The Help

On Saturday afternoon my husband and I watched the film The Help. 


The Help is set in the 1960s America during the regrettable time of real racial discrimination.  The film looks at the relationships between the white female house wives and their black female domestic employee.  Even though the film depicts the realities of the life ‘the help’ would of experienced the film is also extremely funny, putting a smile on the face of the viewer a midst the cruel history which happened in the life time of many people today only over 50 years ago. 

After watching The Help and realising that this powerful film was based on a book I decided to order this on Amazon before Church on Sunday.  The amazing thing was that the book arrived this morning! 


Already I have begun reading the book and just love that the way the characters spoke in the film is how the book is written.  I know that it will be a book that I will find very difficult to put down… Makes me want to start a book club! 

Happy Monday Friends! 

Hello Mr Smith

Goodbye Tresemme it has been good while it lasted (around one and a half years) and hello Phil Smith! 


With not needing to wash my hair every day and being one of those people who always is stock piling toiletries it has taken me a while to finish the Tresemme shampoo however this week I was able to finally say goodbye to the last of the Tresemme. 

Tresemme is one of many products that is tested on animals which I’m completely against and since being away of just how many companies and products do treat on animals I decided that I would do my little part to help fight back. 

Therefore at Sainsburys yesterday I said hello to Phil Smith which is a brand which doesn’t believe in animal testing.  It also carries the leaping bunny logo. 

This morning I used my new wow brunette shampoo and was very impressed, my husband even commented how nice my hair smelt. 

Thank you Mr Smith! 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

You are loved!

Family have to love you or at least they are supposed to.  But when you realised that those outside the family take time to write down now much you are loved by them in my opinion it is extremely difficult to fully understand and even accept. 

On Friday I was bombarded with numerous leaving cards and these weren’t those sorts of cards which say:

You will be missed
From …….

These were cards with many beautiful words inside some spanning both internal pages of the card many from people who so kindly surprised me in doing so. 

My closest and most thoughtful friend said to me something so sweet that she couldn’t find a card that expressed by the words inside how much she would miss me.


The amount of beautiful hand written cards I received was truly overwhelming to leave a place knowing that I was loved buy so many I have no words to express. 

What makes these incredible message even more special is that they aren’t from the people at Church who often may write a To and From card feeling obligated to do so but truly thoughtful and moving gestures which I will treasure. 

Happy Saturday Friends! 

Green tea is Clipper

Green tea is good but often drank by its self can tasted a little unpleasant in my opinion.  My husband enjoys drinking it however as not to punish him by simply buying just green tea without anything added I’m always thoughtful and put into the shopping trolley a tasty green tea. 

Today I tried for myself the Clipper Lime and Ginger Green Tea. 


If your contemplating beginning to drink green tea this would definitely be the flavour/brand to try.  If your a green tea drinking you would definitely enjoy a cup of the Clipper tea.  The lime and ginger helps to make it a perfect summer drink.  Unlike other teas where the ginger can be over powering the ginger works just right.  It is also a no guilty cup with it being fair trade and natural. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

Salad in the sun

This afternoon on my way back to the house I took a detour via the supermarket Tesco to pick up some essential items. 

I had decided that I would rather like to enjoy a salad for dinner and my husband when I had told him off my detour asked for green tea and fruit. 

We don’t normally shop at Tesco however this afternoon I’m very pleased that I paid a visit.  Many of the fruit of vegetables had significant offers, reductions or discounts which made my impromptus grocery shopping trip very rewarding. 

Three mangos for just over £1 and 400g of cherries £1.16 along with many more exciting deals. 

I also bought a Mediterranean Platter and a Sweet Chilli Noodle Layered Salad. 


Dinner looked like this:


I enjoyed the noodle salad, whilst my husband created his own adding some of the items from the tasty Mediterranean platter. 

Dinner this evening tasted incredibly good especially while enjoying our dinner day in the garden. 

Happy Thursday Friends! 

My ¼ hero

This evening after my tasty easy pizza.  Pitta bread, tomato puree, cheese, tomatoes and pickled onions! 


My husband went outside to cut the grass, a very overdue job.  This job has been made harder with a broken lawnmower resulting in my poor husband having to use a strimmer. 


I had the easy job of vacuuming the stairs and down stairs followed by selecting the songs we will be singing during the Sunday Morning Service. 

You may think that the selection of five songs would take two minutes but I’ll assure you or takes much longer.  I had the help of a song book containing 1144 songs, which would be helpfully of I was to have every Sunday until Christmas.  However having just one Sunday with so many incredible songs is choose from is possible considered more difficult than cutting a rather sizable garden with a strimmer. 

Songs now selected and cuddling the house hound while my hero if only about ¼ of the way through cutting. 


Happy Wednesday Friends! 

GQT Summer Sun

There is something good about driving your car during sunny weather, not that the weather has been good at all today but driving in good weather with the windows down if you’re brave enough, (even though most often I prefer the AC) is amazing.  Fresh air blowing into the car, sun glasses on and a summer smile on your face and normally music playing.

Last Friday the weather was good I drove home with the windows an inch down on either side glasses on and radio on.  As I pulled up at the traffic lights I had to laugh too myself as I listen to the radio because unlike probably many of the other drivers in the traffic queue I was listening to BBC radio 4 Gardeners Question Time and for those who don’t know about BBC radio 4 it isn’t a music station and Gardens Question Time or GQT as it’s referred to by it’s regular listeners. 

When I had pulled up at the lights I decided to turn down the volume of the radio, not that it had been loud in the first instance followed by closing my windows.  As if I thought anyone would really care about what I was listening to. 

Next time your driving in the beautiful sun know that if I’m out driving on a Friday afternoon I’ll be listening to radio 4 GQT! 


Happy Tuesday Friends! 


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