Update Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell attended her hydrotherapy session yesterday and this time my husband came along with me which was really good that he got chance to see Tinkerbell in action and to help cheer her along. 

Thursdays session involved Tinkerbell being in the tank by herself wearing a tiny blue harness which isn’t her favourite colour and a little lead, she tried really hard and was able to walk in the water again which was great to see.  Of course she clearly didn’t enjoy this experience and had to be encouraged to walk and not just ride on the treadmill. 

Unlike the past weeks the speed of the treadmill this week was turned up a notch which did help to her to walk rather than protesting against the session which is actually helping her so much. 

Tinkerbell took her towel and extra bits in a very sweet Kath Kidston waterproof lined drawstring bag a gift from a lovely family at Church.  The bag is very cute and perfect to take with us. 


Today we had the appoinment with the back specialist at the vets who was impressed with Tinkerbell’s progress watching her swagger across the examination room floor.  The vet asked about how we were managing with the hydrotherapy sessions as he had given his permission for these sessions to begin.   With another appointment in 6 weeks time and being advised to continue hydrotherapy, light exercise in the house with rest. 

My husband and I are extremely encouraged by the progress Tinkerbell has made.  I’m thankful that we have a such good access to care and rehabilitation for her and can see clear improvement.  The vet said that he hoped that we would continue to see the improvement over the next 3 to 6 months. 

We have the best little girl ever. 


Happy Friday Friends! 

Celebrate with embroidery

Today I saw my family for my Dad’s birthday we enjoyed a nice meal together… Happy Birthday to you Daddy!…

I also saw my sister who has recently got engaged and was able to give her the gift I had made her (the embroidery and not the frame). 


I used vanishing fabric to make the hand embroidered flower which is a special fabric which when stitched onto can then be run under water for the fabric to be washed away and the embroidery threads left. 


I then hand stitched my sister and fiancés names into white fabric. 


The frame I felt worked well with the embroidery and would be something she could keep. 


Congratulations to my sister and her future husband.

Happy Thursday Friends! 

Burnt out

This morning I lite my Yankee candle which I’ve been burning since the beginning of July.  The scent Home Sweet Home which had been a very thoughtful moving house gift. 


Little did I realise that when I came to blow the candle out before I left the house it had already burnt out, this sadly being the last time I would enjoy this lovely scented candle. 

It occurred to me that I would need to buy another candle to burn for the rest of August which is only a couple of days and the beginning of September a candle which has a summery scent before I began to get into the Autumnal season of decorations and candles.

I came across Pineapple Cilantro which smelt like the perfect way to end the summer with. 


Not the the weather has been particularly sunny and what I’d hope of summer weather to be however it did seem a cheery way to brighten up the day. 

My husband commented on returning home about the candle, I think that nothing is nicer than walking into a house and it smelling good and especially if its your own. 

So for the next couple of weeks I will enjoy Pineapple Cilantro before switching for my Spiced Orange which I think looks good for Autumn but also has a nice seasonal scent. 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

Spanish Paella

Today I decided to visit the local Aldi supermarket one of the items I bought was a little 500g bag of Paella Rice.  I decided that because I hadn’t made Paella before only enjoying it at the restaurant I’d make it for this evenings meal. 

The packaging included a recipe which I decided to follow however didn’t include all the suggested fish and decided to mainly include prawns. 

2 tablespoons Olive oil
1 Onion
12 cherry tomatoes chopped (recipe called for 6 tomatoes)
3 Garlic cloves (recipe said 1)
A pinch of saffron
3 teaspoons of Paprika
A packet of prawns approximately 350g (recipe said 100g)
I also included a small amount of seafood mix ( recipe called for fish and shelled mussels)
250g which was half the packet of Paella rice
500ml vegetable stock (or fish)
Half a tin of garden pea’s (recipe did not call for this)



1. Heat oil in a wide shallow pan, add the onions and gently fry. 

2. Add the garlic, tomatoes and saffron.  Cook for 5 minutes.


3. Add the fish and cook for 5 minutes. 


4. Add the rice, peas, paprika and stock.  Allow to simmer for 15 minutes, add a little more water if needed. 


5.  Once the rice is properly cooked serve immediately.


When my husband arrived home he asked what I was cooking as it smelt good, he had seconds which was proof of it being a truly delicious meal. 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Living the rural dream

Today Tinkerbell attended her second hydrotherapy session both the ladies were very excited to see Tinkerbell and especially pleased at her walking within the tank.  What a little star, especially as she doesn’t like treadmills or water she’ll be disappointed to realise we are going again later this week. 

Tinkerbell’s Hydrotherapy is a little drive from the house along country lanes some narrow big enough to fit one car only at a time.  Thankfully the roads are fairly quiet making the drive a pleasure.  However when we arrived at the session and parked up we realised that we really need to put petrol in the car as the warning light was on and it looked like we wouldn’t make it home.

After Tinkerbell had done her cross country run we went to the local petrol station as we pulled off the road and drove our car to one of the pumps an older man walked out of the shop to fill up my car. 

This is the second time I have experienced such service at a petrol station.  The first was a number of years ago a small group of friends and I were attending a funeral of a fellow art student from university a very talented guy we knew as Vince not his real name but since highschool had been given the name due to his artistic talent a lovely guy who really had been taken too soon.  Before or after his funeral my friend had stopped her car to fill up with petrol in a rural area only two pumps I think and a young man had come out to fill up her car, we all thought that out was highly amusing. 

So today when the man filled up my car and when I asked him about the air pressure for my tyres he also filled them up as well.  I was very impressed with the service and realised that when someone fills up your car with petrol and tyres with air your living the rural dream, I thought I was on an episode of the Archers. 

Tinkerbell has spent the afternoon and evening relaxing after her excellent efforts today. 


We just can’t wait for her to get those legs working properly. 

Happy Monday Friends! 

Were having a baby…

On Monday my husband came with me for the baby scan which was great to know everything looked fine with the baby, special measurements are taken and are baby is growing normally. 

Before all the measurements were taken we asked if we could be told if the baby is a girl or a boy.  The lady performing the scan explained if the baby was positioned correctly she would be able to tell us and yes the baby was perfectly situated in a way for not only the lady who performed the scan but myself and my husband to know if we were expecting a little girl or boy in January. 

On Monday I shared on my blog about the scan and gave people the chance to vote on if they thought it was a girl or boy it was surprising that the gender most voted for was indeed the gender of the baby even though the votes were both very close. 


We decided to announce our baby gender news at Church which was fun and asked a very good friend at my husbands previous Church to make the announcement which allowed us to share our exciting news with a good proportion of people at once. 

So here goes…Our first baby is going to be a BOY!  Needless to say my husband was very thrilled with the news. 

Well done for all those who voted that our baby is going to be a boy! 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Country Living

There are many things I particularly like one of them is garden centres especially the gift shop side I find them just lovely.

After a morning at home watching Tinkerbell trying to walk clumsily across the kitchen floor getting the odd step and after an early lunch we decided to visit a garden centre.  The garden centre is a short drive from our house set in the lovely country side next to a golf course. 

The garden centre had a large selection of beautiful plants with a section of the nursery that has the plants displayed as if they were in someone’s garden which is rather nice. 

The gift shop had an array of various sections of clothes, wellington boots, cards, books, gifts for the home, stationary and so on including items for the garden. 

After spending time looking around we decided to attend visit the café and we were extremely thankful we did and shared two delicious cakes.  I washed my share down with a hot chocolate.  


When the sugar rush kicked in we returned to the gift shop to buy a couple of Christmas presents, my list now has a number of completed ticks next to peoples names which I’m feeling very happy about. 

Most definitely a lovely garden centre which I’ll be returning to very soon I’m sure. 

Happy Saturday Friends! 


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