Posh Pee Pee

Yesterday as my husband parked the car in town I witnessed briefly I need to add a young man going to the toilet in the corner of where two brick walls.  Shortly after as we walked with Tinkerbell into the town centre a different young man also felt the need to spend a penny in view of passers by. 

I sure many people have at least one time in their lives felt the urge to visit the toilet and need to make a mad dash to the nearest facility.  These two young man who felt nature was calling both were in very easy walking distance of a real toilet and for their information people really don’t want to see it. 

This morning my husband was dropping off his library books at the bible college library and nature called and whilst my husband returned his books I visited the ladies.  These particular toilets were disgusting.  The floor needed a good scrub, the toilet was clean enough but I had to add a layer of toilet paper before I sat down.  The hand dryer looked dirty and underneath had a very dirty looking air vent which no doubt would of ensued you left with filthy hands.  Up the walls were dirty in need of a good clean and paint. 

Church people often say ‘what would Jesus do’ well in this case of these toilets I’m not sure but clean them is what I’d do. 

Church people also say ‘do everything for the glory of God’ if these toilets had been cleaned for Gods glory then I’d hate to see what they would look like if they weren’t. 

Thankfully the toilets in my house are very clean. 


Happy Sunday Friends! 

Great plans

This morning we had great plans.  My husband had suggested a little day trip out.  However first of all we had to visit the local shopping centre as my husband qualified for a phone upgrade and whilst there I had a little treat from Yankee Candle. 


We sniffed a whole section of different scented candles before I decided on Orange Splash which smelt like a summer’s day. 

Lunch we enjoyed at home and we planned to set out after we had eaten however with my husband discovering the workings of his new phone and Tinkerbell and I cuddling together for around two hours since lunch past and we instead decided to venture out a little closer to home and and took a walk in the local town Tinkerbell ran all the way around scampering as we went as the streets were busy with shoppers at times I had to carry her. 

On returning home we stopped off at the pet shop and bought Tinkerbell some delicious looking fruit and vegetable dried food.  Natures Menu make excellent dog foods and she enjoyed a couple of these along with some fresh fruit and vegetables, pasta and chicken.


My dinner today was just as tasty as Tinkerbell’s looked and made by one of the very kind ladies from Church.  A deliciously healthy soup which I enjoyed with some bread. 


As my evening snack I had one of the Jacobs flat bread, I would like very much to say they are tasty and that I enjoyed eating them but I didn’t it was as if I was chomping on cardboard. 


Tinkerbell was extremely kind and helped me finish it….That’s what furry family members are for. 

Happy Saturday Friends! 

Mid morning snack

I have found my new mid morning snack. 

I used to really enjoy a tasty mini bagel toasted with margarine and maybe a little strawberry jam however the wind has changed and yesterday whilst in the bread isle at Sainsburys calling out to me what the one and only Soreen a tasty malt loaf.


When I was little my mum used to buy Soreen for me however it was the loaf you had to manually cut which is slightly difficult as it is fairly sticky and achieving a perfect slice can be tricky. 

Soreen have solved this problem and their original loaf is now available as a sliced loaf!  

Today at 10:30am I enjoyed two margarined pieces and they tasted good. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

I’ve got beans

This evening my husband joined me on my Sainsburys grocery shop. 

I do enjoy a nice cordial, I’m definitely not someone who enjoys fizzy drinks and would always have a cordial over a coca cola. 

Last grocery shopping trip I had bought the Robinsons Fruit and Barley Tropical flavour and enjoyed it very much so decided to try the apple and pear flavour.  The only way I can describe it is as tasting perfectly of apple and pears or the after taste of the flavoured sweet.  The drink is most definitely refreshing however I do think I prefer the tropical much more.


After my kidney bean burgers I made at the end of last week and this week and realising just how good they actually are for you I decided to buy a whole range of different beans. 


I know that I’ve enjoyed black eyed beans on many occasions but knowing just how good the kidney beans are I didn’t want to miss out on the bean goodness.  I think I may need to refer to Martha Stewart for some bean inspiration. 

Happy Thursday Friends! 

Harbour staple

One of my favourite clothing brands is Joules I’ve possible shared this fact on occasion. 

During the weekend we visited Stratford upon Avon the home of William Shakespeare before we visited with family. 


Under my coat I wore a lovely yet basic long sleeve harbour top white with pink and blue strips.  My husband commented how nice it looked.  What I like most about the harbour tops is how easy they are to wear and how comfortable they feel.  Even with the top being so simple in design and cut is flattering when worn and looks nice enough worn by itself, which makes it a perfect top. 

With my husband’s compliment of my harbour top in the front of my mind I decided to order a couple more of these easy to wear wardrobe staples which arrived today.


Looking forward to wear these especially the pink one! 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

Research Solutions

Google searches and the famous Pinterest which I only occasionally use are amazing ways to generate ideas quickly however sometimes the problem with such methods of research is that unless you know what your looking for you risking missing out on so much more inspiration. 

A couple of years ago I bought the book Simple Home Solutions by Martha Stewart. 


The book is filled with a whole host of different ideas, practical advice and time saving solutions for the home. 

Many of the ideas Martha Stewart outlines wouldn’t even cost very much money and the book is more about using what you already have rather than buying what you don’t need. 

What I like most about Martha Stewarts book Simple Home Solutions is how realistic her suggestions are for example her baking pan drawer.  Martha describes it as a ‘simple fix’ easy to store condiments together and gain easy access to them. 


In the very near future we will be moving home and I’m excited too have the opportunity to put into practice some of Martha Stewart’s wonderfully simple home solutions into practice. 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Beans, beans good for your heart.

Yesterday I made sweet potato skins and shared how I had made them.


Along with these I also made a bean burgers from a Martha Stewart recipe that I altered.

Martha Stewart’s ingredients:
2 cans of red kidney beans washed. 
1 carrot (grated)
1tsp chili powder
2 eggs
(The recipe also included oregano and breadcrumbs but I didn’t use these)
I also added:
1 medium onion
Generous amount of chili pesto
Fresh chopped coriander

The method is very simple mash the beans.  I used my mini food processor. 


Add the the mashed beans the carrot, chilli, egg, salt, chopped onion, chili pesto and coriander. 

Then spoon a small burger amount into a pan and cook on both sides. 


The bean burgers are very tasty and a healthy and happier alternative to meat.  Red kidney beans are another amazing food which is natural and extremely beneficial to a great diet.  A quick google search will reveal many of the amazing benefits such as lowering cholesterol and heat problems.

My husband was very impressed by the Stewart/Karma bean burger collaboration as was I.  So much so that we enjoyed more freshly cooked bean burgers today, I’m feeling healthier already.  

Happy Monday Friends!  


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