Chestnuts Roasting

With 66 days until Christmas day and as I cheerfully listened to Christmas music as I drove my car I felt rather festive.   What made this festive warm feeling even greater was when my husband presented me with a bag of chestnuts! 


My husband was shocked that I had never before roasted chestnuts especially with my fondness for Christmas. 

I made a small cross cut on each chestnut as instructed on the packet and roasted for 20 minutes.


The chestnuts had a rather strange taste but lovely with honey. 


After a fun time of roasting the chestnuts and singing the first line of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack frost nipping your nose but I often sing toes numerous times I set to work on the costume I’m making for my friends daughter for her dance competition. 


The picture actually makes the leotard look dark blue when in actual fact its purple.  I still need to sew on Swarovski’s onto the costume and make a head dress. 

Happy Monday Friends! 


Sardines and sewing

This morning at 9:08 we arrived at Makro the main two reasons was the buy fish for my husbands 7 day food plan which he is undertaking and to by in bulk kitchen paper and toilet paper, the more you buy the more you save! 


One of the exciting items we bought today was 15 tiny jars of French Bonne Maman strawberry conserve.  It was my husbands suggestion as we don’t eat that much jam and therefore would always have fresh jam which wouldn’t be wasted or go off. 


After I put the fresh salmon into bags…


…I prepared dinner delicious sardines and prawns. 


I put the sardines and prawns into a bowl along with a generous amount of chilli flacks, lemon juice and fresh coriander.  I then cooked the fish in stages in a pan without oil.  The sardines were only £5.17 which really is an incredible price for such a lot of prepared sardines. 

After I’d finished cooking whilst my husband was at the gym I once again organized our pantry, removing everything cleaning and reordering the space.  On my husbands return I was still tidying the pantry so my husband organized dinner avocados salad with the sardines and prawns I had made on fresh salmon. 


One very delicious fish dinner.

After dinner I began to sew my friends daughters dance costume for a competition she is in. 


Tomorrow I will get further guidance from my friend as to what’s she wants and continue hopefully with this later tomorrow. 

After one busy day I’m most definitely ready for Monday! 

Happy Sunday Friends! 

Fruit owl on the motorway

Yesterday my husband brought home with him a large amount of fruit. 


My husband is under taking a 7 day strict food plan and for his lunch today fruit was on the menu. 

So when my husband left for the gym this morning I decided to take some of this delicious fruit plus use some of the fruit that we already had and prepare him a tasty fruit lunch platter.  I used a large white oval plate with gold detailing.  I decided that because it was October I would do a bento style fruit creation and create an owl using fruit. 


Firstly I took half a papaya removed the seeds removed the skin cut a small slither of and sat it on the oval plate with the hollow middle facing out.  Using various different fruits I began to create my owl, using passion fruit for the owls body, pomegranate seeds for the top and bottom area of the plate.  I used pear and kiwifruit for the eyes, apples for the wings, plums for the claws and green grapes. 


The owl looked fairly tropical and my husband was most definitely impressed. 

My husband ended up eating his tropical owl at the motorway service station while I enjoyed a McDonald’s happy meal. 


Tinkerbell for the first time got to meet my grandparents dog Toby she wasn’t at all impressed and went straight to his toy box, sniffed his bed hid under a chair then spent the remainder of the time in the comfort of her carrier. 


Toby spent his time sniffing Tinkerbell, chasing her then showing his tummy.

Tinkerbell also visited with Austrian Grandma for her birthday and sat silently as a mouse in Grandmas house.  Tinkerbell also visited with Max, my parents Doberman where she enjoyed having a little bark at him.

Happy Saturday Friends! 


It’s around the corner

Christmas is only around the corner just 69 days to go and it’s all getting very exciting indeed! 

My presents are waiting nicely in the room I named ‘The Martha Stewart Room’ after Martha Stewart who I think is utterly fabulous.  They are awaiting being wrapped which I intend to plan doing during last November because the reason being one they ate wrapped they will become difficult to store and I also have to forward some of the presents out at the beginning of the Christmas season as it’s possible that the recipients otherwise would get their gifts until after Christmas day. 

This year the date I have in my dairy to put up the main tree will be Friday 14th November which would be 41 days before the 25th December.  I also need to decide if I put my outside lights up on this date or after as this will be the first year we have outside light which will very festive and hopefully become a new Christmas tradition. 

At the beginning of the week I was kindly given a lovely Christmas cake stand which looks really sweet and we’ll be perfect for Christmas gatherings to display my Christmas baking on.  


When I arrived home this evening my husband had left me a special box of Indian sweets… Let’s celebrate only 69 days until Christmas! 


Happy Friday friends! 

Beans on toast

The simple and familiar things in life can often be the best.  I often (every time if I’m honest) when looking or thinking of Tinkerbell our miniature dachshund say to myself what a beautiful little girl she is. 


It’s Tinkerbell’s over sized ears and rather wet noise which make this furry little girl irresistible. 

I enjoy fancy foods and eating at lovely restaurants I take great pride when preparing unusual dishes but sometimes there is that rare occasion I decide I’m having something that involves no effort at all something totally simple and tonight was the night… Before a meeting this evening we were attending we ate dinner the we ate dinner my husband was eating from a set diet plan which lasts for seven days and therefore I decided to make myself something very simple and easy that I haven’t eaten in a very long time, beans on toast. 


The funny thing about making beans on toast is that you don’t even need to cook!  My ideal is with white bread however brown bread was still nice and more healthy and tasted really good. 

One simple Thursday! 

Happy Thursday Friends! 

I’ve got the bag

With not long until my special Disneyland Paris birthday trip I’m on the way to being ready.  The park tickets arrived a couple of days after the train tickets and even though it was exciting they weren’t anything extraordinary at all which did make them a little disappointing however the main thing is that they have arrived. 


Shortly after we booked the aeroplane tickets I began to look for a suitable backpack to take with me.  The last time I used a backpack was probable in highschool or college. 

The problem with backpacks they really are more for function and practicality than for aesthetical purposes which is understandable however rather than scouring the web top try and located a user friendly and pretty backpack I went straight to Cath Kidston and found this beautiful Autumn blossom print backpack.  One little disappointment is the quality of the material it is made out of as I’ve become accustomed to Cath Kidston bags being made using good quality materials and this bag doesn’t seem to be made using the same fabric as other bags I have and love.  Although it’s a completely different style of bag so I shan’t complain too much about it. 


I particularly like Cath Kidston for the feminine floral designs she is well know for and have a small collection of various different styles of her bags large and small.  What attracted me most after the beautiful autumnal print was the shape and top carry handles which are held neatly together by a popper.  This means that I can not only carry the back pack as designed, on my back but by hand which will be useful. 

The only think left is to pack my backpack for the trip! 


Happy Wednesday Friends! 

Preparing for Winter

When preparing for the winter it’s not just packing away garden furniture and preparing the car for bad weather driving it’s also important to implement or evaluate a herbal/vitamin regime to help prepare your body for what seems like several months of bad weather. 

Over the summer months I began my herbal/vitamin regime however I wasn’t very good at continuing this is September however I’m most definitely back on the regime. 

Every morning I begin by drinking a hot Berocca. 


Followed by witch hazel, garlic, flax seed oil and A-Z multivitamin tablet.


Witch hazel is amazing for the skin and equally as good for your insides. 

Garlic is amazing for a multitude of reasons one of them being cancer prevention.  Garlic is used for building up the immune system. 

Flax seed oil is an excellent source of omega 3s. 

A-Z Multivitamins which ensures I’m getting all the vitamins I need. 

Taking herbal/vitamins won’t prevent feeling under the weather or stop you catching all the bugs however it can help prepare your body to fight infection heal quickly and recover effectively. 

Happy Tuesday Friends! 


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