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Today after a fantastic family day with one of Timothy’s lovely God-Mothers I dropped Tinkerbell and my husband back off at our home and took our sleeping baby boy with me in the car to the supermarket to pick up and couple of items.  I found only one spare Child Friendly parking spaces free  as a big mini van had pulled into the other opened its sliding doors and out came three fairly old children.

Before heading inside the supermarket I decided to take Timothy out of his car seat and change him before putting him into his carrier so that I could feed him while heading inside.

After buying what I needed I pushed the trolley while carrying Timothy back to where we had parked.  Whilst putting the shopping into the boot of the car I noticed that a man in his late 60’s had pulled into a free Child Friendly parking space next but one along to where I was parked.  The man in his late 60s possible a gentlemen with a midlife crises jumped out of his maroon coloured Mazda convertible, a nice car but nothing to write home about and closed his door leaving the roof down.  I called over to him saying excuse me sir these spaces are for those with a baby.  He responded that he was going to buy one.  Not happy with the response I called back explaining that he shouldn’t park their.  Mr Midlife Crises said he didn’t want to get his car scratched.  Mrs Mummy Karma kind informed him that it was people like him who make it difficult for people like me with a baby when he is using a space and shouldn’t be.

Mr Midlife Crises walked into the supermarket obviously to buy his baby.  After putting my shopping away I pushed my trolley back to the trolley park and went inside and spoke to the supermarket security man.  Explained to him that a man in a Mazda had parked in a Child Friendly parking space and how I had told him he shouldn’t, Mr security said he would let the parking warden know.

Being a Mummy at the supermarket is a hard thing, NO I don’t want my car to get scratched that not way I use the Child Friendly parking spaces.  I use these spaces because it’s easy to get my baby most often with his car seat in and out of the car with ease.  These special parking spaces are one simple way to help a Mummy out and making a difficult job of being a Mummy that little bit easier.

So Mr Midlife Crises when you next park in a Child Friendly parking space I do hope that an unhappy toddler doesn’t have a temper tantrum and push the shopping trolley into your car and mark the paint work or some tiny child sat in the seat of the shopping trolley drop her ice cream inside your car as you park with the roof down.

Mr Midlife Crises in a number of years when you need to use the disabled parking space because your health isn’t what it once was I hope that the youth of today hasn’t parked in it making it difficult for you to do a simple activity such as visit the supermarket.

Happy Saturday Friends!


Food For Fun

I dislike the word weaning greatly.  Not to the extent that I become angry when people mention the word, but I don’t feel that it’s a helpful way of explaining the introduction of food to a baby.

At four months here in the UK every new Mummy gets the weaning talk.  At four months your still trying to enjoy your new baby, feeling tired but feel like that a routine has been mastered.  Having the health visitor give the ‘weaning talk’ is really the last thing you want to hear or at least the last thing I was interested in.

At the start of July Timothy turned six months and had his Neonatal appointment the Doctor asked if I had begun to wean Timothy and I said not she didn’t seem pleased and said that I needed to speak to the health visitor.  Disappointed I gave Timothy his first tiny miniature spoonfuls of avocado mixed with breast milk…Weaning had begun.

I didn’t feel ready I wanted to wait a couple more weeks before introducing Timothy to food.  I wanted to feel comfortable about this frightful phrase thrown around the Mummy world…Weaning…

Today I heard someone say…Food For Fun Before One…this helped me to understand what I have been doing for the last two and a half weeks.

I’m not weaning my baby off of breast feeding, as this is his main source of ‘food’.  Breast feeding Timothy is important and just because I’ve given Timothy tiny miniature spoons of avocado, pea, spinach, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower  doesn’t mean that I’m going to suddenly begin to breast feed him less.

Food For Fun Before One is a refreshing phrase for me to understand about the introduction of food to my baby.  I’m NOT weaning Timothy I’m simply introducing him to foods.  I still feel that I began introducing food a couple weeks before I and he were ready however Food Fun has begun!


Happy Thursday Friends!

Lets go fly a kite

This weekend was extremely for Timothy and I.  Since his birth my social calendar has become very full.


On Friday  we enjoyed celebrating the birthday of my Mum beginning with hot chocolate and cake at a lovely little chocolate shop in the Lake District.


On Saturday we enjoy watching all the wonderful kites flying high across the beach.


This was followed by hot chocolate at the dog friendly Midland cafe by the beach.

On Sunday, that’s today Timothy and I went to a surprise baby shower organised by a lovely girl from Church for another lovely girl who is expecting her first baby unfortunately we didn’t stay until the end as Timothy was ready to come back home and drive in his car for a tiny while before bedtime at 6pm.


With Timothy in his crib sleeping I contemplated having another hot chocolate but opted for a small bowl of crunchy nut corn flakes instead.

Happy Sunday Friends!

Dr Sister

Today was another beautiful and lovely family occasion.  My lovely sister graduated from university as a medical doctor and the entire family are so very proud of her.  My sister only last week became a Mrs and this week a Dr!  My sisters husband was by her side to share in the joy of this occasion.


Timothy also joined the celebrations and even practiced what it will be like when he graduates from university.


Timothy was on tip top form as usual and enjoyed entertaining the family in between the official parts of the day with cuddles with his lovely Granny and Grandad.


The graduation day was beautiful and it was really nice being able to spend time with my new brother-in-law and of course the rest of the family including my wonderful sister.


Congratulation Doctors Class of 2016!


Happy Graduation Wednesday!

My beautiful sister

My lovely little sister became a Mrs on Friday!  What a beautiful bride she was and such a perfect wedding day.


Timothy and I both played very special parts in the wedding.  I was a bridesmaid and Timothy the ring bearer.  Oh and my husband took the service making the day all official, a real family affair.

My Mum looked simply lovely in her beautiful Mother of the Bride outfit and shared my preferred choice of jewelry a pearl necklace.  The pearl necklace I wore was one that I had bought the Christmas following my Grandad’s passing using the money he and Grandma had given me that year.  In a small way I wanted Grandad to share this special day with the family.

My beautiful sister married a lovely, kind and thoughtful husband and even though I’ll miss her lots I’m so pleased that she will too have her happy ever after.


My dad looked very smart and gave a great speech which seemed to captivate Timothy.


We has a beautiful day together every moment was magical and meaningful from the service conducted by my husband to the stunning venue, the wedding breakfast and the fun photo booth it was the perfect day shared with family and friends.


The wonderful reality is that I haven’t lost a sister but gain a brother t which I’m very blessed by indeed.


Congratulation Mr and Mrs. X


Happy Sunday Friends!


Half Way!

Today our precious baby boy turned 6 months at 4:36pm this evening!  Happy Half Way Birthday Timothy!

This is how our lovely baby boy celebrated this wonderful day.


I woke Timothy up this morning singing the morning song Hello Little Boy!  This song is adapted from the Hello Everyone song which we sing at the library Rhyming Time group we attend.

After a couple rounds of Hello Little Boy I took Timothy to the bathroom for his morning bath singing our next song of the day which is a little German song I recall from my high school German lessons which the class made up to the turn of jingle bells, I Wake Up!

At 8:25 Timothy and I head out the door.  With the Karma Family stilling waiting for Tinkerbell to get those sweet back legs working we went out to walk a lovely friend and one of Timothy’s wonderful God mothers dog.  Timothy enjoyed the 40 minute doggy walk snug in his Baby Bjorn carrier watching the world go by and enjoying a couple of Zs.

Back home in the family car to do a swift clothes change for me and to pick my husband up for the Church service.

Today was a special service as it was prize giving for the children and Timothy was given a lovely baby bible and prayer book which was just so lovely and thoughtful.


Timothy was thrilled with his new book I read to him nearly the entire Baby Bible, sitting extremely contently as I turned each page.

After my husband and I ate lunch we put Tinkerbell in the pram basket and took Timothy for a lovely afternoon walk which he enjoyed so much he slept all the way.  On returning home I had to wash the pram down outside as we had run over some dirty dogs dog poo which I wasn’t at all impressed about.

Timothy enjoyed Daddy time and enjoyed another walk this time with my husband in his Babay Bjorn carrier while my husband used the treadmill.

The late afternoon and early evening consisted of more singing, playing and a little reading with the happy half way baby boy.

A German prayer/poem my grandparents had taught me I sang to Timothy as we climbed the stairs to bed which made up the beginning of our tiny bed time routine.

A bible story while I fed Timothy and off to bed only to wake up and hour later at 8pm and then off again this boy loves his mummy.

Happy Sunday Friends!


Timothy’s Shelf

Timothy now has his own shelf in the freezer.  No Timothy has not yet started university and moved into hall of residence but I’m all about getting organised.

At the moment Timothy’s freezer shelf consists of breast milk.  I have had milk in the freezer for a couple of months now its amazing as it lasts up to 6 months in the freezer which is incredible. To the freezer I have recently added Timothy’s teething rings which help to sooth sore gums as well as being perfect for a hot day.

Now with adding breast milk ice cubes to use for teething into the freezer I felt that it was time to give Timothy is own shelf.

At the start of the week I bought some milk freezer bags which will allow me to store milk easily into the freezer.  It is not that I intend to leave Timothy for long periods of time at all but I think that having a reasonable supply is sensible for any such eventuality that I’m unable to feed him myself.

In a couple of weeks when Timothy and I are both ready to transition onto introducing solids I will use Timothy’s shelf to store ice cube sized portions along with the breast milk to make meal times easy, simple and healthy.

13528477_10157176725755397_3807003233238291207_o Happy Thursday Friends!



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