Disney and the glowing train

Today I had planned to share my pictures of Disneyland Paris on my blog however I didn’t realise that looking after my friends 8 month old baby plus my precious miniature dachshund Tinkerbell from 9 till 6 would keep me so busy.


He is very cute and Tinkerbell enjoyed sitting next to him however my who day was taken.  I found out today that I can wash up and rock a baby to sleep at the same time! 

I also managed to make a delicious Arabic soup from the new wonderful recipe book my husband bought me for my birthday and take a trip to the supermarket. 


I will however share my preparations for the day trip, the airports and the train into Disneyland Paris. 

Disneyland Paris Part 1
For the day trip I used my Cath Kidston backpack.  I stored all of my items in slide lock food bags and labeled each.  Passports, tickets – flight, train and park and money.  I had a further two for toiletries those that were dry items and those that were not and required to be placed through the scanner outside of the bag.  I then stored all documents together and all toiletries together. 


My husband and I left the house at around 4:15am we had pre-booked parking at the airport which was directly opposite from the entrance.  The UK airport was easy to navigate and extremely straight forward.  Our flights were with Flybe, row three on the way to Paris and row eight on returning home. 

When the plane landed in Paris CDG airport it drove around for what seemed at least 10 minutes almost like a full external tour of the sight before finally parking up a terribly long way from the airport.  Once off the plane and down the steps we got onto a shuttle bus that would drive back to the airport leaving us around 20 minutes to find the train. 

When the shuttle bus pulled up at the entrance we had to wait for another bus in front to empty and leave before our bus could pull up which seemed like forever.  They love health and safety.  We dashed off the bus and began to run dodging other passengers.   The strange thing was we had no idea in what direction we need to run but that didn’t stop us from racing through the airport possible a good mile or even more.  We ran, ran past police, passengers and workers we ran asking people if they could help us. 

I thought when we arrived at the train station it would be very clear the train we needed to take.  I had imagined Disney pictures decorating the station, nothing.  I very kind man helped us by reading our tickets and letting us know what line we need.  Frantically we looked for the platform arriving with only a couple of minutes to spare.  I glowed like I’d never glowed before and requiring to remove several layers of clothing as a result. 

The train only took 10 minutes  to arrive thankfully our running allowed us to catch the train in time.  Yesterday and today my feet, ankles and thighs are in pain after the amount of running, wearing my boots is the cause I believe to this pain I’ve taken away as a souvenir! 

CDG airport you need to invest in signs that direct people to the airport train station as it was extremely poor.  Also the tour of the airport when when landed wasn’t helpful at all to our tight time schedule. 

Happy Friday Friends! 

It’s my Birthday!

Today is my birthday and my husband and I spent it together in Disneyland Paris – which I will share with you tomorrow. 

We have just arrived back and we absolutely exhausted. 


We began the day at around 2:40am a mistake my alarm went off am hour early. 

I opened some beautiful cards and presents before leaving today. 


Arriving back to a beautiful card from my sister which included my name, it’s so lovely I’m going to frame it.   


Tinkerbell was very happy to see us but we know that she was taken very good care of today by our wonderful friend who left a note to update me and the happenings of today.  We also text whilst in Paris and a lovely phone call when we landed she is a fabulous lady and a true dog whisper. 

Happy Thursday Friends!

Tinkerbell Handbook

Would like to share my handbook I made for a very kind lady who will be taking care of Tinkerbell our precious miniature dachshund for the day whilst we are in Disneyland Paris. 

A day with ME (Tinkerbell)


Visiting Times:
Morning – 9am – Please give Tinkerbell her breakfast
Lunch – Cuddles
Dinner – 4pm – Please give Tinkerbell her dinner
Evening – Cuddles

Please would you visit me four times throughout the day so that I don’t get too lonely and please don’t forget to feed me twice and I do like reward’s. 

9am and 4pm are only suggested times you can come and visit me whenever you like.    

House Rules:
I’m really excited that you are going to visit me however there are a couple of rules you need to follow:
No Jumping – No Jumping out of arms of chairs just plain NO JUMPING
No Harmful food – We don’t do chocolate, grapes, raisins, apple seeds, pear seeds. 
No going to the toilet on the furniture or carpets or floors
No Wild Parties
Always make yourself at home

I’m a clever little girl I sometimes pretend not to listen but I understand more than you think even thought my first language isn’t English. 

Reward – This is the sweetest word I know.  When I hear this word called I come running but you need to make sure you have a little food reward for me or I won’t be happy bunny. 

Sit –

Back, back, back- Normally if I’m blocking a door, I’m great at reversing.   

Get to bed – I wish they would decide which bed I have so many I normally run and hide in my carrier that Abigail uses to take me places like Church. 

When you arrive I might bark just ALOT it’s not because I’m not happy to see you it’s because security is my job. 
My Cage:
A dog’s home is like his castle and every good castle has a secure door.  When you arrive I will need a little help to open the cage I mean castle door and as soon as it is open I like to run straight outside to the toilet. 


It helps if you unlock the back door and open it before you open the cage. 

Sometimes I do decide not come out!

When you leave me to go and do you jobs it would make it easier for you to put a treat into my cage and tell me to get to bed or even carry me to my cage and don’t forget to lock the cage door behind you.

I might cry when you leave but that’s only because I’ll miss you.  

When I need to go to the toilet I will stand/sit by the back door or if in the living room go to the door and patio doors. 

Once I’m outside please close the door as I like my privacy and I’ll defiantly let you know when I’m ready to come back in, I normally politely knock. 

Any accidents I’d like to apologise now.  Abigail keeps the cleaner under the sink.

I enjoy two meals a day breakfast and dinner. 
Breakfast: Morning
Dinner: Normally around 4pm however this does vary. 


My food for both meals has been clearly labeled as is in the fridge in small food bags.  All you need to do is empty it into my bowl add a little hot water from the kettle and serve!

When you’ve put my food into my dish and put on the hot water please put it into my dish holder.  If you don’t mind doing the dishes I’ll do them next time. 

Meal times are one of my favourite times of the day I like to bark and jump and generally become very excited about the whole occasion. 

Sometimes I do become a little anxious and if I don’t eat my food please would you leave it in my cage so that I can enjoy it when you leave. 

Abigail has bought me some of my favourite treats to enjoy she has left these in the kitchen for me.  I can’t reach them so please feel feed to give me one or two. 


The magical water spray:
Sometimes I bark and bark and bark and won’t stop normally at people passing the house, cars driving past, people talking… the list goes on well Abigail like to use the magical water spray and it makes me stop straight away. 


I’m a lap dog I enjoy cuddles and can happily sit for hours.
Should you need for some strange reason my lead and outside coat they are handing on their very own hook. 


Abigail has left the Tea/Coffee out for you to make a drink.  They keep the exciting herbal teas at the back of the cupboard over the sink (first shelf) if you fancy something a little different. 

Abigail is flighting out around 6:35am, I still don’t know why we had to get up at 3:45am.  When they arrive back I’m sure she will phone you please tell her I’ve been a good girl. 

Important Information/Numbers:
My important paperwork for the Vets and my Pet Log paperwork is on the dining room table should you need it. 


My Vet is called Jo and she is really nice I’m always a good girl when I go to visit her I don’t bark at all and she gives me lots hugs. 

I’m a home bird, not the feathery winged kind but the four legged short furry kind.  I enjoy snuggling in my own bed and playing with my toys.  If I did get lost please call the number but I don’t intend to.  It’s the small print it has to be stated.   

Love Tinkerbell x

Happy Wednesday Friends

Dinner with a cuddle

Today I’ve been working so hard in the kitchen preparing an Arabic soup, Italian mushrooms, home made bread from scratch and lassi for a lovely lady who always go to do much effort every time we go over for a meal I wanted this meal to be extra special.

I’ll share my recipes tomorrow however today I’ll share my pictures.

I got the recipe for the Arabic soup from my new birthday cook book for my husband an early birthday present. 


I prepared Italian mushrooms to serve as a starter. 


I made my favourite ever Indian drink lassi… 


….and real home made bread parmesan and sun dried tomato mini loafs. 


We concluded dinner with a beautiful piece of chocolate birthday cake made especially for the occasion by the lovely visiting lady herself. 


Tinkerbell enjoyed lots of cuddles this evening from our special friend. 


This evening once our company had left I decided to check in online for our pending flights. 


Happy Tuesday Friends! 

Monday Monday

This morning I had a quick look around IKEA and picked up a few items for under £9!  The store was decorated for Christmas including a Christmas tree in the cafe and Christmas themed decorations throughout the showroom. 


My main purpose was to buy outside lights the same as last year however sadly they no longer stock them which is very unusual for IKEA.  The do stock something similar but you have to pay for each component separately which worked out very expensive.  

My bargain buy has to be the wire basket for £1 that I found in the bargain corner. 


To be honest I’m not sure where/how I’m going to use the basket however for £1 I couldn’t pass up this offer.  Currently I’ve sat some of my Christmas presents inside it.  It is possible that I will use it in my bathroom cupboard. 

Today my husband gave me an early birthday presents which he had wrapped in shiny red paper. 


It was a fantastic copy of ‘World food cafe vegetarian bible’.  I do enjoy a good recipe book and intend to make an the Arabic soup from the book for dinner tomorrow.  It was a very thoughtful gift and one I know I will use regularly. 

Happy Monday friends!  

Fall forward

The clocks went forward today the saying spring forward, fall back helps me to remember if I’m gaining an hour or losing one.  Thankful I gain an hour  and therefore was able to put the ice my mini simnel cakes and cut and butter my bread for the Church meal after the service today. 


Yesterday we bought from the supermarket Belvoir cordial honey, lemon and ginger.  I tried some cold yesterday and it tasted fine however I enjoyed a hot cup of the cordial today and it was incredible.  The flavours where powerful especially the ginger, it really was a very special drink. 


In the afternoon I made a autumn appropriate autumn/fall spiced pumpkin soup. 

Pumpkin (I used one and a half small sized pumpkin)
Onion 2 large or 3 small
Stick of celery
4 cups of vegetable stock
1 juice of a tangerine or orange
1tsp Ginger powder
1tsp Coriander
1tsp Tumeric powder
1tsp Nutmeg powder
1/8tsp salt
Pinch of pepper

Cutting up the pumpkins was really the most difficult thing.  I saved the pumpkin seeds and cooked them in lemon juice and chilli and cut the pumpkin into squares. 


I chopped up the onions and added them into the pan with a little oil and cooked for a couple of minutes. 
I then add the spices, celery, pumpkin and stock.  I did try the blend some of the pumpkin before I added it to the pan however some of the pieces were just to hard for my hands blender until they had been cooked. 
I used my hand blender to create a smoother soup however I didn’t completely blend all of the soup. 
Lastly I added the juice of the tangerine, salt and pepper. 


The soup was a great success and the oven baked in my Pampered Chef Stone the pumpkin seeds looked and perfect served on top of the soup.   


One very happy and healthy Sunday! 

Lots of buttons

After another attempt at using the washing machine and then having to ring out the water by hand today we purchased a new washing machine which also has a built in dryer, very exciting! 


I’m a little concerned as the new machine looks as if it has many different settings and lots of buttons.  The website after we placed the order said that it will be delivered by 12th November which really is a very long time off.  I’m hoping that it will be delivered early and within the next couple of days. 

Before we attended a meal at Church prepared by some of the senior ladies.  I arranged with a friend for her to kindly wash our bedding and dropped a small bag off on the way to Church. 


I reminded my husband today of the time I washed a ladies laundry who was a heavy smoker.  Even after her clothes came out of the washing machine they still smelt of cigarettes and had to use fabreeze on the clothes to try and help freshen then up. 

After the Church meal I came back and baked my four bread loaves and made mini simnel cakes for the lunch at Church after the morning service. 


Eben though the simnel cake are traditional at Easter time I do find them to be easy and delicious enough to make all year around.  https://abigailkarma.wordpress.com/?s=simnel

Happy Saturday Friends! 


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