the shells.
Take out any broken ones.
Pull out the green/brown parts.
Put in a pan of cold water and boil.

When I arrived home this afternoon my husband had yet again beat me to this and was just finishing cleaning all the muscles.

The muscles once the water had boiled didn’t take long at all to cook. 


My husband made a Chinese style stir fry and served the muscles in their shells. 


One lovely dinner made by my wonderful husband. 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

It’s a sign

A couple of days ago I was in the kitchen and I heard a slight bang I thought nothing of it and assumed it was something that had fallen in my little pantry.  Later I went to the bottom of the stairs.  I don’t remember the reason why possible to get something out of my bag or examine how white the stairs looked after giving them a fresh lick of paint.  So as I stand I notice on the stairs half way up a little book. 


The book ‘living each day with Jesus’ was given to me at least over 12 years ago if not longer by a family friend on one of their holidays in America. 

This tiny book had been sat on the hall bookshelf and how it had jumped off over the banister and landed on one of the steps was incredible.  A gymnastic book. 


So I opened up the book hoping that something would magically jump out at me, however sadly nothing! 

I did however read one of the verses that talks about faith. 

Having faith in God or having faith in something or someone doesn’t mean all your problems will disappear.  Having faith gives you hope. 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Mrs Grumpy

Tinkerbell our fabulous miniature dachshund is extremely beautiful however she isn’t at all happy to have her picture taken.  Today I was taking a few pictures of the house and Tinkerbell uninvited kept running into the pictures. 


I kept calling her and she would run to me than picture time and she ran straight back into the picture. 


This evening I decided to take a picture of her as she was sat so sweetly on the chair.  However she decided it wasn’t the time from pictures. 


I then called her name and she gave me the most grumpiest look ever. 


Now it’s bed time Tinkerbell is completely oblivious she’s being photographed. 


Tinkerbell is defiantly one sweet girl! 

Happy Monday Friends! 


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