So American

This morning as we woke the sun squeezed its way through the gap in my beautifully lined black out bedroom curtains the first day in March! 

This morning to commemorate such a beautiful spring morning even though spring only officially begins on the 20th I felt that I should mark such a bright morning and wear a cheery skirt that my mum bought me just after Christmas and I haven’t yet worn. 


After Church we enjoyed home made pizza and then it began to hail and just like that, the spring feeling ended and winter came back. 

We never have pancakes other than Shrove Tuesday but today like the weather it changed.  I announced to my husband that I might like to make some of the home made coconut pancakes that I had successfully made a few weeks. 

My husband was more than happy to join me for pancakes with Tinkerbell a little disappointed that she couldn’t have any. 


I felt very American eating pancakes on a Sunday  and even more American with my meyer lemon Yankee candle burning away. 


I decided that after I’d made sushi for my lunch tomorrow that I really ought to do something a little British like enjoy a cup of tea.  So I sat down with a white tea in my oriental teapot accompanied with a German biscuit! 


Happy Sunday Friends! 

Happy Saturday

I arrived at Sainsburys just before 8am slightly later than my normal Saturday morning routine begins.  This morning I decided to take walk around the home products was as usually I would just begin with the fruit and vegetables.  Four weekday seems like many months I have looked at the curver style rattan woven storage boxes but never bought any until this morning.  The usual price is £6 for a small box but this morning the boxes were on sale and reduced to £1.80.  With only four boxes remained on the shelf I placed these into my shopping trolley 4 boxes only £7.20 that’s nearly four for the price of one! 


I had already decided to exchange Tinkerbell’s current toy box for one of these handy boxes and use one for the downs stairs toilet room but the other two remain on the kitchen until I find a home for them. 

After a little shopping trip we returned home to enjoy a delicious grape and pineapple smoothie. 


This evening my husband and I went to a 1st birthday party of just the sweetest little boy. 


The birthday boy was fascinated by a little ball he had and found great enjoyment chasing after it and having people throw, roll or bounce it.  We enjoy traditional African food which was absolutely delicious followed by a beautiful birthday cake.  The food was so good I had second’s! 

Happy Saturday Friends!   

iambic pentameter 18

Before my husband and I married I bought my husband a book which includes some of William Shakespeares love passages from his plays and poetry called William Shakespeare on The Art of Love.  I believe I bought this after my husband and I had visited on occasions the beautiful Shakespeare theatre in Stratford upon Avon to watch his plays. 


I have been studying the poetry technique used by William Shakespeares iambic pentameter.  Shakespeare’s sonnets are where this traditional English poetry style can be clearly found with the inclusion of rhyming couplets. 

Iambic pentameter is simply the rhythm of the words each line of the poetry containing ten syllables.  The rhythm can be described as a heart beat, a light syllable followed by a heavy one often referred to as the foot!  

da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM da DUM

The beautiful book which I once bought my husband contains all 154 sonnets with sonnet 18 possible being one of William Shakespeares most well known. 

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,


The sonnet contains having a total of 14 lines with rhyming couplets day and May

No one really knows who this sonnet was written for many sonnets often theme love.  This sonnet the recipient unknown was loved greatly by those in Britain during the Jacobean and Elizabethan eras. 

What fascinates me most about the poetry technique iambic pentameter is how talented and gifted William Shakespeare was in using it.  

Understanding what iambic pentameter is and how it is used really transforms the way the poetry is read and a greater appreciation is given to each sonnet. 

Happy Friday Friends! 


Reading isn’t something I normally enjoy to do, I’ve possibly started more books than I’ve ever finished this isn’t to say that I’ve never been captivated by a book because I have.  It’s not that I don’t like a good story, I do find myself reading internet news articles and blogs but the idea of sitting down with a book really isn’t on my list of things to do. 

Listening to radio documentaries on radio 4 whilst undertaking a practical task is more often than not how I spend my time whilst my husband enjoys reading. 

I came across a little book called Parveen by Anne Mehdevi. 


This little book appealed to me, they say never judge a book by its cover.  I really liked that cover and that’s why I picked it up.  The fact that the book was as light as a feather encouraged me enough to try and read it finished. 

Parveen is the name of a sixteen year old half Persian girl who takes a trip during the 1920s from her mother in America all the way to Persia by herself to spend time with her father and his family.  The story is written based on the authors own true life experiences, which parts are true I am unsure but I enjoyed very much the story and found myself sadden this afternoon when my journey with Parveen came to an end.  

The second the last paragraph in the book is a Persian proverb which I liked very much.  ‘When the tie that binds two people is snapped, there is an abyss between them.  But when they come together again, they are closer than ever, for the new knot has shortened the distance’. 

This evening I felt extremely pleased with my mini achievement of starting, finishing and enjoying a book.  Now that I’ve found my enjoyment for reading I think I would like very much to read a similar style book and allow my imagination to run wild. 

Happy Thursday Friends! 

The organic teas not white

My husband and I do enjoy a nice cup of herbal tea.  The tea my husband mostly drinks is green tea unlike myself who enjoys trying a variety simultaneously. 

During our weekend trip to Booths supermarket we bought a box of Clipper organic white tea which we both hadn’t yet tried. 


I have been drinking the organic white tea for a couple of days now and really enjoying it.  The packet describes the taste as light and elegant which I would completely agree with. 

This evening my husband joined me on a fruit buying exercise at Sainsburys.  Along with the fruit and several boxes of tea including more white organic tea we bought a lovely oriental tea pot.  


One thing I can’t properly understand is why white tea has been given a name that doesn’t at all describe its appearance.  The first time I enjoyed a cup I was surprised to see how dark the tea actually was.  However the name comes from the colour of the white hairs on the unopened plant buds. 


This evening I decided to enjoy a cup or three with Tinkerbell. 


It was a perfect way to end the day. 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 


During the weekend my husband and I visited the supermarket Booths.  Many people would refer to Booths as the Waitrose of the north. 


When I was a little girl I would often visit with my mum and dad to pick up a item or two that the larger supermarkets didn’t stock. 

My husband and I unfortunately don’t live nearby to a Booth’s.  However the visit to purchase a couple of snacks was almost nostalgic. 

I was very impressed with the selection of herbal teas which we both enjoy a good cup of.  I did buy a lovely white tea which I have never before tried. 

Whilst I admired the small Easter display, my husband was pretty pleased with himself on the meat he had chosen for his sandwich. 


At the end of our short visit we signed up for The Booths Card which is a fantastic way of getting so many exciting benefits such as free weekend papers, free regular hot drinks, brand match, discounts and much more we would of been silly not to of taken advantage of such a rewarding system. 

Happy Monday Friend’s! 

Weddings and list’s

When my husband and I married we simple invited people to share in our special day we didn’t have a wedding list or ask people to bring a particular gift. 

Some brides like to have a wedding list some happy couples have already many household goods that would traditional be added to a wedding list when setting up a home. 

We were very blessed by the gifts mainly consisting of money and vouchers which allowed for us to buy in our own time items which we required such as larger items like beds and furniture.

My friend is soon to be married, this happy couple like us haven’t given out a wedding list or asked for anything in particular. 

I therefore decided after briefly speaking with the soon to be Mr and Mrs made an envelope to give out to those who I know are attending asking if they are willing and able to give an alternative monetary gift as I know that they already have a fully furnished home. 


I wrote a short note and stapled this to the reverse of the envelope.  I decorated the envelope with stamps to make them a little more attractive. 

On the wedding I will place a decorated box at the Church for any of the envelopes to be placed and then the bride and groom will I’m sure as we were be very blessed. 

I had a little help from a friend! 


Happy Monday Friend’s! 


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